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Richard B. Rogers kept several journals throughout his life. Our holdings include a series of eighteen diaries, all of which have been transcribed. We have included at the beginning of each transcribed diary a summary of events during the year.

We have, for the most part, retained Rogers' spelling, grammar and punctuation but periods and commas have been added where necessary to make for easier understanding. Any explanatory words or phrases or interpretations of illegible words added by the transcriber appear in square brackets [thus]. We have also made the method of connoting the date for each entry consistent within each diary to make reading down the year easier.

Readers will find that Rogers used "C." to mean, variously, "College," "Calcutt" or "Church," depending on the context of the sentence. In several of the diaries preceding the opening of the Peterborough Lift Lock, Rogers frequently writes "CS" when referring to Collingwood Schreiber, Chief Engineer for Railways and Canals. Other short forms which Rogers uses will become familiar to the reader after a few entries.


1874 Diary
1884 Diary
1896 Diary
1903 Diary
1908 Diary (2)
1875 Diary
1885 Diary
1899 Diary
1904 Diary
1909 *
1876 Diary
1886 Diary
1900 Diary
1906 Diary
1912 Diary
1877 *
1894 Diary
1901 Diary
1915 Diary

Note: * Denotes that some of the entries for this year are included in the previous diary.









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