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During the Year...

Richard was 49 years old. He had his reputation severely attacked this year. The "Holgate Report" was commissioned by his political enemies and resulted in his resignation as Superintending Engineer. Other forces were at work and even his friends failed to support him when their interests in the new potential of water power pitted them against Rogers. He spent most of 1906 writing a rebuttal to the accusations of shoddy workmanship and poor engineering decisions alluded to in the Holgate Report.


Headlines in the Papers...

  • What Experience Has Holgate Had? In the Matter of Hydraulic Engineering. A Pertinent Question? (Feb. 21, Peterborough Daily Review)
  • Superintendent Presents His First Report. Mr. J. H. McClennan Tells of the Operations of the Canal for Period of Year Since His Appointment to January 30th, 1905. Depth of Water Maintained Was Excellent. Not Much Damage Done by Spring Freshet. Satisfactory Work on the Canal Maintenance and Operation. Details of Repairs Work During Year (Mar. 22, The [Warder])
  • Sam Hughes Makes Charges Regarding Lift Lock Inquiry. Says Political Intrigue Caused the Removal of Competent Officials. Appeals to Mr. Emmerson's Sense of Justice to Reconsider Holgate's Report (May 15, Review)
  • The Lift Lock Closed; Inspecting the Banks. Engineer Grant Discovers a Further Defect in the Embankment. Lift Lock Will be Closed for a Few Days (June 19, Evening Examiner)
  • Lift Lock is Closed Again. Engineer Grant Suspected Something Wrong and He is Trying to Locate the Trouble (June 19, Review)
  • Blundered in Repairs on Canal. Not Enough Drain Was Taken Out. Superintendent of Canal Gave the Public Wrong Impression As to the Nature of the Second Leak in the Canal Bank. It Is Just Beside the Last Leak and Caused by the Very Same Drain, which Was Not Taken Out (June 26, The Peterborough Daily Evening Review)
  • High Water Maintains Navigation All Along Line of the Canal. High Water in Stony Lake Necessary in the Interests of Navigation and Industrial Concerns. The Water at the Proper Height Now. It Was Too Low When Many Wharves Were Built. Temporary Inconveniences Will Be Overcome and Navigation Interests Protected (July 17, The Evening Examiner)
  • Trent Canal Level and Late Superintendent. A Letter from Mr. R.B. Rogers. Examiner Has Not Treated Him Unfairly ([July 20], Examiner)
  • Minister of Railways and Canals Visits Peterborough. Was Accompanied by Other Government Officials. On Tour of Inspection Along Trent Valley Canal Waters. Lift Lock Satisfactory. Itinerary of the Party (Sept. 10, The Evening Examiner)
  • Mr. Rogers Purchases the Campbellford Mill. With Associates He Has Secured Controlling Interest in Paper and Electric Light Company in That Town (Dec. 6, Examiner)
  • Mr. R.B. Rogers to Move to Campbellford Shortly. Has Purchased the Controlling Interest in Northumberland Paper and Electric Company. WIll be Greatly Missed Here (Dec. 6, The Peterborough Daily Evening Review)
  • Mr. Francis Resigns Position as Hydraulic Engineer of Trent Canal. Will Leave Shortly for British Columbia. Appointed Manager of One of Larges Power Development Plants of Canada (No date, [1906?], Unknown)



1906 Diary

Period covered: January 1, 1906 - November 24, 1906

Dimensions: 14.2 cm X 7.3 cm (l x w)

No. of Pages: 180

Note: The diary contains addenda pages where the diarist has recorded Addresses, Notes and Bills Payable and Cash Account pages for January through November for the year of 1906.


January Monday 1: At office part of a.m. Took single rig and Harry & George calling paid about a dozen calls. Went to ball at ‘Oriental’ in aid of Deep Sea Missions. Very nice. Fine & mild.

January Tuesday 2: Office all day. Mild. Spent evening at EA Pecks.

January Wednesday 3: Office all day. Mild & showers of rain.

January Thursday 4: Office all day. Was thinking of going to Toronto Engineers club dinner. Robt Rogers called this am. Curled for first time tonight. Mild & stormy.

January Friday 5: Colville called me up re Heely’s. Went to Toronto re Heely’s Falls power. Met Burns, Colville & Oliver at Parliament bldgs in afternoon & went over case with them. Went to tea at Hetty Gales. Went to Queens. Met Camp’d [---] & went to King Edward. Met Kendry. Stayed at Walker.

January Saturday 6: Went to Parliament bldgs at 10. Met Burns Colville & others. They did not have interview with Minister. Called to see Rust & to lunch with Chipman & Van Nostrand called to see A Dennison & went out to supper with Ed. Home at night.

January Sunday 7: Much colder.

January Monday 8: Office all day. Very cold. Called to see JR Stratton & Hall R.R. re position. Stratton said it was McClellan that was causing all the trouble. Curled at night.

January Tuesday 9: Went to station intending to go up on Reservoir Survey but as Sawers did not turn up, no use my going. Wired to Chief Eng’r asking him if I could see him tomorrow (re another Engineer for Survey). Curled at night. Very cold.

January Wednesday 10: Lillian had the first convulsion she has had for 8 years. Terrible sorry. Must watch her in future. Office 10:30 till 1 & 3:30 till 6. Beautiful day.

January Thursday 11: Office.

January Friday 12: Arrd in Ottawa. Called to see Butler. Did not see him till 4. Only asked him for new man to take Eason’s place & re deeds for roads &c. Was very brief. Met Willie Boyd & we went to meetings of Forestry Convention. W. Boyd went home. Went to lunch at Club with Col. M Rogers.

January Saturday 13: At Ottawa. Went over question of roads & transfer of same for deeds for power &c line with Hansard & Dep'ty of Justice. Did not see Butler. Left for Montreal at 3:30. Went up to Harry’s room but not in. Went to Hockey match.

January Sunday 14: At Montreal. Harry came to breakfast & we went up to his room after. Met Mark his roommate. Went to St. Georges & to [for] walk & to dinner at ‘Carona’. Called on Daisy Hamilton (Hill) & to tea with Edith Burnham (Tetler) & to ch. Walked home with Harold Burnham.

January Monday 15: Went over to Dom’n B. Works. Went over work & material with Murphy. Getting on fairly well. Came in city at 2. Called to see J Badgely & on the Symonds. Harry came to dinner with me. Spent evening with Johnson & left for home at 10.

January Tuesday 16: Arr’d home from Montreal. Office. Rev. Roy [---] College called for endowment fund gave him $50.00 in 5 annual instalments. Mr. Langfeldt to tea at home at night. Miserable day windy & sleet. My Birthday.

January Wednesday 17: Office. Curled at night.

January Thursday 18: Went to Orillia to curl with four rinks. Were beaten 12 points. Ice soft. Called to see Mrs. Langfeldt.

January Friday 19: Was at court all day till 3 pm. Was sued for first time in my life by NG. Bell for wages for working over Str. Victoria. Would have beaten him but at suggestion of Judge compromised & gave him $15.00 on settlement for his claim of 37.50. Curled at night.

January Saturday 20: Putting up picture moulding at home all am. Office in pm. Very mild.

January Sunday 21: Mild. Walked over to see M Pousettes baby.

January Monday 22: Office. Drove over to Hyd lock with Francis & found water pouring into manhole on West Side. It’s a shame to have things in this way. Water running in East drain & found depression in bank next to stair on East side. Went to Watkin Mills [---] walked home with Miss Erskine. Wonderfully mild 58°. Snow & sleighing all gone.

January Tuesday 23: Went to Gamebridge & drove over line with Dary up to No. 1 Lock. No work. Water high as Spring. It watered out coffer dam at B&A Quarry. No work. Only work going on was [---] in lining. Mild & turned colder. Murphy drove to K’d to start work again. Snow all gone.

January Wednesday 24: At office.

January Thursday 25: In office.

January Friday 26: In office.

January Saturday 27: In office.

January Sunday 28: Services. Called on W Irwin in pm & met R.R. Hall there. Met Francis in office. Called on Kendry, not in.

January Monday 29: Arrd at Ottawa. Went re report in ‘Globe’ re advise of Investigation. Did not get much satisfaction from Butler. Butler came to Hotel to see Harold Morrow & went up with him. Went to Jim Spence’s funeral today.

January Tuesday 30: Left with Mina for Toronto to attend meeting of C.S.C. Eng’s. Mina went out to Eds. Went to meeting and to lunch at King Edward. Went out to tea & stayed with Ed.

January Wednesday 31: At Toronto. Went to Niagara Falls in Special with Society. Had splendid day. Called to see McGarry’s. Went over works of Ontario P.C. & Electric Development Coy. O P Coy gave us lunch. Went to dinner with Mr. Kilbourn at Queens & after to meeting of Soc'y. Went out to Junction.

February Thursday 1: In Toronto. Went to see Flavelle J & to "News" re notice of Report in papers. Then to Eng’s Meeting. Francis read paper on Hyd Locks. Met Mina & Maria at Simsons & called to see Maeve. Went to Annual Dinner, met Sam Hughes  & talked re report. Dinner went off well. Walked out with Smith.

February Friday 2: Mina & I left Ed’s at Junction & took train for home. Minister and Chief Eng’s arr’d from Toronto. We drove to break in Canal and to Hyd Lock & back to hotel. Talked to Butler for short time & went to office. Very Very cold 28 below last night.

February Saturday 3: At office all day.

February Sunday 4: Lynn arrd & called me up saying he had been sent up by Butler to take charge of Reservoir Survey. Met him at office & went for walk with him & he came over to tea. Called on Tom Hay & discussed quantities re emb’t at Hy Lock.

February Monday 5: Arr’d in Ottawa on telegraph. Butler to meet C Schreiber re his report on the change of location of Hy Lock. Saw E Farrer & he promised to see Minister for me. Spent evening at the Farrers. Very cold about 26 below zero.

February Tuesday 6: At Ottawa. CS read me his answer to question from Minister as to his connection with change of location of Hyd Lock. Saw Butler  & got evidence & McLaughlins address which is very partial & against me. Spent evening with Shannon. Left for home.

February Wednesday 7: Arrd home from Ottawa. In office all day. Reid & McGregor called & I settled up acct. Tel'd Dary to come down & discuss rumor of report. Sawers also there. Dary advised doing nothing till Holgates report is out. Went to Oriental. Called on Francis at 6. He has a cold.

February Thursday 8: Busy with my reply to McLaughlin address.

February Friday 9: Busy writing reply to McLaughlin address.

February Saturday 10: Busy writing reply to McLaughlin address. In pm met Willie Boyd at Snowden House also Sam Hughes.

February Sunday 11: Went for walk with Fair & Ferguson & tea at W. Halls.

February Monday 12: At office. Busy writing reply to McLaughlins address. Office at night. Mild.

February Tuesday 13: Busy all day writing reply to McLaughlins address to Holgate. Very mild.

February Wednesday 14: Office.

February Thursday 15: ‘Globe’ came out with full summary of Holgate’s report & [glowing] headlines. Felt very depressed. Office.

February Friday 16: Rec’d Holgates Report of Investigation with letter from Dept. asking for resignation. Was most down cast all day till evening when M Pousette called & went for walk & I made up my mind to give up trying to get back & felt quite free.

February Saturday 17: Started to write reply [reply] to Report of Holgates. At office at night.

February Sunday 18: Had Gordon meet me at office & went over Report (Holgates) with him. He seemed most confidential. Went up to see Francis & stayed to tea. Went down to Geroux’s. He came up & typed my letter of asking how long I would be given to reply to Report.

February Monday 19: At office all day. Getting ready to get out.

February Tuesday 20: Geroux telephoned letter from Dept. to send in my resignation immediately with comment. Arrd in Montreal. Francis met me at Station. Went out to Dominion B Coy. Had confidential talk with Johnson & Murphy. Went into town. Went to see Dr. McKenzie & he said Harry must go to hospital at once. Went to college & got Harry & his things home & packed his trunk. Went to dinner at Windsor with Johnson. Called to see Dr. Shepherd with Harry. Gave Harry letter to go into hospital tomorrow.

February Wednesday 21: Arrd home from Montreal. Feeling very blue - did not sleep well. Murphy came up. Rec’d letter from Mr. Dennon in reply to mine suggesting the formation of a partnership for contracting which I was pleased to get and it made me feel buoyant. Murphy called at 4 pm. Saw Dennistoun re suing McClellan. R Fair came over to house after Aileen.

February Thursday 22: Received letter accepting my resignation on 31st March. Office all day. Alex Gibson called & I explained parts of Report. Francis arr’d home from Ottawa with instructions to repair leaks in Hyd Locks & at Curtiss.

February Friday 23: Office.

February Saturday 24: Office.

February Sunday 25: Went for walk to Auburn & to tea [tea] with Fair. Service & after went into Rectory.

February Monday 26: Office till 4. Drove over to examine leaks at Hyd Lock with Francis and also up to examine bank of canal above Warsaw Road. In evening went up to Rectory  with Mina & others to card party. Colder.

February Tuesday 27th: Of [office].

February Wednesday 28: At office. Busy writing reply to Holgates report.

March Thursday 1: At office at Report.

March Friday 2: At office at Report.

March Saturday 3: Office in am. Was just starting for office in afternoon when I was taken with Sciatica so badly that it  doubled me right up. Had to go to bed with hot water. George got bottle medicine from Doctor for me.

[Note: the following entry is written vertically and covers both dates.]

March Sunday 4 & Monday 5th: At home with Sciatica very painful. Busy writing reply to Holgates Report.

March Tuesday 6: Jack Badgley died today.

March Wednesday 7: At home with Sciatica. The most painful thing I ever had.

March Thursday 8: At home with Sciatica. Busy writing reply to report of Holgate’s.

March Friday 9: Drove to office in am & home all night. Met R Ritchie at train & went to dinner with him. Went to station this am to meet funeral of Mrs. Geo Shaw but did not go to Cemetery as so cool. First day out  since I had sciatica.

March Saturday 10: At home all am. Walked to office in afternoon - my leg painful.

March Sunday 11: R Fair, Ferguson & T. Hay over to see me. Went to early service but stayed in all day.

March Monday 12: Working at home all day, my leg paining a good deal. Expected to go to Toronto tonight but Shannon [----] he would not go. Tea at J.Z.R’s. My leg very painful all day & night.

March Tuesday 13: Working at home at report. Office in pm.

March Wednesday 14: Working at my reply.

March Thursday 15: Working at my reply.

March Friday 16: At office for while. Busy at reply. My leg pains yet.

March Saturday 17: At office for while. Busy at reply. My leg little better.

March Sunday 18: At home. Service in a.m.

March Monday 19: Went to T Kelly’s funeral with George. Got a type writer from GM Rogers & finished my reply. Started at 5:15 for Toronto. L Shannon on train - R M Dennistoun - went out to Junction & stayed with Ed. Good snow storm.

March Tuesday 20: In Toronto. Went in with Ed, called at ‘Queens’ & went with Shannon to Can Northern Ry to see Ruel. He was not in town & they asked me to wait till tomorrow for him. Called on CB Smith  & went to lunch with him & went over part of my reply with him. Called on Van Nostrand & long talk with him. Dinner supper at ‘Queens’ with Bradburn. Out to Junction. Cold & stormy.

March Wednesday 21: Went in am. Called to see Ruel & gave [line] base. Shannon with me. Called on & met & went to lunch with Rust & went over some of my reply. Called on Smith again. Tea at Kelly’s & home. Blustering & snow.

[No entries March 22-March 26]

March Tuesday 27: Went to Toronto with Dennon. We're going into partnership for contracting. Talked over matters. Called to see C.B. Smith & Rust. Called to see Jennings.

March Wednesday 28: In Toronto with Dennon all day.

March Thursday 29: Left for home at 9:15. Met Willie Boyd at hotel & he came down to [---]. At office. Brought balance of my things home from office at night.

March Friday 30: Arrived at Ottawa. Saw Butler in pm for while & went  over part of report with comments with him.

March Saturday 31: At Ottawa. Saw Butler for about an hour today & went over report verbally with him. He was rather surprised at some of my comments. Left at 6:20 for Montreal & stayed at ‘Windsor’.

April Sunday 1: At Montreal. Talked with Jamison & Johnson till 1. Went up to hospital & was with Harry till 5. Went to tea with Grants & after to ch & after called on Mr. Symonds.

April Monday 2: At Montreal. Went to Bridge Works at 8 & back at 10. Called on J Kennedy & discussed report Holgates. Went to lunch with him. He advised me to get an independent Engineer to report. Went up to hospital to see Harry. Started for Ottawa at 4 pm. Met Dr. Symonds at Ottawa & went for walk with him.

April Tuesday 3: Tried to see Emmerson all day & only saw him at 5 & he asked me to see him tomorrow a.m. Lunch with Sam Hughes. Went to train with Dr. Symonds this am.

April Wednesday 4: At Ottawa. Saw Emmerson at 11 re [returning] allowance. Said he would look into it. Was in House in p.m. Left for home at night.

April Thursday 5: Arrd home at 5 & left again at 8 for Toronto. Met Dennon at ‘Walker’ & we went to see Mr. Mckenzie. He spoke about position of Eng’r in charge of work in Quebec & after saw White & after saw W’m McK but only for minute. Dennon left for New York.

April Friday 6: Came in with Ed. Called to see Mr. McKenzie. Saw White & discussed position with him & he said he thought I had not enough Ry experience for job. Called to see Denison A. & A. Davis. Left for home at 5. Called to see CB Smith at 2:30.

April Saturday 7: Went to office at 11. Met Francis & he spoke of his appointment. Sent George for evidence of Investigation firm O’Connel. Read evidence all pm. Club at 11. Walked home with Kendry. Fine.

April Sunday 8: Services. 8-11 7-  E.M. Pousette & A.P. called in pm - went for walk & Mac came to tea. Fine.

April Monday 9: Read evidence re report till 3. Town. Went to office. Met Francis. Walked [---] [---] [---] with Rev Langfeldt. Home at night. Most miserable day. Sleet.

[No entries April 10 - April 11]

April Thursday 12: Went to Toronto to meet Hicks by appointment. Met him at Oslers office door. Went to King Edward & talked over water power scheme. See Notes in register - up to lunch with Ed at building  & called to see Geo Stevenson & also Wood & Nicholls & met Morrison Jackes & Ostrom Trenton. Met Hicks Palmer & met Dennon at 5:30 at Walker. Spent evening at G.A. Cox's & [went] to Walker.

April Friday 13: Good Friday. Dennon & I went up to CB Smith’s office to see plans (See Notes) & after I went to St. Simons church & met Maria & to dinner at Hetty’s. Went to Walker at 2:30 & saw Dennon off for Cleveland. Went to Parliament Bldg to meet Ed but missed him. Called on Dr. Hamilton, out. Went out to Ed’s to tea & home at night.

April Saturday 14: Busy writing reply to Holgate’s Report.

April Sunday 15: Easter Sunday. Early service with Mina, Edna, George, Lillian & Leah at 8 am. Service at 11 & 7. Fair.

April Monday 16: Went to Campbellford to see Mulholland re option on Mill Property. Was there all day. Gave me an option verbally & statement. At dinner & tea at his house. Did not see any one else except Colville. Home. Went to Vestry meeting. Satisfactory Warders report. Beautiful day.

[No entries April 17 - April 19]

April Friday 20: Arr’d in Toronto in am. Met Wm. Dennon. We went to T & N.O. Ry office to inspect plans &c of new piece of ry work at North Bay & also 2 round houses of concrete - in order to tender on them.

April Saturday 21: Arrived at North Bay in am. Went to see McCarthy chief Engr. Walked over Ry line to inspect work in a.m. Went to see gravel pits in p.m. Met Chipman at night.

April Sunday 22: Left North Bay at 8:30 am for Toronto & arrived at 5. Went to Ed’s & to church.

April Monday 23: Went into town. Called to see Kahn re going out to see GT Ry round houses. We went at 2 pm out to New Toronto to see them.

[No entry April 24]

April Wednesday 25: Busy figuring out quantities for tenders with Dennon.

April Thursday 26: Left Junction at 8 & went to hotel & finished figuring out tenders for work & put them in. Called to see Dr. Hamilton re my health. Left for home at 5 pm.

April Friday 27: At home.

April Saturday 28: Went to wedding of George Burnham to S. Kendry at night. Went with them to Mrs. McCalisters for card party.

April Sunday 29: At home.

April Monday 30: Went to Campbellford at 2 pm. Saw Mulholland re option & it was still OK. Thought he might have backed out when he saw Commissioner’s report. Saw J Kendry at night & arranged to go to Camp’d tomorrow.

May Tuesday 1: Was to meet Kendry at GTR train but missed him. He went down & I phoned him I would drive from Havelock which I did. We worked at Mill &c but Kendry did not seem to take much interest. Drove to Havelock. [Cass] (of N York) was with Kendry - he was very drunk.

May Wednesday 2: At home. Went to Bobcaygeon at 5:15 pm to see W Boyd re going into Campbellford scheme. Stayed with W Boyd.

May Thursday 3: At Bobcaygeon. Left at 3:30 for Toronto with W Boyd. Met Kendry & others at ‘Queens’. Went out to Ed’s.

May Friday 4: At Toronto called to see Mr. Hicks. Found nothing had yet been settled re power scheme. Met Jas Kennedy at ‘King Edward’ & went to lunch with him. Bo’t tickets for theater for Ed. Emily, W Boyd & Kennedy went. Not much. Went out with Ed. Fine.

May Saturday 5: Left Ed’s for home. Went down on train with W. Boyd. Thought I would see G.A. Cox but he was not here. Went over to train to see W Boyd off. Mrs. Revelle died at 6 pm. Wheeled over to see work on Canal leaks.

May Sunday 6: Went for walk & tea with R Fair & to St. Johns Ch. Called on Mrs. R Hamilton Air cool.

May Monday 7: At Reply to Holgates report.

May Tuesday 8: At Reply tonight.

May Wednesday 9: Wm. Campbell started at foundation for Vestibule.  Rain & miserable day. Rode on wheel up to Mrs. Hamilton’s as some of her sheds were burnt down. Went to Vestry meeting at night.

May Thursday 10: At home at Reply to H’s Report most of day.

May Friday 11: Home.

May Saturday 12: Home.

May Sunday 13: Drove to St. Marks with Mr. Warren (Rev) in pm. Did not go to service at night.

May Monday 14: Home in am. Went to Campbellford in pm. Met Mulholland & went over proposition with him. Encouraging still.

May Tuesday 15: At concrete of foundation of Vestibule most of day. Went to Theater at night with Lillian & Leah.

May Wednesday 16: Writing reply most of day. Men laying concrete walk at back. Went to tea at Mr. Calcutts. His birthday. Very warm.

May Thursday 17: Working at concrete steps in am. Went to Dentist at 9 am. Wheeled over to see Martin & saw [----]. Very hot.

May Friday 18: Went to Toronto. Met Hicks & we went to lunch at K Edward with Ames. Alford & Fraser were also there. After we went to see Ames at his office & went over Hicks options. Arranged to meet Laird tomorrow a.m. Went out to Ed’s. Very warm day.

May Saturday 19: Went in with Ed & saw Hicks. Called to see Ames & he said his meeting with Laird was off till Monday. Ed met me at King Ed. & we went to Shea’s. Came home at night. Met J Fairbairn on train. Met Murphy at Oriental at night. Cooler.

May Sunday 20: Cooler. Went for walk to Lift lock with Fair, H Rush.

May Monday 21: R Ritchie phoned at 4 that he was in town. Went over to see him & also after tea. Fine.

May Tuesday 22: Home. M. Meade finished concrete work at noon. Went over & saw R Ritchie at 5 & he came over to tea. Went over to see Martin & after saw Ritchie.

May Wednesday 23: Went to Toronto as Hicks tel’d me. Saw Laird re examination of flume at Trenton.  Spoke also vaguely re power scheme. Saw Ames & Hicks. Went to lunch with Hicks. Fine.

May Thursday 24: Went to Stoney L. C. Brown & J.Carlyle went up to look at lots & decided to buy 16 & 18 respectively. Beautiful day. Mulholland phoned he would not be home till Monday.

May Friday 25: At home.

May Saturday 26: At home. Working at plan of Stoney Lake Lots. Met Willie Boyd at night & went to club with him.

May Sunday 27: Went over to meet Willie Boyd at Alf Belchers & stayed to tea. Willie walked over with me.

May Monday 28: Went to Toronto by 5:15 train to meet Jarvis Wright & Hick at 9:30. Wright did not turn up. Met at noon. Called to see Senator Cox re amalgamation of interests on Trent power scheme. Went out to stay with Ed.

May Tuesday 29: Went to station with Ed who left for London. Came to city. Saw Hicks, Ames, Cox & Fair, Senator Cox twice & he promised to call me up by phone tomorrow re amalgamation of interests in power scheme. Met Mr. Kilbourn & went to supper with him. Left for home.

[No entries May 30 - May 31]

June Friday 1: Went to Stoney lake to lay out lots. J. Carlyle with me. J.C. went home & I stayed. Went over to see Ayotte. Terrible thunder storm.

June Saturday 2: Ayotte helped me in am to lay out lots north of cottage. Left in boat for home at 3.

[No entries June 3 - June 4]

June Tuesday 5: At home.

[No entries June 6 - June 7]

June Friday 8: At home.

[No entries June 9 - June 10]

June Monday 11: At home.

June Tuesday 12: At home. Working on plan of Park Stoney Lake.

June Wednesday 13: Went to Toronto to attend Synod. Synod adjourned on acct death of Rev Lewis. Met Mulholland & agreed to again consider  proposition of sale of property. Telephoned W Boyd to come down on Friday. Staying at Eds.

June Thursday 14: Went to Synod. Called to see Dr. Hamilton & left for home at 5.

June Friday 15: At Home.

]No entries June 16 - June 17]

June Monday 18: At Home.

June Tuesday 19: Went to Toronto to report on repairs to flume of Trenton Electric Co’y. Spent afternoon at Power House & at night spent with R Weddell.

June Wednesday 20: At Trenton. Was at Power House flume all a.m. Called to see Morrison & saw Ostrom also to see R. Weddell.  Left for home at 5:30.

June Thursday 21: At home. Bricklayers finished Vestibule at noon. Went over to see Martin. Edna had few in at night. Was at Houseboat in evening. Stormy.

[No entries June 22 - June 28]

June Friday 29: In Toronto re CP Ry tender for Contract Pet’o to Georgian Bay. Met Dennon at 10 & we went to CP Ry offices. Saw Hicks also.

June Saturday 30: Harry arrd home this am. At Toronto. Left at 5:30. Dennon came down also.

July Sunday 1: Went for walk over line at West of town with Dennon. Dennon came over to tea & I went over with him after.

[No entry July 2]

July Tuesday 3: Went. [entry ends]

July Wednesday 4: Family & I left at 5:30 for Cottage for Season. Arrd at 8 pm & opened Cottage. Went via train & regular boat.

July Thursday 5: At Cottage. Left at 3 for home.

July Friday 6: In Toronto. Met Dennon at 10 am. Went to CP Ry Construction office re tender for CP Ry from Peterboro to Georgian Bay. Busy at night making out tender. Went out to Ed’s at 10.

July Saturday 7: Came  to city & we finished tender & put it in at 11:30. Left at 5 pm for home. Very hot.

July Sunday 8: Wheeled up to Cottage at Stoney Lake in 2:15. Heavy showers in pm.

July Monday 9: Left Cottage at 4:30 with Mina who came down on acct of neuralgia & Lillian. Wheeled down from Lak’d.

July Tuesday 10: Went to Trenton to start on Flume. Engaged C Bullis as Foreman who cannot start till Monday next. Ordered timber. Came home.

July Wednesday 11: Working at sailboat.

July Thursday 12: Working at sail boat & ‘Victoria’ Edna came down at night.

July Friday 13: Working at yacht & skiff. Had man working at skiff. Mr. Dandy of Toronto who was camping at beach at lake was drowned this afternoon while in swimming. Heber also was nearly drowned with him.

July Saturday 14: Got telephone at 12:30 am saying that Mr. Dandy was drowned. Left at 8:30 for cottage & found them all very nervous & excited.

[No entry July 15]

July Monday 16: Came down from Cottage. Working at Yacht.

July Tuesday 17: Arrived at Trenton at 12:30 am. Drove to work & found Bullis had not started - was much put out. Found him & got lumber ordered & he started in afternoon with about 2 men with more to come tomorrow. Left for home at 5:30 pm.

July Wednesday 18: Busy getting yacht ready for inspection in a.m. & got her inspected at noon. Passed fine.

July Thursday 19: Went to Trenton & spent afternoon on work at flume. Left at 5:30 for Toronto to meet New York capitalists.

July Friday 20: Went to King E to meet Hicks & New York capitalists but found they had not arrived. Left at 1:50 for home.

July Saturday 21: Working at Yacht. Left at 5:30 for Stoney Lake. Sent skiff up to [to] Cottage on Scow but it got broke on Scow.

July Sunday 22: At Cottage. Went to Service in am. Davis came over for me at 3 to look at some improvements. There was two violent storms this pm.

July Monday 23: Came down from lake. Met R Ritchie. Left for Toronto at 11:45 to meet New York capitalists which I did at 4 pm for moment. Left at 5 for Trenton.

July Tuesday 24: At Trenton. Drove with Hicks, Helsey & Ruttan to Chisholms Rapids to look at water power. Back at Trenton at 5. Drove with Bullis to examine work at flume after supper.

July Wednesday 25: Went from Trenton to Toronto in a.m. Met Hicks & Helsey & Ruttan. Got about all information out of me & that is all. Nothing decided. Left for Bob’n & stayed with M. M. Boyd. Met R Ritchie Mr. Murphy Detroit  & Col. H C Rogers on Board J.Z. Rs yacht Bob’n.

July Thursday 26: Ran from Bob’n to Burleigh. Went to cottage & stayed.

July Friday 27: Ran about Stoney Lake on ‘Bob'n’ & to Lakefield. Drove to Peterboro & to supper at hotel with Ritchie &c. Went up to yacht & home. Fine.

July Saturday 28: Working at Victoria till 4. Went to Lake on train. Adams working today & night.

July Sunday 29: At Lake. Went over to Davids in his yacht to look at places for boat house.

July Monday 30: Came down from lake. Working at Victoria. Supper at C’s. Went to see Doctor re my elbow. Adams working day & night at Vic. Very warm.

July Tuesday 31: Working at Victoria. Adams also finished carpenter work. Very hot.

August Wednesday 1: Went to Trenton re repairs to flume. Carpenter work about finished & men filling stone. Mistook train for Belleville & had to come home by Pt Hope. Went up to see [Minnie] [Ward]. Hot.

August Thursday 2: Getting Victoria ready to launch.

August Friday 3: Working at Victoria & got her launched on two boom sticks by being pulled in by alligator. Finished with Adams at 5 after putting in 135 hrs. Have put in 4 days this week & last week with pretty hard work.

August Saturday 4: Busy getting ready for Yacht to start up to Cottage but did not get away till 6 pm. Wharf. Broke lubrication glass at Hyd Lock & decided not to proceed further. Laid up at Store House.

August Sunday 5: Terribly hot. Went to breakfast & dinner at C’s & to tea at E Pecks.

August Monday 6: Started about noon for Cottage in yacht. Arrived about 7 p.m. Ed Hood with me.

August Tuesday 7: Busy painting & fixing up yacht.

August Wednesday 8: We all came down on yacht to get Houseboat ready to start up to cottage.

August Thursday 9: Busy all day getting things ready for Houseboat.

August Friday 10: Busy getting ready to start on Houseboat up to Lak’d. Got started about 6 pm but storm delayed us & we stayed at Golf grounds. Went over to Mrs. Hamiltons at night.

August Saturday 11: Started at 6 am from Golf grounds & arrived at Cottage at 5:50 pm - had about 3 hours delay. Busy at night putting awning on yacht.

August Sunday 12: Paddled over to service. Very hot.

August Monday 13: Busy fixing up yacht & Houseboat. Civic Holiday. Ran over to Regatta at Headquarters. Was starter. Went off splendidly. Presided at Meeting for presentation of prizes at night.

August Tuesday 14: Started at 9 am for Lak’d with Houseboat. Girls with us. Arrd at noon. Yacht went on down at 3:30 to Peterboro. Engineer came on at Youngs Pt (Taylor).

August Wednesday 15: At Lakefield on Houseboat. Busy getting her ready for party. Cook came aboard at noon. Came to town at night. Boys George & Ed Hood fixing roof on yacht.

August Thursday 16: Went to Lak’d on train & back & went up on Yacht with party from Cincinnati & Peterboro. Arrived at Lak’d at 2 pm. Party started on Houseboat at 3:00 & stayed overnight at Sandy Bay. Ran Yacht up to pavilion at night.

August Friday 17: Houseboat went to Julians Landing.

August Saturday 18: At Lake.

August Sunday 19: Paddled to service. Very hot.

August Monday 20: At Lake. Came down on ‘Empress’ at night. Very hot.

August Tuesday 21: Went to Belleville & saw [St-rk] & got check $500.00. Drove to Trenton & got all accts & wages paid except lumber $189.00. Very warm. Met Mulholland this am at train.

August Wednesday 22: At home.

August Thursday 23: Went to Toronto. Saw Laird & wound up accts &c re flume. Went out to Eds at 6 pm.

August Friday 24: Came home at noon from Toronto. Met Houseboat party who came down this a.m.

August Saturday 25: Went up to Lake at 8:30. Went over to Annual meeting of Stoney Lake Cottagers Assoc. & presided as President. J. Acton Toronto elected new President. Good meeting.

August Sunday 26: Rain in am so did not go to service.

August Monday 27: We all packed up & went aboard the Houseboat & slept there at night. We ran up in yacht to head of lake & had tea.

August Tuesday 28: Did not move Houseboat as intended but started for home at 3:30 & got as far as Lak’d & stayed there over night.

August Wednesday 29: Started from Lak’d at 9 am & got to Nassau where we had to lay till 6 on acct of head wind. Got to landing at 7 pm & stayed on Houseboat.

August Thursday 30: Got Mr. Langfeldts horse & moved things down from Houseboat.

August Friday 31: Went up to lake at noon & paddled over with Norman Geale to adjourned meeting of Cottagers Ass’n at J Actons. Good meeting.

September Saturday 1: Went home in morning. Caught a lunge this am.

September Sunday 2: Went for walk. Called on R Fair, not in.

September Monday 3: Working about house. Edna left for Toronto to attend Normal College in Kindergarten. Went over to train with her. C Brown at house at night.

September Tuesday 4: Left at noon GT Ry for Toronto to see if could get any satisfaction re work. Went out to Ed’s. Graham (Laurence) & others on train. Very hot.

September Wednesday 5: Went to town, saw Hicks. Went to Exhibition with Edna in pm. & stayed till 10. Went home with Edna & out to Ed’s. Very hot.

September Thursday 6: In Toronto. Had lunch & supper with W Boyd. Saw Laird but got little satisfaction. Saw Hicks. Terribly hot.

September Friday 7: Tel’ Mulholland but did not get him till 3 pm. About house all day. Very hot.

September Saturday 8: Went up to Houseboat in am. Working about home. Very undecided about starting on C E Excursion which started today for Coast. Very hot.

[No entries Sept. 9 - Sept. 10]

September Tuesday 11: Met W. Boyd by appt. & we went down to Camp’ll to look into question of purchase of Camp’d Mill. We stayed at Mill all pm. & then all night.

September Wednesday 12: At Camp’d with W Boyd. Mulholland sent team to drive us up to [Blairton] Station. WTB went on home.

September Thursday 13: At home.

September Friday 14: Mina & I went to Toronto. Mr. C.B. Smith invited us to accompany them on their private car to the Coast to join Excursion  of C.S.C.E. but as I called on the Bank & they would not listen to my proposition re Campbellford matter I very reluctantly had to decline trip. Mina went out to the Maynards & I went out to Ed’s.

September Saturday 15: In Toronto shopping with Mina & Edna till 3. Went over to Island with E Burk & left at 5 for home.

September Sunday 16: At home. Dinner at JZR. Supper at C’s.

September Monday 17: Went to Campbellford re proposition. Did not make much headway but fairly satisfactory.

September Tuesday 18: Met Mr. Kilbourn at night & talked re Campbellford proposition.

September Wednesday 19: Went to see if I could get plasterer. Got plaster but no plasterer.

September Thursday 20: Went to Toronto re Campbellford proposition. Met Hicks.

September Friday 21: At Toronto. Met Mr. GH Pope & had lunch with him. Mina at Hetty’s preserving peaches. Met Mr. Cox & he said he was going to Peterboro tonight or morning.

September Saturday 22: Mina & I left Toronto for home 9:15. Expected to meet Mr. Cox on train but disappointed. Mr. Cox in Peterboro but was so busy that I went up on train to Toronto to show him prospectus of Campbellford proposition. He said he would help me. Met Coates people also on train. Came home at night.

[No entry Sept. 23]

September Monday 24: At home.

September Tuesday 25: Went to Toronto re Camp’d deal. Had supper at C Geale’s house. Went over  to see Edna & went in to Van Nostrands till 11:30. Slept at CG’s. Was with Ed Hatton at lunch at [CGs] & in pm.

September Wednesday 26: Had breakfast at C.G. Went home at 5 pm.

[No entry Sept. 27]

September Friday 28: At home all day. ER Rogers arr’d at midnight to go down to Camp’d.

September Saturday 29: ERR & I left at 8:30 for Camp’d. We went all over works &  Ed was delighted. We went into details of plant &c. We left at night for home. Poured rain all day.

September Sunday 30: Ed left at 5:15 for home.

October Monday 1: Waited around most of day to see G.A. Cox. Met him at 4 in his office & just nicely got started when he got message to go to Toronto. Went up with him on train but did not get good chance to talk with him. Went out to Ed’s. C Geale & Hetty came home tonight. Men building concrete steps at home.

October Tuesday 2: Went to see CB Smith & laid proposition buy Paper Coy. He said he would go in & get D Murphy to go in also. Could not see GAC & thought he might go down on train but did not. Went up & stayed over night at Hetty’s.

October Wednesday 3: Left out 9 am for home. G.A.C. on train but could not get a talk with him. Went to Camp’d at 2 & arranged for a part payment on Monday next. Came home.

October Thursday 4: Went to Toronto. Went to CB Smiths office in order to have a meeting with Murphy but M was not there. Met Hicks & Moffat at K.E. in pm. Went out to C.B.S. to supper & after out to Ed’s & slept there. Ed away. CBS said he had a message from Murphy saying he would be in Toronto tomorrow am.

October Friday 5: Went to CBS. Said Murphy had arr’d but had to go right back as daughter was ill. CBS said he had spoken to me re proposition - he agreed to go in $5000. I went to see Bank (Standard). They agreed to advance $33,000 or Stock & Bank Discount of $25,000 at 5 ˝ %. Good. Went to tea at Hetty’s  & left at 9 pm for Belleville with C.B.S.

October Saturday 6: Left for Belleville at 6:30 am train late with C.B.S. M’d met us at station with [livery], took us to breakfast & then to mill. We went all over mill with Mul’d. C.B.S. was more than pleased with the proposition. M’d explained to him everything that was suggested & he agreed with me that M’d seemed a square fellow. He left at 10:30 am the train being late. He handed me his marked check for $500. to make a payment on option. After he left. We went to M’d house & M’d had telephoned Colville to be there. Colville drew up letter of acceptance of offer to buy property with two check for $1500. CBS gave me check for $1000 just before he left as M’d wanted to send it to CBS. I after dinner went to mill office & went over house &c nothing particularly transpired. M’d assured me that we had a big bargain.

October Sunday 7: Went for walk in afternoon, called at R Fair’s but did not stay.

October Monday 8: Went to Toronto. Just happened to see W’m Boyd in street. At 3 pm had a meeting in Smiths office at which W Boyd, ER Rogers, Smith & myself present. We decided to put up balance of $10,000. on acct. Mulholland arr’d in p.m.

October Tuesday 9: In Toronto.

October Wednesday 10: At Toronto. Went to Bank Standard & deposited balance of $10,000 to Mulhollands credit for stock.

October Thursday 11: At Toronto. Left at 5 pm for home.

October Friday 12: Went to Camp’d McNamara with me.

[No entries Oct. 13 Oct. - Oct. 14 and Oct. 16 - Oct. 17]

October Monday 15: Went Camp’d.

October Thursday 18: Thanksgiving Day. Went to Toronto. Met Smith & Andrews in S office. In pm Ed & I & Smith had meeting in Smiths house & I was appointed Manager at Salary of $4000. per year.

October Friday 19: At Toronto.

October Saturday 20: At Toronto. Left at 5 for Bobcaygeon.

October Sunday 21: At Bobcaygeon. Staying with Willie Boyd.

October Monday 22: Left for home. Went to Camp’d to see if Mulholland would take Mortgage on my property for payments of stock.

October Tuesday 23: At home. Busy selling lots in Kawartha Park & with good success.

October Wednesday 24: Busy selling lots in K. Park.

[No entries Oct. 25 - Oct. 28]

October Monday 29: Went to Toronto & met CB Smith who had just got back from Winnipeg. Saw Montgomery lawyer re title of Paper Coy. Lunch with Smith. Stayed with Hetty.

October Tuesday 30: In Toronto. Saw Montgomery with Smith. M said title was defective. Decided to have Mulholland come up. Went out to Eds.

October Wednesday 31: Tel’d Mulholland to come up. M got to Toronto at 3:30 & we saw Montgomery together & he acknowledged there was a serious defect. Went to Meeting at Engineer’s Club. Stayed at Hetty’s.

November Thursday 1: In Toronto & saw Montgomery with Mulholland & Smith. Went home at night.

November Friday 2: Went to Camp’d to run line in afternoon but did not do much & came home at night.

November Saturday 3: At home. Busy selling lots in Kawartha Park.

November Sunday 4: In afternoon wheeled to Lak’d & back to see Zac White re bring down my [---] for [---].

November Monday 5: Went to Camp’d & ran line of levels to slack water on lot 8 Con. IV. Was generally disappointed in levels. Stayed with Mulholland over night.

November Tuesday 6: Left at 9:40 am for Trenton to examine dam for Bank of Commerce. Exam’d dam & left at 5:20 for home. M. met me at train at Camp’d. I gave him copy of field notes.

November Wednesday 7: Went to Toronto. Saw Smith went home again. Left for home at night.

November Thursday 8: Went to Camp’d & ran line between lots 8 & 9. Con V. Came home at night. Fine.

November Friday 9: Tel’d Smith for meeting tonight & to Mulholland ditto. Collected some payments on lots. Started for Toronto at 5:15. Mulholland on train. Had meeting in Smiths office S. gave instructions to Montgomery to hand over money as soon as title seemed to be clear. Saw Smith after - went out to Ed’s.

November Saturday 10: Met Mulholland & we went to Montgomery’s office & had long interview. Montgomery decided that nothing could be done till he saw Minister. Mulholland went home at 2 & I went up to Hetty’s & left for Trenton at 9 pm. CB Smith went to Winnipeg last night.

November Sunday 11: At Trenton. Walked to dam & arranged with Hicks to have stop logs put in end of flume at 2. Drove to town & back with H. Took float measurements of leakage in flume with wheels shut down. Went to church. Most miserable day. Sleet.

November Monday 12: Left Trenton at 6 for home. [Knapman] called at my house & I agreed under the conditions to accept payment for poles taken at $60.00. Cresting for veranda arrived. Miserable day. Sleet.

[No entry Nov. 13]

November Wednesday 14: Went to Toronto & met Jarvis & Laird re Heely’s Falls scheme. We drew up memo of understanding. Mulholland was with me. Stayed up with Hetty. Lunch & supper at K Edward with Mulholland.

November Thursday 15: Met Kilbourn & laid Jarvis’ scheme before him. He said he would consult with Wood & Cox & found out they were not behind Jarvis & he then proposed forming syndicate of Cox, Wood, Kilbourn, Mulholland, & I for Heely’s. Stayed at Hetty’s.

November Friday 16: At Toronto. Kilbourn saw Cox again re Heely’s. Met Harry on his way to play foot ball with Montreal v. Hamilton. Left for home at midnight. Supper at Queens with Mr. Kilbourn.

November Saturday 17: At home.

November Sunday 18: Went for walk up to Houseboat.

November Monday 19: M. Meade putting on cresting on veranda. Met Mr. Kilbourn at ‘Oriental’. Talked over Heeley’s Falls scheme.

November Tuesday 20: At home. Housing in Houseboat with M Meade. She is in bay above Norwood Rd. bridge.

November Wednesday 21: Went to Toronto to enquire re peat paper proposition. Saw Howell promoter & had long discussion with him. Tea at Hetty’s. Home.

November Thursday 22: Met Mulholland at ‘Oriental’ & talked over setting up matter.

November Friday 23: Met McNamara at noon & he stated that he was anxious to come into Co'y. Met him again.

November Saturday 24: At home - made appointment with McNamara re $5000 stock but he did not keep it. Worked about house. Feel very down cast. Fine.

[No more entries for 1906]



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