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During the Year...

Richard was still attending the University of McGill. He recorded an incident at the university where several students were suspended for a ‘row’ they had in Professor Armstrong’s class on February 24. He had one of several significant talks with Mina Calcutt as the couple moved into the next stage of their relationship. In the 1877 portion of the diary Richard mentioned that his father was thinking of marrying his cousin and he doubted the prudence of such a union. Mina was very ill after suffering from some poisoning incident during the second half of the year. In this diary Rogers added to his 12 original resolutions (1874) with two Inserts entitled Daily Routine and After Convocation (1878).





1876 Diary

Period covered. January 1, 1876 - December 31, 1876; January 8, 1877, and November 8, 1877 to December 31, 1877

Dimensions. 21 cm X 16.5 cm (l x w)

No. of Pages. 184

Note. Richard filled part of his diary with a series of "Meditations" which go on for many pages and cover several years of sermons. Two pages have been inserted into the diary entitled Daily Routine and After Convocation (see link to these above). The latter is dated April 30, ’78. This diary was used to record entries for the latter months of 1877.


Jan. 1st. Saturday. Went to morning service. Went to dinner at Mrs. Calcutt’s and stayed there all afternoon. Went home to tea. Went uip again after tea & had a long talk with Mrs. Calcutt. Came home at 9. Rained all day. There were no callers hardly. No snow on the ground. Thermometer about 60°

Jan. 2nd Sunday. Went to C. Went to dinner at [ H---] Went to S. School. Went home with M. Went to tea at Marias. Went up for M. & went to C. with her. Sat up. Wrote George Hatton. M. walked home with Alfred Belcher. I went up with sophia B & after went up to C's till 11.

Jan. 3rd Worked in workshop in morning. Forget what I did on Tuesday but went up to X after tea.

Jan. 5th Wednesday. Went down to lake for a skate. Went over to town. Worked in workshop. went skating at 4 on the lake till 6. After tea x. Large party at the Hatton’s. Addy went with Etta Peck but Mina did not go.

Jan. 6th Thursday. Worked in workshop. After dinner went over to town. Moved the soup kitchen with Maria. At 4 went up to S. School for while. Went skating for while. Went up with Add C. Festival at S.S. Mina & I went down to James’ & Miss Cottingham & Mary & Sophia B. went over to S.S. with us. Had to bring Katie Calcutt home as she cried. Went back & after the show Sophia & Mary & M. & I went skating on lake till 9.30. Went home with Sophia & after went x till 11.

Jan. 7th Friday. Worked in workshop & fixed the cricket shed in morning and went down to see Mr. Calcutt but did not do what I wanted after dinner. Went down to see him again [diarist drew a series of wavy lines with dots to fill the end of the line] after went up to see M. & heard Gericke (Prof.) playing with her. Got the horse & buggy & went M & I went for a drive. Was going to see Miss Brown but it got too dark before we got there. We did not go in. Went down town & did some shopping. Went x at 7 & we went up to Maria's. She had a card party consisting of Snyders, Katie Carnagie, Addy & M. Mary & Sophia B. Miss Cottingham. Mr. A. Belcher. Mr. George Roger. Mr. Carnagie. Nick Beck & Goerge & Eddie & I. Wked home with Mr. & Mrs. Cottingham. Eddie saw Miss Cottingham home rest of way. Walked down with Alfred Belcher.

Jan. 8 Saturday. Packing trunk & getting things ready to start. Drove Addy C. over to town & did some shopping & called on Mrs. Maclennan. After dinner went to say good bye at James & to C’s & to Maria & Snyders. Eddie drove me to station. Raining all day. Got in Port Hope at 6. Went up to Mrs. E. Ward’s & had tea & spent the evening. Came down on 10 o’clock train. Capt. Baily (Mrs. Ward’s brother) came on the same train. Aunt [Casady] went out home to stay to-day on noon train

Jan. 9th Sunday. Arrived in Montreal at 9.3. Came up to 127 [C----] St. (Mrs. G.). Had breakfast went to St. Martin’s church with Mrs & Mary. Mr. G. not at home. Wrote in my diary up to this date.

Jan. 10th Monday. Fixed my picture frame. went to College at 11 & till 4.30. Came home. Fixed my frames till 9. Studied till 11.15.

Jan. 11th Tuesday. Went to C. as usual. Put my pictures up. Studied from 7.30 till 11.30.

Jan. 12th Wednesday. Went to C. as usual. After went down with Jones to his room & after down town. Willie Maclennan & Dennistoun came up after tea at 9.15. Studied till 11.45.

Jan. 13th Thursday. Went to C. as usual. Studied till 11.30. Very cold.

Jan. 14th Went to C as usual. Willie Maclennan came up for me at 8 and we went down & spent a very pleasant evening at Mrs. Cutler's. Forgot my latch key & had hard work to get in. Got home at 11.30. First day the rink was opened (College Rink). Had rheumatism in my left [----] a little this morning.

Jan.15th Saturday. Studied till 10.30. Went down & got my photograph taken at Field’s. Studied till 3. went down town met Dennistoun & went toboganning with him till 5.30. Came home. Got a letter from Mina. Studied till 12.

Jan. 16th Sunday. My 19th Birthday. Went to St. George’s and stayed communion. Willie Maclennan was here to dinner went for a walk in afternoon & W. went home. Went for walk with Newnham. Went to St. Martin's. Have headache. Wrote a letter.

Jan. 17th Went to C. as usual. Went down town to the photographer’s. Went to C. in afternoon. Came home. Wrote some letters, got a letter from Sophia (Ireland). Went down town to post some letters. Studied till 11.

Jan. 18th Tuesday. Went down town to the photographers. Went to C. as usual. After 5 went down town to the Y.M.C.A. reading room. Walked up Beaver Hall with Jack Badgley. Studied till 11. Most awful night out. Raining & fog & slippery.

Jan. 19th Wednesday. Went to C. as usual. Watson came in at 8 & stayed till 9. Studied till 12. Raining & very slippery.

Jan. 20th Thursday. Went to c as usual. After 5 went down town. At 6.30 went down to the train to meet Mrs. Grant as she had been over at St. Lamberts. Studied till 12. received an invitation from Mina to a Leap Year party tomorrow night at home. Weather 6.30 went down to the train to meet Mrs. Grant as she had been over at St. Lambert’s Received an invitation from Mina to a Leap Year party tomorrow night at home. Weather cold.

Jan. 21st Friday. Went to C at 11 as usual. Came home at 5. Studied till 6. Went down for Willie Maclennan was going to spend the evening at Miss Charle's but she was out. Willie came up to my room for while & I went down stairs till 11. Mr. & Mrs. Briggs & Miss Allen & Miss Walker spending the evening. Studied till 12.35. Weather cold. Wrote to Sophia today.

Jan. 22nd Saturday. Went down to photographer’s at 9.30 to sit for a locket photograph. Studied till 1. Went down for Willie Maclennan at 3 & we went for a walk till 5. Studied till 12. Mr. Grant got home tonight. Weather cold.

Jan. 23rd Sunday. Went to the Cathedral & to dinner at Judge Badgley’s. Came home at 3.30. Went to St. Georges with Mr. & Mrs. Grant. Wrote home. /snowed about 10 inches.

Jan. 24th Monday. Went to c. as usual. Went down town after 5. Got my hair cut. Studied till 12.

Jan. 25th Tuesday. Went to c as usual. Came home at 5. Studied till 7. Spent a very pleasant evening at Mrs. Brigg’s. Met there Miss Hadryls a Miss Gilmour & Miss Bushel & a Mr. Hadryl. Watson was also there. Got home at 1 o'clock. Got a letter from Mina.

Jan. 26th Wednesday. Went to C in morning. Stayed home & studied all afternoon & till 12.40.

Jan. 27th Thursday. Went to C as usual. Came home at 5 & studied. I Got a ticket from Newnham for Rev. Mr. Carmichael’s lecture tonight so I went to it. Called in & went with [-----] & it was splendid it was on Daniel O’Conner. Studied till 1.

Jan. 28th Friday. Went to C as usual. Wrote a letter to Mina at noon. After went down to town with Jones. Went to the Photographer’s to leave Mother’s photograph to be copied. Willie Maclennan came up from 8.30 to 9.30. Studied till 1. Soft day. Snowing.

Jan. 29th Saturday. Studied till 4.30. went down town. Came home for tea. Spent the evening at Mrs. Cutler’s with Willie Maclennan. Got home at 10.15. Studied till 12. Blowing awfully.

Jan. 30th Sunday. Went to St. George’s in morning & got a magnificent sermon from Mr. Carmichael. Went to St. Martin's in the evening with Mrs. G. Wrote a letter. Cold today.

Jan. 31st Monday. Went to C. as usual. Came home at 5. Studied till 12. Not very cold.

Feb. 1st Tuesday. Went to c. in morning as usual. Meeting of Skating Committee. Did not go in afternoon stayed in & studied. Went to an entertainment [in] the Mechanic’s Hall with Mrs. Grant & Mary. Pretty good. Mr. Grant went away this morning.

Feb. 2nd Wednesday. Went to C. in morning & stayed home & studied till 12. Most awful day. Snowing & blowing & very cold all day.

Feb.3rd Thursday. Went to C. as usual. Went down town at 5 to the Photographer’s to get Mina’s locket. Came home Studied till 12.15. Very cold today.

Feb. 4th Friday. Went to C. as usual. Came home at 5.30. Mrs. Briggs Miss Allen & Miss Walker here to tea. Stayed down stairs till 9.15. Studied till 12. Cold today. Had rheumatism pretty bad.

Feb. 5th Saturday. Studied till 3.30. Went down town at 4. Studied till 12. Very cold today.

Feb. 6th Sunday. Went to St. George's with Mrs. G. in morning & evening. Stayed & read in afternoon. Did not feel very well. Played hymns after church & wrote home.

Feb. 7th Monday. Went to C. as usual. Studied till 12. A beautiful day and a splendid moonlight night.

Feb. 8th Tuesday. Went to C. as usual. Came home at 5. Met Aunt Caroline who had just been here to see me. She had just come up from Sorell. Do not feel well. Studied till 10. Went to bed. A beautiful night out. Moonlight. A Soft Day.

Feb. 9th Wednesday. Went to C. as usual. Got a letter from Mina. Mrs. G. & Mary out to tea. Studied till 12. Blowing & snowing.

Feb. 10th Thursday. Went down to the train at 9 am to see Aunt Caroline off. Went to C. as usual. At 5 went down town walked up with Patterson. After tea went with Mrs. Grant to look at a house. Beautiful day & night. Do not feel very well. Studied till 11.15.

Feb. 11th Friday. Went to C. as usual. Went to University Glee Club Concert. Got tickets for Mrs. G. & Mary but the night was so bad they could not go. Was not bad. A most awful day. Raining on the deep snow. Studied till 12.

Feb. 12th Saturday. Studied till 4.30. went down town for a walk. Studied till 11.15. Very bad walking, & blowing.

Feb. 13th Sunday. Went to St. George's both morning & evening & to Mr. Carmichael's Bible class in the afternoon. Wrote to Mina. A beautiful day & night.

Feb. 14th Monday. Went to C. as usual. Studied till 12.15. Hailed all day. Valentine’s Day.

Feb. 15th Tuesday. Went to college as usual. Willie Mcalennan & G. Dennistoun were up from 8 till 9. (G.D. going home as Ferrier & Co. have bust up). Studied from 11 to 12.15. Mrs. Briggs Miss Allen & Miss Walker down stairs played cards with them from 9 till 10. A most awful day out. Rained sleet all day & blowing a regular hurricane & snow tonight.

Feb. 16th Wednesday. Went to C as usual. Studied till 12.45. Rather disagreeable day.

Feb. 17th Thursday. Went to C as usual. Met Dennistoun. Came home & went down to tea with him as he is going home tomorrow. Went down town with them (Willie Maclennan) for a while after tea. Got home here at 9.45. Got some of dear Mother’s photographs & sent them home by Dennistoun. they were splendid.

Feb. 18th Friday. Went to C as usual. Studied till 12.30. Mrs G. & Mary out to tea. Fine day.

Feb. 19th Stayed. Studied till 4. Went down town. Got a letter from Mina. Studied till 11. Read till 12.

Feb. 20th Sunday. Went to St. George's in morning & evening. Stayed to communion in morning. Read all afternoon. Wrote to Papa & Mina.

Feb. 21st Monday. Went to C as usual. Studied till 12. Had a meeting of Foot-ball Club at 1 o'clock.

Feb. 22nd Tuesday. Went to C. Worked till 6. Studied till 12.

Feb. 23rd Wednesday. Went to c. as usual. Studied till 12.15. Very cold.

Feb. 24th Thursday. Went to C. as usual. Went through to dissecting room at Medical Building. Went to C. in afternoon. Some fellows kicked up a row & Armstrong [the word ‘kicked’ has been crossed out and written above it is the word ‘turned’] us out at about 3 o’clock. Made an awful row after going out. Went up to reservoir with Jones for a walk. Came home at 5. Studied till 11. Very cold today.

Feb. 25th Friday. Had no lectures. Had a supplemental examination in German got through all right I think. Came home at 6. Armstrong would not let any of the fellows attend his lectures. Studied till 12. Mrs. G. out to tea. Mr. Grant came home this evening.

Feb. 26th Saturday. Stayed in till 3.45. Walked down town. Walked down to Turkish bath with Mrs. G. for Mr. G. Called on Mr. B. Hutchison. Went for Willie Maclennan & went down town. Spent the evening at Mrs. Cutler’s. Got home at 10. Studied till 12. Fine day.

Feb. 27th Sunday. Went to C at Cathedral. Went to dinner at Judge Badgley’s.Went for walk up the Mountain with Jack & Elliott. Came home to tea. Went to St. George's with Mrs. & Mr. Grant. Wrote home.

Feb. 28th Monday. Went to C. as usual.All the 2d drawing room were summoned to attend the Meeting of the Faculty for a row on Thursday last (kicking a can & throwing a piece of bread) for which we were all suspended. We also sent in a petition to the Faculty but they would not receive it. Had a meeting of students after but adjourned till tomorrow. The Faculty gave us the choice of giving them an answer if we did it or not or being expelled. We all gave them an answer except two who were expelled afterwards for not going so. Names Hall from near Ottawa & Perry an American. The two that did it acknowledged & were suspended from lectures for this term only. Another Meeting of students to be held tomorrow to reconsider the matter. Studied till 12. Fine day.

Feb. 29th Tuesday. Went down to photographers. Went to C. in morning. Had a Meeting at 2.30 of students. Were holding it & Dr. Dawson came in & gave us a speech which settled us. We sent a deputation to confer with him & the matter will likely come out satisfactorily. Came home at 4. Got a nice long letter from Mina & George. Studied till 11.45. fine Day.

Mar. 1st Ash Wednesday. Went to church (St. George's) with Mrs. G. Stayed in & studied till 11. Was going to C in the evening but was late. Snowed in morning but cleared up

Mar. 2nd Thursday. Went to college as usual. Went to a lecture in St. George’s Y.M.C.A. by Mr. Carmichael and it was magnificent. Studied till 12.10. Beautiful day.

Mar. 3rd Friday. Went to C. as usual. Got home at 6.30. Started to study & Mrs. G. came up for me at 9 to go down stairs as Mr. & Mrs. Briggs & Mr. Matthew & Miss Allen were there. Went till 11. Studied till 12.30. Fine day.

Mar. 4th Saturday. Stayed in till 4.30. Went down town. Got ‘Mother’s’ photographs. Do not like them. Studied till 12. Fine day.

Mar. 5th Sunday. Went to St. George's twice. went to Bible class. Edith Nichols staying with Mary G. from Saturday till Monday. Wrote to Mina. Fine day.

Mar. 6th Monday. Went to C. as usual. Got home at 6.30. Rained most of last night so the streets are in a great mess.

Mar. 7th Tuesday. Went to C. as usual. Got home at 6. Studied till 12. The walking is fearful. Expected to hear from Sophia but did not.

Mar. 8th Wednesday. Went to C. in the morning. Got a telegram from Sophia say she would be here at 2. Went down to Albion Hotel & saw them. Stayed with them all afternoon. Came up here with them at 5 & they stayed here till 8.30. We wanted them to stay here but they thought they had better go down again to hotel. I went down as far as St. Lawrence on Sherbrooke with them. met Patterson & walked up with him. Studied till 12.

"Sophia & Dick arrived from Ireland"

Mar. 9th Thursday. Went down to the hiotel to Sophia & Dick. Went to photographers etc & Sophia came up to dinner here after. Mr. Mellor got a sleigh & Mrs. Grant Sophia & Dick & I went around the mountain for drive. Then went through the McGill College & Cathedral. I Came up with Mrs. Grant & they went down to hotel. I went down to tea with them. Sent some shell oysters home to Mrs. Calcutt. Went down to station Sophia & Dick started for home. Came home & went to bed. Beautiful day.

Mar. 10th Friday. Went to C. as usual. Studied till 12.15. Fine day. Sophia arrived at home.

Mar. 11th Saturday. Studied all morning. Went to C. for a lecture on Light. Studied till 4.30. Went down town to barber’s & photog’s. Studied till 11.30.

Mar. 12th Sunday. Went to St. George's with Mrs. G. & Mary. Read all afternoon & to St. G. in evening with Mr. Grant. Wrote letters. Walking awful.

Mar. 13th Monday. Went to C. as usual. Raining in the morning & warm. At noon wind rose to a hurricane & snowed. Very cold. Studied till 12.15.

Mar. 14th Tuesday. Went to C. as usual. Meeting about Engineer’s Association at 4.30 till 6.30. Studied till 12. Cold. Got a letter from Mina saying she was ill.

Mar. 15th Wednesday. Went to C. in morning but was late for lecture. Went as usual in afternoon. Went to service at St. Martin's. Studied till 12.30. Very cold.

Mar. 16th Thursday. Went to C. as usual. Studied till 12.15. Very disagreeable night.

Mar. 17th Friday. Went to C. as usual. Got home at 6.30. Studied till 12.45. St. Patrick's Day. Big time down town. Snow about 11/2 feet deep. Largest snow storm yet.

Mar. 18th Saturday. Studied till 4.15. Went down town called on Mrs. Row & called for W. Maclennan & we went down town town [sic]. Watson came up at 8 & stayed till 10.30. Studied till 12. Read till 12.35.

Mar. 19th Sunday. Went to St. George’s stayed to communion. Read all afternoon. Went to the Cathedral in the evening to hear Mr. Baldwin. Very good sermon. Wrote to Mina. Very cold.

Mar. 20th Monday. Went to C. as usual. Studied till 1. Storming.

Mar. 21st Tuesday. Shovelled the snow off the front. Went to C. Got home at 6.30. Took my lunch as walking was so bad. Biggest snow storm this winter. Snowed nearly 4 ft. Snowing all day & night. Studied till 12.45.

Mar. 22nd Wednesday. Went to C. as usual. Took my lunch. Went to St. Martin's to evening service with Mrs. Grant. Studied till 1.05.

Mar. 23rd Thursday. Went to C. as usual. Got home at 6.30. Studied till 1. Fine day.

Mar. 24th Friday. Went to C. as usual. Got home at 6. Went to tea at Mrs. Brigg's stayed till 9. Came home as I had to study. Studied till 12. Fine day.

Mar. 25th Saturday. Worked at the water pipes & moved the stove for Mrs. G. till 10. Got ‘Mother’s’ large photo in ink. It is beautiful. Studied till 12. Read till 12.30. Damp day.

Mar. 26th Sunday. Went to St. George's with Mrs. Grant. Read all afternoon. Went to Cathedral to hear Canon Baldwin on the ‘Evils of society of Montreal’ It was good. Wrote letters.

Mar. 27th Monday. Went to C as usual. Studied till 1. Very soft day.

Mar. 28th Tuesday. Went to C in morning. Studied all afternoon & till 12. Got a letter from Mina.

Mar. 29th Wednesday. Went to C as usual & in afternoon to one lecture. Lectures cease to-day. Went down town to Albion Hotel to see about a basket that Sophia lost, did not get it. Came home. Went to St. Martin's to service. Studied till 2.

Mar. 20th Thursday. Studied till 4. Went down town for a walk. Had a sleep. Studied till 12. Don't feel well. Fine day.

Mar. 31st Friday. Studied till 3. Went up to college to ‘Medical and Law Convocation’ for about an hour. Studied till____. Beautiful day.

Apr. 1st Saturday. Studied till 5. Went down town. Got home at 6.30. Studied till 11.45. Willie Maclennan was up till 10. Read from 12 to 12.40. Fine day. Walking very bad.

Apr. 2nd Sunday. Went to St. George's morning & evening. Read all afternoon. Wrote letters.

Apr. 3rd Monday. Went to College. Had exam in Astronomy & Optics got along pretty well I think. Studied till 12.15.

Apr. 4th Tuesday. Went to College morning & afternoon. Exams in Mechanics Hydrostatics & Experimental Physics on Light & Heat got on all right. Miss [E----] here to tea. Mary & she came up to my room after tea & I wrote in Miss E’s album. Studied till 1.

Apr. 5th Wednesday. Studied till 4. Went for short walk. Had a sleep till 6.30. Went to St. Martin’s to evening service had a nice sermon from Rev. Mr. Baldwin. Walking awful. studied till 12.

Apr. 6th Thursday. Went to College. Exam in Euclid & Arithmetic did not do as well as I might have. Studied all afternoon till 12.15.

Apr. 7th Friday. Went to C in morning. Had an exam in Algebra & Trigonometry. Did not pass. Not well at all. Studied till 11.30. Felt very blue all afternoon.

Apr. 8th Saturday. Went to college morning & afternoon. Exams in Foundation and Iron Construction did pretty well. Studied till 12. Fine day.

Apr.9th Sunday. Went to St. George's with Mr. Grant. Walked home with Mrs. Hutchison & went to dinner & tea with them. Went to St. Martin's with Mr. Hutchison & Miss Brant. Walked down with them after church. Went to bed at 10 as I don’t feel very bright. Beautiful day.

Apr.10th Monday. Went to college morning & afternoon. Exams in Drawing, Surveying & Levelling did fairly. Did not come home for lunch. Studied till 11.30.

Apr. 11th Tuesday. Studied till 3.30. Wrote a letter. went down town. Met Isaac Burnet on my road down. Did some shopping for Mrs. Grant. Walked up with Mrs. Hutchison. Studied till 11.45. Fine day.

Apr. 12th Wednesday. Studied till 4. Went down town for a walk. Met Thomson. Went up & down St. Jame's street. Came home. Took my pants to tailors. Went to St. Martin's to church with Mrs. Grant. Studied till 12. Very warm today.

Apr. 13th Thursday. Studied till 4. Went down town for a walk. Went to service at St. Martin's. Studied till 11. Read till 11.45. Raining.

Apr. 14th Good Friday. Most miserable raw & cold. Mr. Grant sick not well myself. Studied. Went to church at St. George's in morning. Had a sleep in afternoon & went to St. Martin's in the evening.

Apr. 15th Saturday. Studied till 4. Went for a walk. Met Newnham & went with him. Got home at 5.15. Studied till 11.30. Willie Maclennan was [up] for 1 1/2 hour. Read till 12.

Apr. 16th Sunday. Went to church St George's. Stayed to communion. Read all afternoon. Went to St. G. in evening. Mr. Carmichael gave us a nice sermon. Easter Day.

Apr. 17th Monday. Studied till 4. Went for a walk. Met Clements. Called in to see Jones. Went down town. Came home. Studied till 11.30.

Apr. 18th Tuesday. Studied till 4.30. Got a letter from Sophia saying James had started for here. Went down town. Went to the hotels but did not notice his name. Went for a ‘bum’ round town with Patterson. Went down to May & Co. & met James there. Went through May's & came & came up with Mr. Grant. James went down at 9. Studied till 12.

Apr. 19th Wednesday. Studied all morning. Exam in Zoology in afternoon. Did not do very well. Went down town for a walk. Watson was up after tea. Studied till 9.15. Got a bad head ache.

Apr. 20th Thursday. Went down to Thompson's room, got back at 12. Went to C. in afternoon. Exam in Mensuration. Got along very well. Came home. Could not study as I am not well. After tea went down to Ottawa & saw James. Went to the opera with he and Mills. Got home at 11.30. Not well.

Apr. 21st Friday. Packed my trunk. Went up to college & saw Prof. Margraf to let me off my German exam till fall he did. After dinner went down town & met James. Went to Roy's with him. Met some college fellows & went for a ‘bum’ up Notre Dame. James & I called on Mrs. B. Hutchison. I called on Mrs. Briggs. Started for home at 9.

Apr. 22nd Saturday. Got in Port Hope about 9. Got home at 12.10. After dinner went up to Maggie's. Then Amelia’s, then to Mrs. Calcutt’s, then to Maria’s. After tea went X.

Apr. 23rd Sunday. Went to C. walked home with Addy. Went up Ashburnham Sunday School with Charlotte. Went to X. Went to C. walked with M.

Apr. 24th Bummed around. Went over to town in morning. Went to Party at Weller’s. Took Add. Mina did not go. Was rather slow.

Apr. 25th Tuesday. Up Mrs. Calcutt’s most of the day helping them get ready for party to-night, stayed to dinner. Went to Party in evening. Splendid party.

Apr. 26th Wednesday. Went over to town & posted some notices for cricket meeting. Went up to Mrs. C's in afternoon & evening.

Apr. 27th Thursday. Went over to town. Went up to Mrs. C's in afternoon & evening. Went out for short ride. Papa & Aunt Sophia got home tonight.

Apr. 28th Friday. Bummed around at home & in workshop. Went up to Mrs. C. for ottoman & mended it. Drove Add over to town, after tea. Went to the Annual Meeting of the Cricket Club. Was elected Secretary. Went up to Maria’s. Party at Mrs. C. Kempt’s. Mina, Add, [May] & Sophia went. None of us got any invitations.

Apr. 29th Saturday. Worked around [home]. Went over to town with Charlotte in afternoon. At 4 the ‘Golden Eye’ was launched, she was christened by Mina. Went off very well. Got the horse & took Mina & Add out for a drive.Called on the Weller’s. Went X Sophia & I went up to Mrs. Calcutt’s & Bill Shaw was there. Had an oyster supper.

Apr. 30th Sunday. Went to church in morning & evening to S. School. Tea at Jame's. [Walked] with M.

May 1st Monday. Went over to see Mr. Clements but he was away. Bummed around all afternoon. Cricket meeting after tea. Mary, Soph B. George, Eddie & I went up to Mrs. C’s for a Boston.

May 2nd Tuesday. Worked in workshop till 11. Went over to town. Went up to Times office. Went out riding with M. at 4 till 7:40. Went over to meeting to meet the Boat club but did not see them. Went up to Mrs. C's.

May 3rd Wednesday. Went around all morning seeing about an amalgamation of boating & cricket club for 24th. There was a meeting at Huffman House of boating & cricket club & we decided to amalgamate. After tea X Mina sick from her ride yesterday. Aunt Caroline sick today.

May 4th Thursday. Raining all morning. Wrote letters. George started with Aunt Sophia & Tim for Trenton at 1:30. Went over to town. Saw Mr. Clementi. After tea went up to cricket field & then X.

May 5th Friday. Was over in town most of day. Meeting of Athletic Sports com’te at Boat House at 5. After tea went up to James for while & then X. Not very well.

May 6th Saturday. Went over to town at 10. Came back. Went over again at 3. Went out riding at 5 with Mina till 7. Went up there to tea & stayed. We were asked to Mrs. Shaw’s & to Mrs. Orde’s did not go.

May 7th Sunday. Went to church morning to S. S, Went for walk with Soph B. up to dam. Went to tea at Jame's. Went to church in evening X. Went to communion.

May 8th Monday. Raining all morning. Studied for an hour. Went over to town. Went over again at 3 till 6 & again after tea to a meeting. Went up to Jame’s Mina Add & Eddie were there. (James Ryan stabed his wife & killed her this evening.)

May 9th Tuesday. Studied for an hour. Went over to town about Sports. Went over again after dinner till 4. Drove Mina & Addy over to call on Mrs. Orde. Had a run before tea. X. Miss Shaw up there.

May 10th Wednesday. Studied. Went over to town till 1. Went over again at 3:30. Went for a short ride.X. Showers frequently, weather dull.

May 11th Thursday. Studied. Wrote letters. Went to town. After dinner went around with Burton with a prize list for the Sports. Was going out riding but Mina had Add's horse out so did not go. Went to a cricket meeting till 9.

May 12th Friday. Studied. After had a run. Went over to town. Went over again after dinner. Went to hear the Mendelssohn quintette club in Music Hall with Mrs. C & Add & Mina. Was splendid.

Saturday May 13th. Studied till 11. Went up to the cricket field. After dinner went to cricket field & then to town. Archie is worse tonight. Went X. Fine day.

May 14th Sunday. Went to C. & to dinner at Jame's to S. School. Played the melodian for first time. To tea at Amelia's. to church. Went in to Mrs. E. Calcutt's with Mina for while. Archie just about the same.

May 15th Monday. Raining. Studied. Went over to town. Worked at cricket field & fixed the [----] Had a run after tea. Went to cricket meeting. Went X. Went to a fire at [------] shop at 10. Archie worse today.

May 16th Tuesday. Fixed the [-----] all morning. Studied till 3. Walked up with Aunt Caroline. Went over town with Lloyd. Archie we thought was dying about 6. Sent for Dr. but he seems a little better now (11). Went X. Went for a walk round again.

May 17th Wednesday. Worked at workshop till 4. Went to c field. Sat with Archie till 5:30. Drove over to town. Met Add C & took her around the square. Had a run. Went to meeting of sports committee. Got home at 10. Studied for a while. Archie just about the same.

May 18th Thursday. Drew lumber up to cricket field. Building a high board fence along the front. Sat with Archie from 5 to 6. Had a run. Went up to cricket field after tea. X. Archie just about the same. Mrs. Beck sitting up with him.

May 19th. Friday. Worked at cricket fence. Went over to town then worked at cricket fence. Went to see Ada Gray, took Mrs. E. Calcutt & Mina & Addy. It was a farce. Archie a little better. Mrs. Stewart over tonight.

May 20th Saturday. Worked at cricket shed for while. Went over town. Worked at cricket fence till 6. Had a run. Played cricket. X. Archie just about the same. Sat up with him had a bad turn during the night.

May 21st Sunday. Went to c. & to S. School, to tea at Mrs. Calcutt's, to church. X. Archie just about the same. Rained hard today for while.

May 22nd Monday. Worked at cricket field till 4:30. Went over to town got my running shoes & trunk. Went up to c. field after tea. Went to a meeting of Sports Committee. [Went X] Archie not so well. Sent for Dr. at 5. Can’t last much longer. Mrs. T. Belcher died today.

May 23rd, 1876 [is written in large letters]. Was very bussy all day getting things ready for the Sports tomorrow. Poor little Archie died this evening at 7 o’clock. He was never strong. Was in bed just three weeks yesterday. Everybody around the village took a great interest in him, he was a general favorite with everybody. He was eight years old last October. We will feel very lonely at home with out poor little Archie. It seems hard on us first dear Mother & then poor little Archie but ‘God’s ways are not our ways’. Everybody was very kind all through his illness, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Beck, Charlotte, & all of us sat up with him at nights.

Went up to tell Amelia. Went in to Mrs. Calcutt’s for little while. Went up to Marias for a bed

Note. Above this entry there is the following sentence. "The Lord giveth the Lord taketh, blessed be the name of the Lord"

May 24th Wednesday. ‘Queen’s Birthday’ George & Eddie & I went & worked at cricket field at 7. Was bussy there all morning in the afternoon. The Boating & Cricket clubs had Sports on the ground. George & Eddie & I went in for the races. We did not intend going in but when we saw such little competition & that the races would be a failure we went in. George won the mile. Eddie second. G & E also won the three legged race. I won 100 yds. Prize silver cruet stand, Hurdle Race Prize album & Photos & Quarter Mile Prize silver flower vase ($10.00). Rev. Mr. Clementi presented the prizes at the Huffman House at 8 o’clock. The Sports on the whole went off very well but there was not as big a crowd as we expected owing no doubt to Mrs. T. Belcher’s funeral this afternoon & the spring being so late the Farmers were very busy & could not spare the time & I think the entrance ([25 cents]) was rather high for these hard times. Went to Mrs. C's for while. Dr. H. Burritt down stairs till 10:30.

May 25th Thursday. Busy all morning paying & settling for the Sports. Ascension Day. Went to church, played & took up collection. Archie funeral started at 3. Went to the church & then to the cemetery. Willie & Walter Rogers, Hilliard Carnagie, Jimmy Snyder, Walter & Morgan Cottingham were the bearers. Sophia. Aunt Caroline & Charlotte & Mrs. Stewart drove down to the grave. Got back at 5. Soph B. & I went down to lake for walk. Went to tea at James’. Went over to town with Mina.

May 26th Friday. Went over & had my photograph take in my tights. Went up to the C.P.R. Bridge in afternoon. Went to a meeting of A. Sports. Went X.

May 27th Saturday. Went over to town. Worked in workshop in afternoon. Played cricket. Went X.

May 28th Sunday. Went to church, dinner & tea at Mrs. Calcutt's. To S. School & to church.

May 29th Monday. Went over to town. Rained hard most of day. Maggie went down to Cobourg. Mina & I went up & stayed with Soph.

May 30th Tuesday. Went over to town with Soph. Went to Mechanic’s Institute. Saw Mr. Clementi. Worked at workshop in afternoon. Went up to James & stayed. James got home at 12 pm.

May 31st Wednesday. Painting verandah all day, after tea went to cricket field & went X.

June 1st Thursday. Fixed the lawnmower, mowed the lawn. Studied. Painted the verandah. Mowed Charlotte's lawn & stayed to tea. Played cricket till 8. Went X.

June 2nd Friday. Went around about the Sports business all morning as Nesbitt refused to give me the gate money for the sports. Played cricket all afternoon. Painted for a while. Went up to Mrs. C’s. Mina was not well she hurt her back.

June 3rd Saturday. Went to town. Studied. Painted after dinner till 4:45. Read. Went X. Raining most of the day.

June 4th Sunday. Went to church & to S. School & slept at James’ as he was at Cobourg. Mina also stayed with Soph.

June 5th Monday. Went over to town all morning. Studied in afternoon & played cricket from 5 till 8. Went to a Meeting of the Boat Club & had a considerable row about the Athletic Sports on Queen’s Birthday. They held gate money but they had to give it up. Went up to Mrs. C’s & had a little dance then Mina & I went up & stayed at Jame’s with Soph. James got home.

June 6th Tuesday. Went over to town. Painted the verandah. Studied & played cricket from 4:30 till 8. Went to a cricket meeting after, came home & went over to the Shaw's fro a while & walked home with M. Add & Soph were there.

June 7th Wednesday. Went over to town. Studied. Went down to Lloyd's sale with Hammond all afternoon. Played C. & went X.

June 8th Thursday. Wrote till 11. Worked at cricket field all day. Went over to town in afternoon. Watered the crease. Maria’s baby was christened tonight George & I stood godfarthers& Aunt Caroline godmother. Uncle Mack christened him was called Harold Botwick. Went up to cricket field. Drove Lloyd down home, then came up & went in to Maria's for a while. Drove Miss [Connin] & Mrs. Ogilvie home from Mrs. Calcutt's & came back took Mina for a turn around the square. Went in for a while.

June 9th Friday. Busy till 10 getting ready for our match with Port Hope to-day. Port Hope came up on a special also a lot of ladies. Started play at 11 and stopped at five on account of rain. They made 84 in first innings & we 82. We almost had them but Halton our last man & I were in & I called for him but I could not see & when I saw who had the ball I yelled to him to stop but he was too late & got out. It was too bad for we could have got 3 runs more easily. Rained hard in afternoon. After went out to station to see them off. Came home had tea. Went up to Mrs. C but did not see any of the girls. Was coming down with Mrs. C. & met Maria & we went up there. Went up with Aunt Caroline & came home. Papa went away to the front without saying anything to anybody.

June 10th Saturday. Went up to cricket field. Studied. Mowed lawn. Went X with albums. Afternoon, played cricket. Went X till 11:45.

June 11th Sunday. Went to church & to S.S. & to church in evening. Wked home with Soph. W. Shaw wked home with Mina. Went up after. Went down & slept at James as James went to Cobourg.

June 12th Monday. Went over to town with [Add] at 11.30. Went up to the Mrs. C’s & fixed Mina’s trunks stayed to dinner. Drove Soph & Mina over to train. Mina started for St. [Catherine’s] at 4. Drove Soph home took Amelia & then Maria for a drive. Soph & I went up for Add to go out on the lake but she could not come. Slept at Jame’s. George’s Birthday.

June 13th Tuesday. Went over to town to market with Soph. Went to Review office. Studied all afternoon. Went up & took Add out on lake. Slept at Jame's.

June 14th Wednesday. Worked at frames after dinner. Studied till 3. Went over to town to see Mr. Belcher, did not see him. Met Soph & Add. I went down to lake for a swim. After tea met W. Shaw & went up for Add & Soph & took them out on lake. A Winslow came up there for a while but would not stay. Went around to Jame's & had some ginger tea.

June 15th Thursday. Telegraphed down to Port Hope to play on Tuesday. Went up to Hammond’s & Rackhams. Lloyd with me. Drove Helen & Emily up to Mud lake to a pic-nic. Drove Miss Clark down at 7 as she wanted to get down early. Went up to see Soph for while. Francis Snyder was there.

June 16th Friday. Went over to town. Arranged a match with Lindsay for Thursday next. Saw Rickey about last matche's lunch. Fixed bath house. Played c from 4 till 6. Add & I went down to see the four oared race but it did not come off as George's crew broke an oar. Bill Shaw & I went over with Add & Mrs. David to Miss Bradbury’s concert did not go in. Came home with them. Went down & put Bill Shaw’s boat away & found a pound of chocklate & gum drops in it. Which Add & I demolished.

June 17th Saturday. Studied. Went over to town till 11:30. Went over again after dinner. Met Mary Brown & went around the square with her. Went & had a talk with Mr. Belcher. Went up to c. field but rain came on & stopped us. Bill Shaw came down to tea with me. Drove over for Helen & Emily to Mr. Lock's but was raining so hard they strayed all night. Bill & I went up to see Soph & I went to get Add to come down but she could not. Stayed there till 10. Went down for Bill. Raining hard since 6.

June 18th Sunday. Went to c, to dinner at Mrs. C's & to S.S. To tea at James. Walked home with Soph. Up to Maria's after. Raining.

June 19th Monday. Studied & wrotew all morning. Went over & saw Mr. Belcher. Am going over there to do some work tomorrow. Took Sophia calling in the afternoon. Played cricket from 6 till 8. Bill Shaw & I took Soph & Add out on the lake.

June 20th Tuesday. Studied. Wrote invitations to Excursion for Thursday for Lindsay cricketeers. Went over to the office & did a little work for the first time. In afternoon went collecting for C Club with Hammond then we went over & practiced till 7. Took Add out on lake & Bill Shaw took Soph. Boat race two four-oared. George's crew got beaten.

June 21st Wednesday. Went to office till 5. Played cricket fro a while after tea. Mowed the ground. Drove out to Jame's to see if I could find Farquharson's [log]. Add came with me & Willie Shaw & Soph drove out too. Slept at Jame's as he was away.

June 22nd Thursday. Went up & worked at ground. Has a bath. Went to cricket field. Played Lindsay vs Peterboro & we beat them by 8 wickets. Went over to Huffman House to see the Lindsay off. There was an excursion on Whistle Wing round the lake. Not many there but everybody enjoyed themselves. Walked home with Mrs. Calcutt, Add & Soph. Charlie Roberts came home today.

June 23 Friday. Wrote an account of Match[---] Went to office at 11. Worked till 4:45. Played c. After tea went down to lake with Mrs. C. & Add & Miss Cottingham down & we went out on lake. Walked home with Miss Cottingham, Add & [-].

June 24th Saturday. Went to office till 4:45. Went to cricket field till 7. Fixed cricket box. Went to a committee meeting. Went out on lake with Soph Add Eddie Halton & Bill Shaw. Then went in for a swim.

June 25th Sunday. Went to c. wked over with Add. Went to S.S. wked over with Soph & Bill Shaw & I went for a walk. Went to c. wking home with Soph & Add but Add left & went with Bill Shaw. Wked home with Soph & went in for a while. Went for a [-----] round by the lake.

June 26th Monday. Studied. Went to office. Busy all day getting ready to go down to Port Hope. Started for Port Hope at 6.30. Drove Eddie, George Hatton, T. Rutherford, I. Montgomery, W. Hartly down with our team, got there about 11.30 pm. Stayed St. Lawrence.

June 27th Tuesday. Drove up to school at 8:30 with W. Shaw & Eddie. Asked for Mr. Logan to play for us. Played P.H. club and they beat us [--]. We had hard luck [Kuchoffen] was [---] [---] before for nothing & Belcher gave him "not [---]" & then he made 62 which turned the match against us. I made 25 & 4. Had tea. Started for home at 8:30 & got home at 1 o'clock.

June 28th Wednesday. Went to town at 9:30 got a horse leg guard, came home. Went over again. Went to office till 12. Went again from 3 till 5:30. After tea played C. till 8. Took Mr. Allen down to Whitlaw’s Creek & back. Sophia, Meade, Helen, emily, Soph B. Eddie & Mr. & Mrs. C & Add went up to Sturgeon Point to an excursion.

June 29th Thursday. Studied. Went to office till 5:30. Played c. After tea went up to James & Bill Shaw. Add & Soph went there, went home with Add & stayed a while.

June 30th Friday. Studied. Went to office till 5. Played c. till 6:30. After tea studied for while. Went for a swim with Bill Shaw. There was a Meeting here of ladies to take into consideration the best mode raising money for the church organ. After took Mrs. Calcutt out on lake.

July 1st Dominion Day. Was not celebrated here today but is to be on Monday.Temperance Demonstration in town today. After dinner went over to town & Archie McDonald came back with me. Went to cricket field. Studied Studied for an hour. Played cricket after tea. Went over to town to see the result of the Port Hope match. Went up to Mrs. Calcutt’s. George & Eddie Soph & Helen, Susie & Winnie C. came out today & Sussie is stayed [sic] over here but was sick & did not see her. Raining nearly all afternoon.

July 2nd Sunday. Went to C. stayed to communion. Went to dinner at Mrs. C.'s Went to S.S. to tea at Maria's & to C. Walked up to Jame's with C. Roberts. Raining all day.

July 3rd Monday. Dominion Day celebrated today. Papa, Maria &c went down on "Golden Eye" in morning. Went & saw about lunch for tomorrow. Went down on excursion on "Golden Eye" at 4 & got back at 1. An awful crowd on board. Nice day. George ran at Lakefield today.

July 4th Tuesday. Fixed cricket crease. Went over to town. Played match Campbellford vs. Peterboro & beat them an innings & 24 runs. Rained during the day a little. Went over to town to see thtem off. Ladies gave a lunch. After tea took Soph & Sussie Calcutt out on lake. Mary & Maggie got home yesterday.

July 5th Wednesday. Studied. Went to office till 5:45. Went up to Henry's with John Burnham. After tea studied. Took play from cricket field down. Had our first choir practice for our new church. At James. Soph & I went for a walk. Went in to Mrs. C.'s for a while. Eddie went away this morning to Toronto. Francis Snyder was married to her uncle John Carnagie, the Methodist Minister. Mr. Willoughby married them. Blowing a regular gale to-night.

July 6th Thursday. Studied. Went to office till 5. Cricket field. Studied. Took Soph, Mary, Add & Susie C. out on lake. After went over to town to the bon fires for the [Gibls.] getting in in North & South Ontario.

July 7th Friday. Studied till 11. Raining most of morning. Went to office till 5:30. Played c. Went up to X. Mr. Perry (Charles) died today.

July 8th Saturday. Walked over to town with Soph & Sussie C. Went to office for little while. Awfully hot today. After dinner studied. Worked in workshop for while. Sold tickets in morning for parlor social. Went to choir practise in new church. New clergyman came (Mr. Bradshaw) After went up to Maria's. Soph. Mary. Add. Sussie & I sat out in garden till 11:30. Beautiful night.

Sunday July 9th. Our new church was opened by the Bishop a great many there. To dinner at Mrs. C’s to S.S. Went over to St. John’s but there was confirmation there & such a large crowd I could not get a seat. Came over to our own church. After walked up with Add. Stayed till 10:15.

Monday July 10th. Went up to Mrs. C. to see about our pic-nic this afternoon & to Mr. Strickland’s & to Amelia’s. Went over to twon. Started on our pic-nic at 5. Mr. & Mrs. Calcutt, Miss Cottingham, Soph & Mary Burnett, Helen, Katie Carnagie & Add C., Jack Gilmour, W. Shaw, K. Maclennan, N. Beck, E. Hatton. I took Add but she went home with Eddie Hatton. Got home at 10. Had a shower bath.

July 11th Tuesday. Studied. Worked in office till 1:30. Studied after & went to office till 5. Worked in workshop. After played cricket. Went up to Maria's & a lot of them there. Walked down with Mrs. C. Got a dog from Frank Birdsall.

July 12th Wednesday. Studied. Went to office till 12:30. Studied. Practised on organ for two hours. Did not feel very well. Maria had a garden social in aid of the organ fund. It went off very well. Walked home with Soph, Mary & Add. Harriet in the garden to-night.

July 13th Thursday. Studied. Went to office for while. Studied after dinner. Practised for two hrs. Walked over town with Add & Sussie C. Played c. after tea. Took Soph on lake. Had a talk with George.

July 14th Friday. Studied. Went over to office for while. Tom Belcher away. Came home. Read. Went over to town after dinner & saw Mrs. Orde about some music. Went to the train on road back & Mary Brown went off to Lindsay. Practised on organ for while. After tea played c. Took Mary & Soph on lake. Band serenaded James.

July 15th Saturday. Went up to get measured for a cricket shirt. Went over to town till 12. Went up to church with Fred Bell to try some voluntaries he lent me. Got a letter from Mina. Practised. After tea played c, & choir practise. Played. Walked home with Mrs. Calcutt. Went in to garden.

July 16th Sunday. Went up early to practise to church. Played morning & evening. Went to St. John's S.S. After church went up to Jame's for while. Saw C. Winslow. Walked down to lake with Mrs. Calcutt. Went up there for a while.

July 17th Monday. Worked in workshop. Went over to town. Went over to office for while. Worked in workshop. Got horse out & was going for a ride with Add but she could not get a horse. Took Add & Sussie for drive. Went up to Maria's.

July 18th Tuesday. Worked at James till 11. Went over to office. In afternoon went with John Belcher levelling up to Hilliards for water works. After tea went up to Mrs. Calcutt as she wanted to see me had a long talk with her till 9.15. Went up to James & had ice cream. Awfully warm weather.

July 19th Wednesday. Went to office at 10. Circus in town (Van Amburg's). Drove over to town at 6 to see about our team for Cobourg as I intend going to Port Hope tomorrow. After tea rowed Mrs. & Add Calcutt over to the cemetery. After went up to church for a practise. Add came up with me. Mr. H. Green up there (Mrs. C’s brother). Put hat band in hat. Had a bath.

July 20th Thursday. Started for Port Hope at 6. Went down to the train to meet Mina Calcutt but she did not come. Speech day at school. Went up at 10. Went to chapel, distribution of prizes & dinner, loafed around all afternoon with Charlie Ingles. Went down town & we called on Mrs. Cooper & Mrs. Short. Went down to train at 8.30 to see fellows off & went down at 9.20 to see if Mina came but she did not. Allen & I went home. Charlie & I roomed together at the school.

July 21st Friday. Saw Charlie Ingles & rest of fellows off on 8:30 train. Gamble, P. Armsrong, & Fortye & Kennedy & I went down on 9:30 train to Cobourg. Played Cobourg & they beat us by one wicket, very poor ground. Made 55. Started for home at 7:30. and arrived at 12.

July 22nd Saturday. Went to office. After dinner went up to church & practised. Went with Mrs. Calcutt on way down. Went to office & saw Mr. Calcutt & had a talk with him. After tea studied for while. Went up to James'.

July 23rd Sunday. Went up early to practise. Played. Went to St. John's S.S. Nick Beck came over with me to tea. Went up to church & practised till 6. Played the service. A strange man gave us a very peculiar sermon tonight. Walked up to Maria’s with Soph & Mary. They all left St. John's S.S.

July 24th Monday. Studied. Went to office till 12. Went up to Huffman House to see Hammond. Went to office at 3. Mr. W. Kempts funeral at 4 o’clock. Went to cricket field till 6. After tea took Add C. out on lake. After went in to Maria's & met Miss Minty & Kitty Revell there.

July 25th Tuesday. Studied. Went to office till 12 & at 3 till 5. After tea was going riding with Add but it was too cold. Went up to church. Mary B. & Add came up with me & Mrs. C. came up about 9. Wked home with Add.

July 26th Wednesday. Studied. Went to office till 1:30 & till 5. Mina Calcutt, Miss Roux, & Miss Ball came home to-day at noon. Drove Miss Roux around while Add & Miss Ball did some shopping & then drove them all home. After tea went to garden social for Ashburnham church at Harry Strickland’s. Went off very well. Mina was not well was not there. Walked home with Miss Roux & Miss Ball.

July 27th Thursday. Watered the ground for match. Went to office at 11 till 12. Cricket match 2nd Elevan vs. Maple Leaf. 2nd Elevan won by 4 wkts. Empired [sic] for 2nd E. After tea went up to church & poractised for an hour then went to the first Bible Class held at Mr. Bradshaws.After went up to Maria’s where Mrs. & Kittie Revell, Mrs. Aikins, Miss Minty, Soph, Mary, George, Eddie, Sarah Snyder, Mrs. Austin. All the Calcutts went down on Boat today for excursion.

July 28th Friday. Studied. Went to office. Got a telegraph from Fenelon Falls to play tomorrow. Went & saw some of the fellows. After dinner drove Mrs. Austin (Miss Peebles) out to Skipworth’s, called at Miss Dudman’s. Went up to see Rackham about match came down. Drove Add over home. After tea went to cricket field. Went up to Mrs. Calcutt’s. Had a talk with Mina. Nothing definite decided. Came right home after. They had a small party up there bud did not go in.

July 29th Saturday. Watered & rolled the ground. Went over to town to see some of the eleven. Played a match against Fenelon Falls & beat them 67 runs. Got run out first & the Logan bowled me. After took horse & went over & saw them off. After tea practised form 8:30 till 10. Had a talk with Mrs. Calcutt. Went down to lake & was going in & met Mag & May. Walked home with them, Miss Roux & Miss Ball, Add, Miss Revell & Minty, May, Soph, Eddie, George, W. Shaw, J. Gilmour, E. Hatton. Mina was sick so she did not go.

July 30th Sunday. Went to C. early & practised. Played both services. Went to St. John's S.S.. After W. Shaw & N. Beck came over with me. Went up to C. & practised. Walked home with Add from C. Was up at the house & heard the cry of murder. Ran down to see where it came from but it was two fellows trying to pitch another fellow over the bridge. Went up to the house again for a few minutes.

July 31st Monday. Went to office till 1:30. Helped move Amelia’s things down here from Mr. Bradshaws in afternoon. Percy Armstrong & I went up to tea at Jame’s. Brought a load down after from Mr. Bradshaw’s. Went up to the Calcutt’s & took Miss Ball, Roux & Add & Percy out on lake.

August 1st Tuesday. Got horse. Drove around getting Lady Patronesses for my excursion. Soph came with me. Drove over to town after dinner. Add Calcutt had a pic-nic down the river. Did not go as I expected Logan on train tonight. He did not come. Went up & asked Mina C. to come down. She went over to the Dr. & then we went for a paddle on the lake till 10. She was taken very sick coming home, she fainted on the verandah. I got horse & went for the Dr. at 11. Stayed there till 12. Drove Dr. home & bought some medicine up for her.

August 2nd Wednesday. Watered the ground. Went up to James. Went over to town & wrote a notice of the cricket matches. Played one inning apiece against Lindsay. After drove over to town. Logan & a fellow named Gooldie are staying with me. Went up for Soph & Mary after tea but they had gone over to Weller's. We went out on the lake & for a swim till 10. Went up to see how Mina was but I did not see any one around so I came home

August 3rd Thursday. Busy all morning getting invitations out for excursion. In afternoon played 2d innings of Lindsay match & beat them [7] wickets after that. Played on one innings match with them & beat them 8 wickets. Went up to Bible class from 7:30 till 9. After went over to Dr. [-] Burnham's to a little party till 11. Walked home with Kiytty Revell & Miss Minty. Mina was worse at 10 & they sent for the Dr. but she is better again now.

August 4th Friday. Went over to town to see about our eleven. Played "Old Country" cs "Canada" & beat the Old Country easily by 10 wickets. After tea went over to town. Had an excursion on ‘Golden Eye’. She did not get up till 9. We went down the river about seven miles & got back about 1. Went off splendidly. The best excursion (moonlight) that ever went out of here. Took the scow on below the locks & danced all the way down & back. Was awfully tired. Did not make enough to flay [sic] all expenses. Walked home with Mary& Miss Roux.

August 5th Saturday. Worked making table & fixing up bar at cricket field. Played Lakefield vs. Peterboro & beat them in innings & 39 runs. I only batted for while but had to get out as I was so done out & I. Banon fielded in my stead. After tea had choir practise. After went in to Mrs. Calcutt's. Saw Mina & fixed things straight again. She is a little better today. Alex Allen was over & staying here.

August 6th Sunday. Went up early to practise. Played. Went in to see Maria for a minute after church. Came home to dinner. Went to St. John's S.S. Nick Beck & W. Shaw walked over with me up to C. Practised for while. Played the service. Went up to tell Mr. Bradshaw a message from J. Burnham & had a long talk with him. Went in & saw Mina till 10. Alex Allen was over but went over to his mother's as they are going up lakes tomorrow.

August 7th Monday. We all went on a picnic down the river on the Golden Eye. Papa, Amelia & two children. Maria & John & two children. Helen, Emily, Eddy, Alfred. Maggie, Soph, Mary & Maud, Mr. Bradshaw & Mrs. Harry. Minnie & Emma Strickland & myself. Went down to Hastings rather late getting home at 9. Went up to see Mina till 11.15. She was worse during the day but better now.

August 8th Tuesday. Got horse. Drove Soph up to Mr. C's & then over town. Gave Alelia the horse. Went to office till 5. After tea went over to town to get something. Went up to Jame's to a "Boston." Went up home with Add at 9:30 as she was sent for. Sat with Mina for while, went back, stayed after the rest & talked to Soph & Mary till 12:20.

August 9th Wednesday. Did not feel well. Slept till 11. Went over to town till 1:15. After dinner went over to town for Amelia. Took Miss Roux for a drive from 5 till 6:30. (Miss Roux went to stay at James today). Went to tea at James'. Went to bible class till 9:30. Went in to James for while. Then went up to see Mina till 11. She is better.

August 10th Thursday. Stayed around home all morning as I did not feel well. Went to a picnic at Mud Lake of Bill Shaw’s. We all drove up in two busses. Took Mary B. & Kittie Revell out on lake. Got to Peterboro at 9:15. Went to Shaw’s & had a dance till 11. Was sick so I did not enjoy myself very much. Mina better today.

August 11th Friday. Went to office all day. Had a shower bath in mill before tea. Went up to C. practised till 9:30. Went in & saw Mina till 10. She is getting better. An awful thunderstorm about 11:15.

August 14th Monday. Alex Allen went home. Went to office & then out to Mrs. Cottingham's new house with Mr. Belcher utl. 1:30. Studied for while. Went over to office for while. Had a bath in the mill. Got home. Was going to take Mina C. out for a drive but she was too ill to go. Took Miss Ball out for a drive. Went up there, after walked down to lake with Miss Roux & rest. Went up & sat with Mina till 10.30.

August 15th Tuesday. Did not go over to office till 12:30. At 3:30 went to the funeral of Hatty’s Burritt’s baby (1 month old) with papa. Took horse after & went over to town. Went to see if Mina could go out driving but could not. After tea, Went over to Shaw’s to a little shine. Wked home with Miss Roux & stayed up at Mrs. Calcutt’s all night as Mr. C. was away from home.

August 16th Wednesday. Sat with Mina till 11. Went over to town & Soph Miss Roux & W. Shaw & I had a tin type taken. Went to office till 1:15. Got horse after dinner & saw about a rig to go to Lindsay tomorrow etc. Drove Sophia up to Maria's. Took Mina out for a short drive, the first time she has been out. She was rather tired out. Stayed to tea there. Went over to cricket meeting & to a small shine at Maria’s (Edith’s Birthday).

August 17th Thursday. Started a 5 o’clock for Lindsay with the 2d Eleven to play do. [ditto] of Lindsay. Got there at 10.45. Peterboro won by 4 wickets. Very good match. Gave us a supper at Osborne House & had a good time. Treated us well started for home at 9.30 & did not get here till 4.30. A most awful drive as had only one buss & 14 in it. Civic Holiday here.

August 18th Friday. Wrote account of match for the papers. Went over to town & came back again. Had short sleep after dinner. Had a shower bath. Went over to town & came right back. Went to cricket field till 6.30. Went to small party at Mrs. Calcutts. Went off very well. Mina was down stairs & played for a while.

August 19th Saturday. Got horse. Drove Maria & Soph to town. Then drove Mina over & back from the Doctors. Drove Soph over to town. Went to town & back after dinner. Played c. till 5.30. Got horse. Went over to station & then took Mina over to Dr. & back. Went up to church & practised. After went X for while & walked down to lake with Bill Shaw & George.

August 20 Sunday. Went up at 9 & practised. Played the service morning & evening. Went to dinner at Mrs Calcutts. Went to St. John's S.S. Went up to practise after S.S. After c. walked down with Mary & Miss Roux Went X. Bill Shaw & I went down to James with Mary & Soph. Mina better.

August 21st Monday. Got things ready to go down camping. Started on Whistle Wing at 9 & got to Spooke Island at about 2. Pitched our tents &c. Stayed out camping from Monday till. Our camp consisted of Mr. & Mrs. Calcutt, Mina, Add, May, Maggie & Katie & Clare. Mrs. D. Rogers & Alex, Miss Roux, Miss Ball, Mary & Soph Burnet, Mr. Southeron, C. Winslow, Eddie & George Hatton, Willie Stewart, Alex Allen, C. Winslow was only there over one night, Alex Allen came on Monday & went home on Thursday. George Hatton came on Thursday & went on Friday. Mr. Southeron came with C. Winslow & stayed till Saturday. Mina got poisoned very badly & Mary Burnet, Mrs. Calcutt & Mina came home on Friday & Goerge Hatton. Mina had a very hard time of it as her mother was very sick & there was no one to see after her after she got home so she was taken very sick. We had a very jolly time of it, I sailed most of the time. Eddie had to come up to a cricket match on Wednesday & did not go down again. Miss Ball went home on Wednesday. We all came home on Saturday on the Golden Eye. We found Mina very sick.

Sunday August 27th. Went to church. Went to Mr. C's to dinner & did not go to S.School. Stayed with Mina. Did not go to C. Mina is a good deal worse. Charlotte Rogers stayed with her all night.

Monday August 28th. Mina seems to get worse. The poison seems to be spreading all over her body. 2nd Eleven of Lindsay played our 2d Eleven & beat them 3 wkts. Stood umpire till 5. Went rowing with George, Harry Hall & Walter Nesbitt. Went up to see Mina.

Tuesday August Was up with Mina most of the day. Went for a row below the locks with our crew. Party at Maria’s, did not go. Went up & stayed with Mina till 11. Seems a little better.

Wednesday Aug. 30th. Went up to Lakefield on train to play them cricket & beat them 10 wkts. Got home at 7:30. Drove home in a buss. Mina was a great deal better till about 5 when she had a relapse & was taken very bad. Went up to social for Charlotte as Mina had a fainting fit. Doctor was there at [6]. Went for him at 10 & again at 1 as Mina was a good deal worse. Brought over old Dr. Burnham & Boucher & then went for Dr. Geo. Burnham. Went over again for medicine. Church social at Mrs. Snyder’s. Stayed up at C’s all night.

Thursday Aug. 31st. Mina got a little better towards night. Regatta on the lake 1st day. Our crew got beaten. Rowed it over twice. Went off very well. Went to Bible class. Stayed with Mina.

Friday September 1st. Went up to see M. drove over with G. Hatton. 2nd day of Regatta. Our crew got beaten again. Was rather slow. Assembly at the Boat House. Went off splendidly. Took Miss Roux. Mina still keeps very weak.

September 2nd Saturday. Distributed some peaches around for Papa. Drove Amelia over to town. Went over town after dinner to see about an eleven to go to Colborne. Went up to see how Mina was she keeps better. Went up to Hatton’s to a small ‘Boston’ Drove Soph & Mary out & brought back also Mrs. C. Kempt, Miss shaw, Miss Roux, Mr. Norton & H. Burnham.

September 3rd Sunday. Went up to see Mina. She is a great deal better. Went to c. Went down to dinner at Sophia's. Fire in the village came up to it & went up to see Mina & stayed] to tea. Went to C. with Miss Roux after. Went around with her for her to say good-bye, saw Mina for little while.

September 4th Monday. Fixed hair in my locket. Went to office at 12:30 & in afternoon till 5:30. Went up to see Mina. Met Mr. Bradshaw on way up & had a long talk with him, stayed to tea. Went to a party out at Hatton’s, it was awfully jolly. Drove Add out & back with their horse. Mina keeps better.

September 5th Tuesday. Studied. Went to office till 1. After dinner went up to see Mina & tell Add I could not get a horse to go riding. Went over to office for while. Took Add out to call on Wallis'. Came home stayed up there to tea till 9. Mina a good deal better but has a headache tonight.

September 6th Wednesday. Went to office all morning & in afternoon went out to Wallis' levelling till 6. Went up to see Mina. She keeps better.

September 7th Thursday. Went to a Masonic pic-nic down the river on Golden Eye. Add, Charlotte & Soph went. Very small crowd went from here. Went around with Soph & went up to see Mina.

September 8th Friday. Found out that I had an examination to pass a week from tomorrow in Mathematics. Studied. Went over to town to see about performers for the entertainment on Tuesday next. Studied till 1 a.m. Took my book up & sat with Mina in afternoon & went up for while after tea.

September 9th Saturday. Went up to Maria's with note for Papa. Studied. Went over to town. Drove home with Mr. Calcutt. Took book & went & sat with Mina till 4:30. Went over to town. After tea went up & stayed with Mina. Studied.

September 10th Sunday. Went to c. To dinner at Mrs. C's. Stayed with Mina till 10 o'clock. Mina was down stairs to-day but had to go back to bed again & has not been so well since.

September 11th Monday. Studied till 10. Went to town till 11. Took my book up & sat with Mina for a while. Came home & studied all afternoon. Went X for a [-----]. Party at Shaw’s to-night but cannot go as I have to study. Studied till 12. Fire over town near church. Went over. Came home. Studied till 2:15. Mina better.

September 12th Tuesday. Studied all morning till 12. Add sent a note down for me to go up. Went up for little while then went over to town Soph came with me. There was a church (St. Luke’s) Social on Whistle Wing. Started at 3.30 & returned at 7.30. Went off very well but ‘Golden Eye’ could not go as it had broken its shaft & it hurt the excursion so there was not as large a crowd as otherwise. Took piano etc up. Studied till 12. Mina progressing.

September 13th Wednesday. Studied till 11. Drove over to town & back & went over again before & once after dinner. Went down to Sophia's & stayed the afternoon. Came back at 7:15. Went over to a foot ball meeting at Huffman House. At 8.45 went up to see Mina - stayed for a little while & came home & studied for little while & went to bed.

Written in Montreal from September 13 till 22d

September 14th Thursday. Went up to see Mina on an appointment stayed for about an hour. Came home. Busy getting things ready to go away tomorrow to Montreal. Got horse & called on Hatton’s, Maclennan’s, Shaw’s. Addy C. came with me. Went up to cricket field at 6 & ran McVitty for 100 yds. for fun & beat him. Drove down to Sophia's. Went to Bible-Class, went & said Good bye to Maggie & Maria. Went up to see Mina again on an appointment & stayed till 11. Party at Harry Rogers’ but did not go as I did not feel in the humor to go but stayed with Mina.

September 15th Friday. Papa drove me over to train in morning. Mrs. Edwards (M) went down as far as Prescott. Got in Montreal at 9:30 p.m. Went to Montreal.

September 16 Saturday. Went up to exam (Supplemental) in Mathematics & went back to Hotel & studied till 12 at Euclid).

September 17th Sunday. Went up to Mrs. Grants before church & went to c. with her & went to dinner & tea there. Went down to hotel.

September 18th Monday. Went up to exam in Euclid that I did not get through on Saturday. Went down to hotel & studied all day at German. Willie Maclennan came to tea with me at hotel. Studied till 12.

September 19th Tuesday. Went up to an exam in German but Markgraf (Prof.) did not come up so did not have it. Went & saw W. Maclennan & after dinner went up to c.. Went to Mrs. Grant for while & to tea at Badgley's & stayed there till 10. Walked down with [Dwinten].

September 20 Wednesday. Went up to C. went to ‘Declaration’ found that I was through in Mathematics (Harrah ! for me). Went looking for boarding houses after dinner & then played foot ball till six. Went down & saw Mrs. White & decided to board with her. Went to Hotel & had tea. Came up after tea to my room at Mrs. White’s. Not a bad place I don’t think.

September 21st Thursday. Went up to C. for while. Came home & studied my German. & went to C. after dinner for while. Went down town to hotel & sawJames was here but was not at hotel. Left a note for him & came home. He came up & stayed here to tea. After he went up to Mrs. Grant's for while & he went down & I studied till 12.

September 22nd Friday. Lectures commenced. Went to lecture in Geology. Had field work in afternoon till 4:30. Played foot ball match. Non high school vs high school in college. Non high school beat. After went down to hotel but James was out. Came home to tea & went down again after & stayed with him . He went home on 10 train. Came home. Studied.

September 23rd Saturday. Studied. Went down town. Came home. Studied till 4. Went for little walk. Came home & studied till 11.

September 24th Sunday. Went to St. George's twice & to bible class. To tea at Mrs. Grants. Wrote letters.

September 25th Went to C. as usual. Field work in afternoon. Played foot ball from 5 till 6. After tea went over to Mrs. Grant's for my lamp. Studied till

September 26th Went to C. in morning. Raining so did not go to c for field work. Stayed at home. Had a sleep. Went down town. Studied till 12.

September 27th Wednesday. Went to c. as usual. Had an examination in German in afternoon got through all right I think. Went to Annual Meeting of Foot Ball Club. I presided at the Meeting & then retired from the office of President. Wanted me to go on the Committee or Treasurer but I declined. After tea went up to college ground for my first training run. Arthur & Jones went with me & Jones came up to my room after for while. Studied till 12.

September 28th Thursday. Went to c. as usual. Went to tea at Mrs. Grant's. Had to come away at 7:45 to have my run on college ground with Jones. Came home & studied till 11:30.

September 29th Friday. Went to c. as usual. Walked a little ways with Mrs. Grant on way home. Jack Badgley came to ask me to play cricket tomorrow . After tea called for him & we went over to Paterson's to borrow some shoes (cricket). Then went to the Forbes & spent evening there. Met Mrs. Forbes & a Miss Boyd. (Jones boards there.)

September 30th Saturday. Went up for Jack Badgley & I went up to tell Robertson (Capt.) that I could not play foot ball today against the Brittania's. Came down with J.B. & got dressed & went to cricket field & played in match 16 All Comers vs 12 Montreal Team. & we beat 55. I made 3 a [---] & was unlucky as I stopped ball & it rolled & hit wkt. [---] stopped for 1 Bye. Went up to tea with J.B. & spent the ebening there. Met Symmons there & walked home with him.

October 1st Sunday. Went to c. & to communion, to bible class, came in, wrote letter. Went to tea with Grants, to c. & wrote letters.. Raining & G's came in here & I gave them my umbrella.

October 2nd Monday. Went to c. as usual. Ran level till 5. Played foot ball till 6. Went up for my run from 8 till 9 with Jones & Arthur. Studied till 12.

October 3rd. Tuesday. Went to c. as usual. Played F. Ball from 5:15 - 6. Did not take my run as I'm too tired. Studied till 12.

October 4th Wednesday. Went to c. as usual. After went down town to see about a "cariole" for Mr. Calcutt with Jones. After tea went for my run with Jones. Went to service (St. G's). Studied till 12.

October 5th Thursday. Went to C as usual. Had Sports Meeting was chosen on Committee. Played F B for while.Went for my run after tea. Went to a concert in Rink with a ticket Mr. Arthur gave meMet A. Denne there. Came home. Studied.

October 6th Friday. Went to C at 11. Went down town (to see if Papa had arrived) with Jones. Went to see Willie Maclennan. Went to C. in afternoon. Jones came over to my room & he came again after tea to study. Studied till 12. Raining all day.

October 7th Saturday. Went down to train to see if Papa had arrived (as Maria said that he was thinking of coming down the end of the week) but had not. Came home. Studied. In afternoon played in the annual football match "Town vs Gown" and we got two "rouges" to their one. I got hurt just at the beginning by a charge on my breast & hurt it pretty badly & could not play very well from it.Studied till 11:30. Raining most of day. Not very many at match. Band there. The match was drawn in our favor.

October 8th Sunday. Went to St. George's twice & to bible class. Went to tea & church with Mrs. Grant & May & went up after for while (Mr. G. away) Came home. Wrote a letter.

October 9th Monday. Went to C. as usual. After went around to Jones room. After tea had my run at 8:30. Studied.

October 10th Tuesday. Went to C. as usual. Played F. Ball for while. Came home. Studied. Had my run at 8 with Jones. He came round to my room till 10:15. Studied 11:30.

October 11th Wednesday. [Rogers has drawn an oval with a dot in the centre at the beginning of this entry and several succeeding entries. This transcription represents these with a Bold "O"] O in morning & in afternoon. Went up & came away. Went down to Jone's room & studied. Went up at 5 to meeting of committee of Athletic Sports. Went for run, went round for Jones. After went to service (St. G.) Walked home with Miss Easty. Studied.

October 12th Thursday. Went to C. to lecture at 9. Papa came up at 9.30. Went away with him at 10. Went up to Reservoir, to Mrs. Grant’s. Down town at 12, to dinner at Albion. Up to C at 2.15. Meeting of the Athletic Sports Com. Home, had tea. Down to Albion to see Papa at 8. We walked up to Mrs. Grant’s & he went away at 10. Came home & studied for little while.

October 13th Friday. O. After 4 went down town with Jones till 6:15. Went to Sports meeting at 8 till 10:30. Studieed till 11:45.

October 14 Saturday. Went down town at 9.30 to choose the prizes for Sports with another fellow (Frazer medicine) at Lavage & Syman's till 12 o'clock. It was splendid. Saw evereything in the store. Stayed in till 5. Went to tea at Mrs. Grant's till 10. Studied till 12. A Horrid day. Snowed last night & raining & cold all day.

October 15th Sunday. Went to St. George's (St. George's Anniversary) to service at 3. To tea at Mrs. Grant's & to St. G's Went up with them till 9:30. Wrote home. Snow & very cold.

October 16th Monday. O. Came home at 5. Went for run at 7:30. Committee (Sports) Meeting at 8 till 10. When I got home found that Mrs. Grant was here & had a telegraph from home saying her father was not expected to live through the night. She started for home on 10 o’clock train. Mr. Arthur went down to train with her & Mary is staying here. Studied till 12. Raining & raw.

October 17th Tuesday. O. Came home at 5. Got a letter from Mina (getting better). Went for my run at 8 with Jones. Studied till 11. Mary Grant staying here - Mr. Pomeroy died last night -

October 18th Wednesday. Went to C. in morning. In afternoon went down town & choose [sic] the prizes etc. for Sports with Fraser. Got home at 5:15. Studied. Had my run at 7:30. Very tired all day. Studied till 10:10. Went to bed.

October 19th Thursday. O At 5 took cab down town & back about Athletic Sports. Had my run at 8. Jones came down with me till 10. Miss Anne & Flos & Mary Grant came up to my room & I made them a cup of coffee & showed them my things. Beautiful day.

October 20th Friday. O Went & saw a carpenter about the judge's stand for Sports. At 5 went down town about some things for sports. James came with me. Studied.

October 21st Saturday. Went up to C. at 11 to see about the programmes. Were not there. Went down town. Came back. Came home. Studied till 3. Jones came over. Went over to see a man about a cariole for Mr. Calcutt. Went down with Jones to see it. Jones treated to oysters & chocklate. After tea, studied for while. Jones was over from 8 to 9. Walked up to Mr. Grant's with Mary & Miss Flos White. Then went down to train to meet Mr. & Mrs. Grant. Drove home with them & walked home with Miss Flos. been raining all day. I was going to run in the M. gymnasium Sports today but they were postponed.

October 22nd Sunday. Went to St. George's. Slept in afternoon as I was very tired. Went to Cathedral with Mr. Arthur. Saw Miss Haultain there. Came home. Wrote letters. Raining & dull all day.

October 23rd Monday. Went to C. & saw about judge's. In afternoon busy getting things ready for tomorrow. Had a cab for about an hour. Walked out ground, etc. Went to a committee meeting at 8 till 10. Raining hard. Dull prospects for tomorrow.

Note. The diary continues on opposite pages written upside down.

October 24th Tuesday. Our Sports Day. Fixed my jersey. Went up to ground at 11 till 12:30. Came home, had dinner. Went up again at 2. Our Sports commenced at 10 and 2:30. They went off splendidly. Not a single draw-back, but the ground was a little heavy. Good music, large crowd on the ground. Kicking Foot Ball 153 ft. (McDougall p.m..). Standing high jump 5 ft. (Howe) in the morning were very good. In the afternoon the Mile Race was not bad 5.27. I won the Hurdle Race 120 yds. 6 hurdles 3 ft. 4 in., 19 1/2 sec. Three legged race was very good. Half Mile pretty good, 100 yards I won in two straight heats of 10 2/5 Secs. each. Splendid time. Best I ever did. Wheel Barrow Race was splendid, one fellow got pitched away up in the air, they had flour bags turned down on their heads & looked ridiculous. Quarter Mile I won it. (Championship of University) in 60 1/5 Sec. Got a beautiful silver cup ($32.00) for it. Next was the Steeple Chase twice over a 14 feet water leap & they all went in. It was splendid. After Races the prizes were presented in the hall (Molson) by Mrs. Judge Day. Got a beautiful writing desk for Hurdle Race ($20.00) and a Game Box ($20.00). Everybody was pleased with the manner in which they went off. Better than ever here before. After tea Arthur & I went down town. Had some Oysters. Met Miss Forbes on the road down with Jones, walked up to St. Catherine St. with her. Went down to train to post some letters. Came home. Studied for 1 1/2 hrs.

October 25th Wednesday. O. At 5 took hurdles back to Lacrosse ground with a cab, & Jones came around to my room till 6:15. At dinner time I helped R. White to kill a bear he got down from Pembroke. We skinned him from 9 till 11.30 pm. Went up to a meeting of Sports but there was none. Walked down with Torrance.

October 26th Thursday. Went to C. in morning. Went to Montreal Gymnasium Sports on Lacrosse Ground, took Mr. White. I ran in the 100 yds (handicap) (17ft) but was beaten. I did not feel like running as I felt stiff. I think from the effects of skinning the bear last night. Felt awfully tired after tea & slept for 2 hrs. in my chair.

October 27th Friday. O Very cold. Came home at 4:30 & studied till 12. Montreal Gazette said this morning that "more was expected of me as I was credited with 10 2/5 sec & that either the course was short or the time wrong"

October 28th Saturday. Studied till 11. Went down town & met Bill & we went & paid some sports bills. Jones came for me at 2:30 & we went to the Foot Ball match (International) Harvard vs. Canada. Harvard won easily, took two games & Canada none. Next field was the Lacrosse match Montreal vs. [----] & Montrealers beat. Studied till 12.

October 29th Sunday. Went to Cathedral, to dinner with the Badgley's (Judge). Came home at 3:30. To tea at Mr. Grant's. To St. George's. Wrote letters.

October 30th Monday. McGill played Harvard College foot-ball. Commenced about 10:30 a.m. We played splendidly, a good deal better than the "All Canada" on Saturday last. The Harvard got one goal from a "drop" & we got six to their 5 "Roughes". It was a splendid match. We gave the Harvard a lunch at the "Carlton". I did not go. Went down to the train at 2:30 to see the Harvard off. Came back & studied. Very tired.

October 31st Tuesday. O. Miserable day. Jones came down to my room after C. Went to a Sprts Committee meeting at C. at 8. After the com. bumed around seeing if we could have some fun as it is ‘Halloween’. We tied a string to Theologs college but it broke. We went to turn out gas in the disecting room but were too late. Came home. Studied till 12. Big row next door (Muldoon’s). Somebody stabed. Police came & took some fellow off to station.

November 1st Wednesday. Studied. Went over to St. George's to see if there was any church but there was none. Studied till 3. Went down town. Called for Jones. Met Bill (appointment) at Ottawa Hotel. Read in Mechanics Institute for while. Came home at 5. Studied till 12. Went to church at St. G. Public Holiday for Thanksgiving Day. Rained in afternoon.

Thursday October [sic] 2nd. Our new Engineering Professor (Mr. Harris) met us at 2.30 in classroom. Came home at 5. Wrote a letter.Went up to Mrs. Grant's & spent the evening with she & Mary. Mr. G. away. Raining all day.

November 3rd Friday. O till 5:30. Came home. Prof. Harris commenced to lecture today. Willie Maclennan came up to see me after tea for first time as he has just moved over from Longueil. Stuiiidied till 12. Fine part of day but raining & cloudy at times.

November 4th Saturday. Studied till 12. Went down town. Studied till 4. Called on Mrs. Hutchison & stayed to tea till 9. Came home. Studied till 11. Went to bed.

November 5th Sunday. Went to St. George's & stayed to communion, to Bible Class, to tea with Mrs. Grant, to St. G. she & Mary came up after church to see my prizes & stayed downstairs. Went home with them & Miss Annie & Flos walked up also. Wrote home.

November 6th Monday. O Came home at 5. Jones came over at 8 & stayed till 10. He brought me an invitation from Mrs. Forbes to go over to supper but I did not go as I had not done my work. Studied till 12.30. Got a letter from home today, first for long time.

November 7th Tuesday. O. After Jones & I went down town. Got home at 6. Studied. Went up to Mrs. Grant's at 9 & walked home with Mrs. White & Miss Flos at 10:30. Studied. Rain in morning, clear at noon & rain in afternoon & very foggy at night.

November 8th Wednesday. O. Went in to see Mr. [----] about a careole for Mr. Calcutt but he was not at home. Came home. Wrote a letter & posted it to Papa. Went to St. G's to service. Walked home with Mrs. Grant & Mary. Raw day. A great Robber got out of the Police Station last night (Meverschal, a German) There is great excitement about it.

November 9th Thursday. Went to C. in morning. University Lecture at till Dr. Dawson in the Molson Hall on Canadian Student life. It was very good. Walked down with Jones. Bill & Fraser came around here to see me about a sports meeting. Studied till 12.

November 10th Friday. Founder’s Festival, no lectures. Studied all day till 4. Jones came over till 6. Went to the Founder’s Festival. It was a kind of promenade concert. The Glee Club & a band performed, it was very nice. All the buildings were illuminated. Upset a cup of coffee all over Professor Markgraf at supper. Promenaded around most of the evening with Miss Forbes. Raining.

November 11th Saturday. Studied till 2. Went over to Mr. B. Hutchison for Dr. Andrews & took him up & over to the college. Stayed up there till 5 expecting to have a meeting of the Sports Com't but they did not meet. Went to the Annual Meeting of Engineer’s Association at 8 till 10.45.

November 12th Sunday. Went to St. Georges, to Bible Class, to tea with Mrs. Grant & to St. G's. Went up there for a while.

November 13th Monday. O Came home at 5. Studied till 12. Beautiful day.

November 14th Tuesday. O Went down town at 5 with Jones. Studied till 12:10. Getting colder.

November 15th Wednesday. O Came home at 5. Studied till 12. Went to church & went up with Mrs. Grant for while. Clear & cool today. They are making a rink up at college.

November 16th Thursday. O Beautiful Day. Came home at 5. Studied till 11:40. Mrs. Grant & Mary & a Miss Davis here to tea. W'kedhome with Mrs. G. & Mary.

November 17th Friday. O Came home at 5. Studied. Willie Maclennan was here from 8 till 9:45. Beautiful day.

November 18th Saturday. Fixed the door. Went down town. Took my box (of games) to be changed. Fixed a rack for my coffee pot. Went out geologizing [with] the class at 2:30. Got home at 4:30. Studied. Beautiful day.

November 19th Sunday. Went to Cathedral, to dinner at Judge Badgley's. Came home at 3:30. Wrote a letter. Went to tea at Mrs. Grant's & to church (St. George's). Mr. Welborne came up after c. to see my prizes. Wrote letters. Beautiful day.

November 20th Monday. O. Home at 5. Studied till 10 o'clock. Raw day. Rained last night. Cold tonight.

November 21st Tuesday. O. Studied till 11. Not very well. Mrs. & Miss Davis here to tea. Beautiful day.

November 22nd Wednesday. Went to C. in morning. Stayed home & studied in afternoon. Have stiff neck. Went to St. George's to service, w'ked home with Miss Easty. Studied till 12:10. Awful day. Cold rain.

November 23rd Thursday.O. Meeting of Foot Ball club. After came home studied till 11:45.

November 24th Friday. O Jones came over to my room. Called for Jones at 7.30 & we went to hear Prof. Fowler lecture. Very good. Studied. Beautiful day.

November 25th Saturday. Was going up to college with a letter to the Editor’s of the McGill Gazette but met one of them. Studied till 3. Jones came over & I went down town with him. Got my hair cut. We both went & got our heads examined by Professor Fowler. He gave me a very good head. It cost ($8.00)! Came home. Studied till 12.

Novermber 26th Sunday. Went to St. George/s, to Bible Class, to tea at Mrs. Grant's, to St. G.'s. Wrote letters. Beautiful day, clear & cool.

November 27th Monday. O Home at 4:30. Studied. Went down to see Fowler to get our charts with Jones but they were not finished. Jones came over to my room till 10. Studied till 12. Beautiful day.

November 28th Tuesday. O Came home at 3. Forgot my keys & had to go back for them. Jones & I went down town. I called to see about a careole for Mr. Calcutt. We then went to see Fowler to get our charts. Got them. Came home met Hall on road. He came up to my room before tea. Jack Badgley was up for while after tea. Studied till 11.30. Don’t feel very well. Beautiful day.

November 29th Wednesday. O After tea went down to see Fowler about some questions on my chart. Called for Jones. Studied till

November 30th Thursday. OStudied at home in the afternoon. Went for short walk at 5. Went to service at the Cathedral (Intercession for Mission). Studied till 1. Emmanuel Church Bazzar. Coldest day as yet, about zero.

December 1st Friday. O Came home at 4. Studied till. Very cold. Coldest day we have had. 2d day of Emanuel Bazzar.

December 2nd Saturday. Studied all morning. Put some of the double windows up for Mrs. White. Had an exam in Meteorology from 2 till 4. I might have done better. After went down town with Jones. Came home at 5. Put up the rest of double windows. Went up to Dr. Dawson’s at 8 to an ‘at Home’ Don’t feel very well. Read a little.

December 3rd Sunday. Went to St. George's, stayed to communion, to Bible Class, to tea at Mrs. Grant's, to St. G. Went up with Mrs. Grant till 9:15. Snowing tonight.

December 4th Monday. O Came home at 4, forgot my keys & went back for them. Wrote to Mina & George & went out & posted them. Studied till 11:45. Beautiful day but no sleighing yet.

December 7th Thursday. Went to c. in morning. Studied all afternoon. Went out for a lamp chimney & went to tea at Mrs. Grant's as Mary was out & Mr. G. away took my work. Came home, studied till 11:45. Mr. Arthur went up to Bowmanville as he got a telegraph saying his sister was very sick. Beautiful clear day.

Decmber 8th Friday. Went to c. Came home at 4. Last Day of Lectures. Studied till 12. Mrs. Grant & Mary here to tea. Walked home with them at 10. Had a little snow, about 1 inch.

December 9th Saturday. Studied till 3. Went down town for walk. Studied till 12. Had a bad cold in my head & felt very miserable all day. Miss Anne bought some gruel & hot water & made me take it before I went to bed. The coldest day yet, a regular storm with little snow.

December 10th Sunday. Went to St. George's, to Bible Class & to tea at Mrs. Grants, to church with Mary & went back there for while. Wrote home. Awfully cold.

December 11th Monday. Studied all day till 12 o'clock p.m. Went down town at 3. Called for Jones & he came also. Cold day.

December 12th. Had an exam in Mechanics, Hydrostatics. Optics & Astronomy in morning & did splendidly. In afternoon had experimental Physics & did very well. After 4 Jones & I went to the Post Office to get a book. Came home, wrote a letter. Studied till 12. Willie Maclennan & Stevenson were up in my room for a while. Joe Fothingham died very suddenly yesterday morning. He was in Medicine but graduated in Science 2 yrs ago. He was at lectures on Thursday last. Snow about 5 or 6 inches deep. First snow.

December 13th Wednesday. Studied till 2:30. Went for walk.Studied till 8. Went to service at St. G. Walked home with Miss Easty. Studied till 11:30. Not very well as did not sleep well last night. J. Fothingham’s funeral. Students (Meds) attended in a body. They intend wearing a crape badge for 30 days & sent a letter of condolence to Mrs. Fothingham.

December 14th Thursday. Studied till 2. Went for Jones & we went up to Museum to study our Geology till 4.30. Went down town for walk. Got home at 5:45. Studied. Mrs. Fothing[ham] died of diptheria this morning & 3 young daughters left - Soft day.

December 15th Friday. Went up to the Museum at 10 to study my Geology till 11.30. Came home studied till 5. Went for short walk. Studied. Mr. Arthur got home this morning, his sister better.Colder today.

December 16th Saturday. Went to C had exam in Construction. Did very well I think. Studied all afternoon & night till 12. Jones was over from 8 till 10. Spoke to Mrs. White about board. A most awful day. Blowing a regular hurricane all day & very cold.

December 17th Sunday. Jack Badgley came down at 10.30 to ask me up to dinner. He got his nose frozen coming down. I went to St. George’s & to dinner at Badgley’s, to tea at Mrs.Grant’s & Mary & I went to church. After went around to Thomson's room to ask him what we had tomorrow for exam & he said "Mechanism" & Jones & I had our Practical Mechanics up for tomorrow. Power & I went around to tell Jones our mistake. Came home & went to work at my Mechanics till 2:30. Awfully cold - 24° this morning.

Deember 18th Monday. Went to C exam in Mechanics. Did splendidly. Studied all afternoon & night. Snowed about 5 inches & very cold & blowing.

December 19th Tuesday. Exam in Practical Mechanics & Designing & Estimates. After stayed in Museum with Jones studying Geology. Also after tea Jack Badgley came up to my room for little, while gave him dancing lesson (in Boston). Went up to Museum with Jones till 10:15. Went in to Montreal Gymnasium for about 5 min. to see the exhibition. Came home. Studied till 12:45. Lots of snow.

December 20th Exam in Geology. Did very well.Studied all afternoon. Went for a short run before tea. Jack Badgley came up at 7 & I gave him a lesson in the "Boston." Went to service at St. George's. Studied till 2:30. Fine day, cold.

December 21st Thursday. Studied till 1. Went to exam in German, did not do very well. Last Exam. Went down town, bought some presents. Came home packed my trunk. Got two presents a jumper & shaving paper case from Miss Flos & Miss Anne White. After tea went up to say goodby to Mrs. Grant. Arthur & I went town for ‘bum’. Started for home at 10. Arthur came down to train.

December 22nd. Got in P.H. at 9. Miss Roux, May Calcutt & a Miss Brown came down from Toronto & went out to Peterboro. Miss Roux staying at Colborn also Miss Green (from Springfield Ill). Alex Allen also came up on train. Papa had big sleigh & Mina & Miss Roux & I drove home & George had Arthur with Miss Green & Add. In afternoon helped at the Christmas tree in school house. & went to the entertainment in the evening & after we all went in for a dance at C. I did not stay long as I did not feel well.

December 23rd Saturday. Worked at a tent for Mary for to put up in the drawing room. They are all busy getting ready for their party.

December 24th Sunday. Church. Dinner at C., to Sunday School. Tea at Maria's. To c. & into C.

December 25th Monday. Christmas Day. To church, to communion. Maria & John & children, James & Mag & children. Mary, Soph &c [----] Calcutt & I decorated the tree at [-----] & we all went up there to it after tea & after it we played games. Mina gave me a frame photo of herself & Mrs. Calcutt a book, I gave Mina a prayer book, Mrs. C. a pocket for the hall. Add a busstle, Mrs. Thomson & Bridget a scarf.

December 26th Tuesday. Out all morning with Mag giving out invitations for her party.

December 27th Wednesday. Drove Mina & we drove Eddie over to the station. He has been home since Sunday morning. Then Mina & I drove up to Lakefield & came back [the] Duro side & the road was not tracked so we went out on the Douro side & the road was not tracked so we went out on the Douro road & had to turn back to Lafefiled again & come home. Mina was very cold. Went to James’ for tea & we stayed there till 10.30.

December 28th Thursday. Mag’s party in evening. Went off splendidly. Went up with Mina at 1.30 & Alfred Belcher & I walked up with Add after 2.30. George & I went in to Jame’s after.

December 29th Friday. George & I worked at Jame's all morning putting down carpets, etc. Then I went up to C. Stayed to dinner. Cut out some letters for them. Mr. Allen, Tom Hay, George, Miss Green, Roux & Add all went snowshoeing after tea. I went around & got snow shoes & moccasins for them. Mina & I stayed at home.

December 30th Saturday. I was up at C. helping them all morning & afternoon. Mrs. C. not very well, getting sick again. Went up again after tea.

December 31st Sunday. Church. Dinner at James. Up to C. at 3. Miss Green played on the piano for me. Stayed to tea. Went in after C & we played on the melodion & sang till 10. George & Miss Green, Add & Mina & I went to Midnight Service. It was very nice. Alfred Belcher walked home with Mina. Add & I came down together. Alfred Belcher came in after & we talked till 2.30. Mr. Allen did not get in till 2.45. (Mr. A. came on Saturday to stay with us).

Thus ended 1876.

Note. Following this there is an entry for January 13th, 1877 followed by some entries carried over from the next year's diary (the last two months of 1877).

January 13th 1877. I enjoyed my holidays towards the end very much. In the beginning there was something that made me feel not quite myself but it was cleared off after. Mr. Allen stayed with us for four or 5 days. I asked Jack Badgley to come down from Lindsay & stay with me but he did not as he said they would not leave. Eddie came down to PH on Saturday night. & Papa drove out to PH for him on Saturday & they came out that night & he stayed till Wednesday. He spent his New Years in Woodstock. I was busy most of the holidays helping Mag & Mrs. Calcutt get up their parties.

1877 November. Brought forward from Nov 7th, 1877 in1877 Diary

November 8th Thursday. Going up to c at 12 & Prof. Bixey called to me from his window to go up. Went up for a while. University Lecture by Prof. Murray on "Political Economy" was very good. After at 4 Edmund & I went down to Lavage & Syman's to pick out something in exchange for my prize music box & decided on some silver vases. I waited for Austin to change his. His sister was also down. Introduced to her. I went up to his place & had a glass of beer. Studied.

November 9th Friday. C. etc - 6. Rainy & sleet. Studied.

November 10th Saturday. Studied - 4. Took boots to be mended. Went up to C. I called on Mrs. Hutchison, was not in. Saw Mr. H. Edmund & I went down town & up to Mrs. Grant's for my book case. Studied. Fine day but cold.

November 11th Sunday. St. George's. Wlk'd home & to dinner with Mrs. B. Hutchison's. After came over to my room & went out to tea at Mrs. Grant's & to St. G.'s. W. White also walked up with them & down with me. Wrote letters. Very cold.

November 12th Monday. C. as usual. Committee meeting of sports at 8. Decided not to have a supper. Walked down with Chisolm. Went around to old boarding house for book but was not there.

November 13th Tuesday. College. Town at 5. Ed & I went to dinner at the Badgley's & went home with the Mercers. Cool.

November 14th Wednesday. College - 6 - Studied. Cool, cloudy.

November 15th Thursday. C - 12-1 & 2-5. Down town. Paid Beckets (18.00) & Burland’s bills. Went to empress office. Raining.

November 16th Friday. No lectures. Went up to C. 10-1 and worked at my assaying in afternoon till six. Founder’s Festival at eight o’clock. Edmund & I went. It went off very well. Rained most of day. Fine night.

November 17th Saturday. Studied 1. Went out at 3:45. Called on the White’s (old boarding house) went down town to barber’s. Studied. All Arts & Science Students went to the theater to-night. Miss Morris’ benefit. Fine day. Rain at night. Very mild.

November 18th Sunday. St. George's. Dinner at Mrs. Hutchison's (Mr. & Mrs. H. away). Came home at 4. Wrote letters - 11. Getting pretty cold.

November 19th Monday. C. till 6. First snow, about 1/2 an inch. Blowing, rather cold.

November 20th Tuesday. C. At 5 Power & I went down town. Edmund got a letter from Grafton, he told me that Robert said Papa had made up his mind to marry his cousin, Miss Rogers. I was very much astonished to hear it and don’t know exactly what I think of it. It will perhaps settle Papa more, but he is doing a thing that will disgrace us & make us blush to mention it. He has been as good a father to us as a father could be, and I feel very sorry that he should do such a thing in his old age.

November 21st Wednesday. C. Hall walked home with me at 5 & up to my room. Studied. Bob Davidson was here to-night to see Jack Gilmour. F. Haultain , Ed & I went down the street to a fire at 11.30 (a ginger beer estab'l). Beautiful day & night. Getting pretty cold.

November 22nd Thursday. Thanksgiving Day throughout Canada, I was going out to Pt. St. Charleswith Ed. & F. Haultain but went over to get Harry Bailey's rifle & he was not in so I did not go. Studied. Wrote to Add C. 3-4. Went out & bought a peck of aples [sic]. A Mr. Rose here to dinner with J. Gilmour.

November 23rd Friday. College. Stayed till 7 diluting an acid. Studied. Rain & mist & very mild.

November 24th Saturday. Studied 12. Went down to the hospital with Edmund & saw an operation performed. Came back & Mr. Grant called at my room & I took him over the college. Went to tea with him. Got home at [10:00]. Studed. Very mild.

November 25th Sunday. Ed. & I went to St. George's. I stayed in all afternoon. Went to Cathedral & after to Jesuit's with Cornell & home. Wrote letters. Rainy & mild.

November 26th Monday. College. Studied. Mild.

November 27th Tuesday. C. Town at 5 with Hall. Willie Maclennan over from 8-9. Studied. Very mild just like a summer's day, rain 10-12.

November 28th Wednesday. No lecture this morning. James came up at 12. Came down to see somebody about selling the store. I went to C. 2-5. Down to ‘Albion’ for I. & he came up to dinner & and after we called on Mrs. Grant & she was not in. Went up to the reservoir for wk & then thro’ the Medical College with Edmund. Came home & had something to eat then I went down a little [way] with I & Ed. Went down to hotel. I received from Helen a bin containing a turkey & a lot of cakes & we had a little supper. Very mild just like a summer day. Raining occasionally.

November 29th Thursday. C-6. James came down to C. at 2.30 & I took him all over the C. I went down at 9 pm to hotel & to train with [him]. He went home. Very mild day but blowing & a little snow tonight. Supper.

November 30th Friday. C. - 6. Went to St. George's to service (special Intercession for Missions [)]. Had supper off Helen's bin. Colder today, a little bit of snow, 1/2 in.

December 1st Saturday. Took boots to be mended. Studied - 3. F. Haultain & J. Gilmour went over [to] the college with me. After Ed. & they went for a walk. I called on Mrs. Cutler & Miss Charles & Miss C. & I went down town for a walk. Studied - 11. Supper. Coldest day yet, about 32°

December 2nd Sunday. St. George's. Stayed to communion. Read - 5.Edmund & I were going to tea at Mrs. Grant's but she was not in. We went to St. Martin's. Supper. Wrote letters. Clear & cool, about 15°

December 3rd Monday. College - 6. Studied. Supper (of cake). Cool, about 18°.

December 4th Tuesday. C. - 5. Went down town to Post Office to see if letter from Mary was there (with Cochrane). Studied. Mild, no snow, +40°.

Dember 5th Wednesday. C - 5. Studied. Mild & rainy most of day. 50.

December 6th Thursday. C. Forgot my keys at night & went back for them. Jack Gilmour & I went to call on W.A. Maclennan. He was not in. I went & spent evening with Miss Charles & Mrs. Cutler.

December 7th Friday. C. in morning. Went down with Edmund while he went in to Dr. Osler's with Miss Flanigan & Mrs. Badgley. Edmund & I went down town after lunch. I stayed down all afternoon & bought some Christmas presents. Went down three times before I could get a return ticket for home. Took Miss Charles' chair around to her at 9. Went in to get my washing. Bill Maclennan was with me & came down to station with me. Started for home at 10 p.m. & got in Port Hope at 9 a.m. Met Mr. Erving at Cobourg.

December 8th Saturday. Went up to St. Lawrence hotel & met Miss L. Smith & Miss Ullyott in street & they came down to station to see me off. Got home at 12. After dinner went up to James' & [----] & then up to Mrs. Calcutt's & stayed till 5:30. & up again after tea. - 10. I came home because I had not compulsory exams to pass. I took them rather unexpectedly as I did not make up my mind till Thursday & I did not know if I could get my return ticket.

December 9th Sunday. Dinner at Mrs. C.'s. S.S. Tea at Maria's, etc.

December 10th Monday. Got a letter from Mina forwarded from Montreal. Read two or three hours today, etc.

December 11th Tuesday. Read most of day. Went over to town at 4 with Maria & Helen & met Rackham's & Hammond at Huffman House - etc.

December 12th Wednesday. Over to town & asked G. Hatton, N. Shaw & Braithwaite to come over tonight to Maria’s. Up at C. for tea. Maria had a quiet evening party, no dancing. All Ashburnham girls. stayed up at C as Mr. Cal. away.

December 13th Thursday. Up at C. - 3. Over town for a while. Up to Belcher's office. Went up to tell Miss Burritt no practise. etc. - 11.

December 14th Friday. Went over to ask Miss Tate to sing at Penny Reading. Read that Mr. Thos. White (Sr.) [died] on Wednesday & his body taken to church & then to station to Montreal. Papa & I went to funeral. After took horse & went for Mina & went over town & out to Amelia’s for tea. Then to Bible Class & choir practise & went on to C. for minute. Mina did not go to Bible Class. we have had very fine weather, scarcely below 40°. Mostly wet. Thursday windy & sunny in a.m.

December 15th Saturday. Up at H. Strickland's looking at his speciman's - 11. Town & up & asked Miss Ullyott to sing. After dinner etc. up to see Mr. Bradshaw. Was not in. Over town to see Braithwaite with Add & Helen & went with them. Tea etc. Mina at tea at Dr. Burnham's. Went over for her. Met Soph & Mary & Sarah Snyder & went home with them. Very mild, 42°.

December 16th Sunday. Ch. Dinner at James. Mr. & Mrs. Bradshaw, Mr. & Mrs. Oliver & George were there. S.S. Tea at C. Ch. choir practise. After Add, Helen & I walked down to Sophia's with her & C. Roberts. Like a summer day. Night, 32°.

December 17th Monday. Went up to Ch. to meet Mr. Bradshaw about decorations. &tc. Over to Post Off. at 1. Wked. at letters all afternoon. After tea, went up to S.S.. Commenced the decorations for ch. I cut out a tent & am making another one, etc.

December 18th Tuesday. In afternoon went over to town at 4 & then up to Tom Hall to light the fire, etc. In to Mrs. C,'s for minute. Had a Penny Reading for the benefit of the church. I got most of it up. It being the first was rather slow. Mina & Helen played a duett. I took Mina home & stayed there till 12.30. Playing & running around so much did Mina out and she could scarcely get home & when she did she fainted & went into hysterics & then sent for Doctor & so she is laid up for a while. I could hardly hold her.

December 20th [sic] Wednesday. Mina miserable all day. Stayed up there most of the day. Stayed up there all night. Mina very weak & miserable. Could not keep anything on her stomach.

December 21st [sic]. Thursday. Only slept about an hour last night. Mina just about the same all day but became sensible a little about 7 but about 11 I came down here for some flax seed & when I got back Mina was taken very bad in another form of convulsion & we all thought she was dying & they sent John for Dr. Boucher & I ran up for Dr. H. Burrett & he got first & stayed till Dr. B. came & then left. Mina got easier towards morning. The Dr. stayed till 4.

December 21st Friday. Mina was sensible this morning. We got something to stay on her stomach yesterday & also today & is a great deal better. Busy working at a tent & up at church. Emily came home today from Church school. I sat up till 4 a.m. with Mina & then called Charlotte. Then I came home. Charlotte has been very kind & has stayed with Mina since Wednesday all the time.

December 22nd Saturday. Got up at 10. Worked at tent till 4 etc. Up ch. - Edmund came home from college today. Mina a great deal better & getting on nicely - sensible - The weather all week has just been like spring ranging from 35°-40° & very [----] & mild.

December 23rd Sunday. Ch.- Stayed with Mina all afternoon. Charlotte & I stayed to tea. Church & choir practise, & after sat with Mina. Mild all day but getting cold now.

December 24th Monday. Church - 11. &tc. Worked at tent till 7 p.m. &tc. Went up to the ch. & then to the Christmas tree in the town hall for a few minutes. Over to town - 9. Worked on tent - 12. Mina getting better. Weather very mild, 45°.

December 25th Tuesday. Christmas Day. Gave George a clock. Emily a pen (gold), Helen thermometer, Mina Poet’s-Moore &c, Add scent bottle, Mrs. C. Vases, Mrs. Thomson broach, Bridget earrings. Made a sheild & George & Edmund & I put up the tent &tc. Went to church & stayed to communion -&tc. James & Mag & babies, Sophia Deck & baby, Soph & Mary here to dinner, Eddie got home at 12.30. Went up to C at 3 pm - 6. Mina got up for first time. Eddie, Soph, Mary & Emily, Alfred went out to Lilly Lake to skate at 3. George had Mr. Carnegie's magic lantern & all the Snyders, Burritt &tc were her at 7:30. I went up to May Calcutt & up to see Mina for minute. It has been a dull Xmas. No snow & a very gloomy day. Does not seem a bit like Xmas. The Whistle Wing had an excursion down the river to-day. Thermometer about 40°.

December 26th Wednesday. Read. Over to town to see about performances for penny ReadingsRead. Up at C - 6. George & Eddie, Mary, Soph out at Hatton’s tonight. Did not go as I do not care about it & there was service (St. Stephen’s Day). Sat with M 10. Mild, about 40°.

December 27th Thursday. Read till 11. Over to town with Helen & Emily. Mr. & Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Choate & Mrs. A. Spalding here to dinner. Went over to see Mr. Stewart at 4. Went up to see Mina & to tea there. Went to service with Add (St. John’s Day[)] Griffen Butcher & I had a practise for Penny Reading. &ct. Little party at Shaw’s to-night. Only Eddire went from here. Very cold. 45°

December 28th Friday. Read all morning. Took Mina around the square in buggy at 3 but it was too much for her as it did her out. Stayed up there - 6. & up again - 7.30. Went to party at Dennistoun’s .- Very nice. None of Ashburnham girls there but S. Snyder.

December 29th Saturday. Over town. &ct. - 1. Dinner at Aunt Caroline's & after went with Jack Badgley - 4. &ct.Tea there. - 7:45.Went to Hattie's & spent the evening & walked down with Miss Burritt. Jack Badgley came yesterday & staying [sic] with Edmund.Thermometer about 32°. Mina a little better but not up.

December 30th Sunday. X on road up to church. Aundt Caroline, Mrs. Barnum & Miss Lyon, Edmund, Jack Badgley here to dinner. Ed., J.B. & I went for walk in afternoon 4-5. Stayed with Mina during church - 10:30. Mina better. Colder today 32°.

December 31st Monday. Last day of the year. Over to town with Mina 4-7. Tea there. Went to party at Hon. [J.] Hamilton’s. Edmund & I drove up. Edmund came down & went to midnight service. I drove Miss Fortye & Miss Dennistoun home. Rev. W. Allen came up to spend New Year’s Day. Very nice party. No snow. One of coldest days. About 20°. Thus ended the year 1877.


NOTE. Following are the contents of the two loose leaf inserts enclosed in this diary.

Insert No.1.

Daily Routine.

To rise at seven in the morning, - study, work or do something prescribed before hand something that I shall take a pleasure in even if a walk till breakfast after breakfast till office hours read or play the piano.

Office till 4.30 or 5 pm. play cricket till tea time. After tea Read or work in workshop till say 8 or 9 then rest of day as I wish-

My work for each day to be analyzed beforehand & a scheme kept

The great thing is to keep steady at work & never be idle as where one once gets into these idle habits. They stick to him like ‘fleas to a gum tree’ - & if I do not have work enough at the office either to tell Mr. Stewart so or bring some work of my own over & do it but the last is rather risky as there is always so much talking at the office that one does not accomplish much or if I have not enough work to get Mr. Stewart to do work at home.

Whereas nothing (that is really worth having or obtaining) in this world is obtained without working for it with patience & perseverance & that whereas I am bound to get along well in this world & make my mark (knowing that I have the ability to do so) & at the same time there is the fear of God remembering from whom all blessings flow, to be an example to others (as far as possible)

I Resolve Never to be idle To do this I must have a regular routine of work each day to do this regular routine will be broken into occasionally by cricket matches, one thing or another but I must let these interfere as little as possible with it & resume work as soon as possible afterwards as I am to be the only judge as I know from past experience that I am likely after a time to fall away gradually. I must guard myself with the strictest judgement on the least infringement of my resolutions.

Insert No.2.

April 30, ’78

-After Convocation -

It is not often in a person’s life time that they have the advantage of such proceedings as we have had today to help & spur him on to the top most round of the ladder of fame at least I

from my limited experience think so -

I think I would be losing the benefit of [word has been crossed out] such occasion were I not to begin now & make my resolutions [the word ‘to’ has been crossed out] to work for without work we will never acomplish anything I think it is best to try now & make some resolutions because I feel as I don’t always feel (& I trust it is a true feeling)

I feel great determination to become great not for the carnal desire of being thought great but for the higher & nobler desire to spread good sound education to show thus some good fruits for my many advantages I have received over the other members of our family & over a great many others outside of our family and also to advance education, the foundation to do God’s will more thoroughly & for the enlightenment of our fellow creatures.

To get a to position to do such requires work, & real work & continual steady work for what is not working for is not worth having. It requires method & steady examination as we go on through life to keep a sharp look out on our daily life.

To stick to such resolutions as one makes in such moments is the only way to get on or only on very serious consideration to change such resolutions.

Never half carry out a resolution but rather scratch it out than do so.-



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