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Peterborough Hydraulic Lift Lock


"July Saturday 9, 1904, Opening day of Hydraulic Lift Lock at Peterboro.
Went down by Ogemah, got off at old Chemong Station where met by rig & drove across to Lakefield by 9:45 am. Got on Empress there & went down with her & 'Stoney Lake' to No. 5 dam where Parliamentary party after lunch['ing' has been crossed out](in big tent there) boarded the two boats about 1:30 pm & proceeded down (in pouring rain) to Lift Lock which was formally opened by both boats being let down at 2:30 pm..."

Passage from W.T.C. Boyd 1904 Diary on the Official Day of Opening of the Peterborough Hydraulic Lift Lock (01-019 Diary 24). Willie T.C. Boyd was a great friend of Richard Birdsall Rogers. Both men corresponded and socialized with each other throughout their lives.



Invitation to the Official Opening of the Hydraulic
Lift Lock on Saturday July 9th, 1904 at Two O'clock,
From E.A. Peck, Warden and G.M. Roger, Mayor



Lift Lock Statistics

Boat Chambers



42.67 m (140')


10.06 m (33')


2.13 m + 0 .3 m (7' + 1')

Weight with Water

1542 tonnes (1,700 tons)

Volume with Water

1040 cubic metres (228.093 imp. gals.)

Weight of Extra Foot of Water

130.6 tonnes (144 tons)

Hydraulic Rams


Lifting Reach

19.8 m (65')

Ram Diameter

2.28 m (7 1/2 ')

Water Hydraulic Pressures


Ram with Extra Foot of Water

4 MPa (580 psi)

Ram with Other Chamber and Water

3.68 MPa (534 psi)


4.41 MPa (640 psi)



Average Foundation Excavation

12.19 m (40')

Hydraulic Ram Presswells

22.86 m (75')

Sand, Soil and Gravel Excavated

58,100 cubic metres (76,000 cubic yds)

Breast Wall



24.38 m (80')


12.19 m (40')

Length at Base

38.40 m (126')




30.48 m (100')

Concrete Poured

19,879 cubic metres (26,000 cubic yds)

Average Time To Complete Transfer

10 minutes



Statistics from The Peterborough Hydraulic Lift Lock, Edited by Jean Murray Cole. Peterborough: Friends of the Trent-Severn Waterway, c1987.

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Rogers' Personal Invitation to Board the
House-boat "Lotus" at the Hydraulic Lift Lock
Opening at One O'clock in the Afternoon








A Lifting Ram 2


Chamber Gate 3


Photograph Information & Credit

1 Hydraulic Lift Lock at Peterborough, Ont.
2 Lifting Ram of the Hydraulic Lift Lock shown extended to full height, Peterborough, Ont.
3 Chamber Gate inside the Hydraulic Lift Lock at Peterborough, Ont.







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