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During the Year...

Richard was 51 years old. He found contract work on other projects this year. Difficulties pursued him as inspectors of his recent works found reasons to delay further projects.





1908 Diary

Period covered: January 31, 1908 - May 4, 1908

Dimensions: 9.7 cm X 6.9 cm (l x w)

No. of Pages: 180

Note: The diary contains addenda pages where the diarist has recorded Cash Accounts for March and April for the year of 1908.


[No entries Jan 1 - Jan. 30]

January Friday 31: Mailed tender at Peterboro for Sec No. 2 Trent Canal Rice Lake Ontario Div’n at 2:30 pm.

[No entries Feb. 1 - Mar. 9]

March Tuesday 10: Left at 1:15 am for Ottawa re tender for Sec No. 2 R L & O Div. Saw Butler re tender & he said we were the lowest & would get it. Not much encouragement re allowance. Waited all day to see Minister. Deputation from Peterboro re power. Had lunch [Note: RBR has continued this entry under the March Wednesday 11 heading.] with C.W. Ross.

March Wednesday 11: Went to lunch with Harry Hall to Sir Sandford Flemings. Met Minister about 6 pm with R.R. Hall. Said he had been so busy that his work had got behind but he would get it up in a day or two. Left for home at [10].

March Thursday 12: First Spring like day, snow going fast.

[No entries Mar. 13 - Apr. 2]

April Friday 3: Went to Bobcaygeon with W.T. Nelson & W. White to close bargain for sale of Empress & Manita to Nelsons Co’y. Did so. Got telegram from Dennon to meet him in Niagara Falls tomorrow. At Lindsay. Went to tea at Sootherns.

April Saturday 4: Left at 5:26 am for Niagara Falls. Saw Edna in Toronto & arr’d N. Falls at 11:20. Dennon & his son Cliff arrived at 2:18 pm. Arranged that I was to try & get my share of security from bank Montreal & that his son was to go to Frankford & be on the ground. We left at 7:20.

April Sunday 5: In Toronto at C. Gaeles. Went out to ch. & to dinner at Ed’s & tea. Went in at 7:30. Met Edna at C.G. Rain in pm.

April Monday 6: Fine. Left for Trenton at 7:30 with Dennons son Cliff. Bot some shovels, picks &c & they were to go to Frankford. Met Belleville Council in Canal office & arranged with them to make plans & estimates for power houses at Nos. 3, 4 & 5 Dams. Left for home.

April Tuesday 7: In Peterboro’ working at plans of power houses.

April Wednesday 8: Borr’d plan of Cereal Power house from Learmouth. Went to service. Tel’d to Dennon to Trenton that I would be down tomorrow. Wm Dennon arrived at Trenton tonight to stay. Rain & sleet.

[No entry Apr. 9]

April Friday 10: Left for Trenton a.m. Bob W. not well - did not see him. Called on Siddell - nothing done yet re advancing security.

April Saturday 11: Went out to Frankford with D & came back at 10:40 am. Had accident on train. Went to see Siddell & he said it would be necessary to have note endorsed by good party. Just had time to catch train for home.

[No entry Apr. 12]

April Monday 13: Called in Mg’r Bk Montreal here - & saw Lundy & Pousette - gave Conroy my figures in order to get loan.

April Tuesday 14: Conroy decided not to loan. Another day lost. Pousette saw Stratton. No go.

April Wednesday 15: I saw McNamara & he said he would give the necessary security on his property. Had meeting with Pousette, Nelson & McNamara at night & P. & Nelson were to go to Toronto tomorrow.

April Thursday 16: Thought Pousette & Nelson were in Toronto trying to get loan. I did nothing. Did not find them, they had not gone.

April Friday 17: Good Friday. Saw Pousette in a.m. & found that Nelson had not gone to Toronto as agreed re guarantee bond. Left at 8:30 for Bob’n, stayed at WB’s. Willie said as they are so involved at present they could not help me to avoid going to Toronto.

April Saturday 18: Left Bob’n at 7:33 for Toronto. Saw Guarantee Coy’s re security bond. Could not get it. Saw Mercer who advised to see Ed. Went to Junction. Saw Ed & he agreed to endorse for me for security. Left for home, Harry also on train on way to Cap Rouge.

April Sunday 19: Easter Day. Harry & I went for walk in afternoon. Dull & windy, cool.

April Monday 20: Left for Trenton at 8:35. Found that Gordon (Mg’r) was out of town. Tel’d to Dennon to come down. He came. Was with R.W. this afternoon. Snowed about 3'' this a.m. Harry went on to Montreal.

April Tuesday 21: Went out to Frankford at 6:15. Dennon & I drove over work in am. In p.m. walked over No. 6. Left for Trenton 4:50. After tea saw Gordon Mgr. Molsons re loan $16,000 as Security & he wrote to Head office. Very windy & cold.

April Wednesday 22: At Trenton all day. Doing nothing.

April Thursday 23: Gordon went to Toronto. Got word from Head office Molson’s that they would not take on any more loans at the present time. Saw Gordon at night. St. Georges Banquet but did not go. Saw Siddell Bk Montreal again.

April Friday 24: Walked out to Frankford. Drove over line with Dennon in afternoon. Got word again that Molson’s would not advance loan to me. Beautiful day.

April Saturday 25: Came in from F’d on stage & saw Siddell again who had not heard from Belcher. Came to Pet’o at night. Showry but warm.

[No entries Apr. 26 - Apr. 29]

April Thursday 30: At Trenton. Bk. Montreal refused to put up my deposit. Called to see Mg’r Farmers Bk &  he said he was sure his bank would take it & he would go to Head office as soon as Gen’l Mgr got home.

May Friday 1: Arrived home at 8:25 via PH from Trenton. JZR better. Miserable morning. Waiting to hear of arrival of G’l Mgr Farmers Bk. Telephoned [Fran-].

May Saturday 2: At home. Expected to go to Toronto re loan.

May Sunday 3: At home. Ch in am. Tea at Calcutt’s. Mrs. Langfeldt had daughter.

May Monday 4: At home. Went up to Houseboat. Water being let into canal. Went to Missionary meeting. Fine & warmer.

[No more entries in this Diary; more 1908 entries in next Diary]



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