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During the Year...

Richard was 58 years old. He still lived in Peterborough. During the year, two of his sons, Harry and Heber, were fighting overseas in the World War. RBR and his family all accompanied Harry to see him off to Ottawa with the Mounted Rifles on March 6th. During April, RBR tried to avoid having to pay for the investigation which vindicated him. Cochrane insisted, however, that RBR pay for Commissioner Keefer’s bills. RBR finally gave in and paid the $1150.00 out of his own pocket on April the 5th, but not before also sending along a letter complaining that he had to bear the cost of the investigation which exonerated him of all charges in the Holgate Report which had been undertaken years earlier and which had been paid from public funds.


Headlines in the Papers...

  • Mr. R.B. Rogers Obtains Professional Vindication. Report of His Connection with The Construction of the Peterborough and Kirkfield Lift Locks (Jan. 25, The Evening Examiner
  • Justice, Though Tardy, Comes to Mr. Rogers. Report of the Investigation Made by Henry Holgate, C.E. Commissioner, in 1906, Into the Alleged Defects in Connection with the Construction of the Hydraulic Locks at Peterborough and Kirkfield, Declared Upon Examination to Be Wrong (Jan. 25, The Daily Review)
  • Mr. R.B. Rogers Is Sustained in His Late Work on T.V. Canal (Jan. 26, Times [d])
  • Peterborough Family Doing Its Share for the Empire (Photo of Harry & Heber) (Feb. 18, The Evening Examiner)
  • Opening of the Trent Canal. Is Looked For at an Early Date So Far As Vessels of Light Draught is Concerned, Says Federal Member. Submarine Dredging (Mar. 12, Examiner)
  • Pte. Heber Rogers Falls in Battle. Was Killed at the Battle of Langemarck. Son of R.B. Rogers (Apr. 22-30, Unknown)
  • Pte. Heber Rogers Met Death While on Duty at Machine Gun. Gave Up His Life at Machine Gun. Popular Young Soldier is Reported Killed in Battle at Ypres. Held a Medal for Life Saving (May 5, The Daily Review)
  • Lt. Col. H.C. Rogers Promoted to Command of Fourth Battalion (May 5, Daily Review)
  • Heber Rogers in German Hospital. Was Wounded When Canadians Proved Their Mettle and Fell Into Hands of Germans. Lt. Fessenden is Prisoner of War at Bischofswerde (no date [1915?], Unknown)
  • Killed at Dardanelles. Capt. A.S.C. Rogers Nephew of Mr. R.B. Rogers Falls for the Empire (no date [1915], Unknown)



1915 Diary

Period covered: January 1, 1915 - April 5, 1915

Dimensions: 14.45 cm X 7.7 cm (l x w)

No. of Pages: 180

Note: The diary covers the period of 1915 although the year "1914" has been written in ink on the outside cover.


January Friday 1: Midnight Service last night. In afternoon Harry George & I went calling on Mrs. Hatton, R Ritchie, John Belcher, Mrs. Hay, Collins, Hammond & Kendry. At night Harry, George & I went to moving pictures of Belgium War. After to club.

January Saturday 2: Steph Gaskins & I went to Bowmanville to see Rev’d Nind and his suitability to succeed Mr. Sawers. I stayed with Margaret McLean.

January Sunday 3: At Bowmanville. Went to service. In pm called to see Schyler Edsall. After tea to church. After Gaskins & I stayed to have a talk with Rev Nind.

January Monday 4: At Bowmanville. Saw members of church re Rev Nind. Left for home at 3:36 p.m. Fine.

[No entries Jan. 5 - Jan. 8]

January Saturday 9: Went to Toronto in afternoon. Stayed with Ed.

January Sunday 10: Left Toronto on Metropolitan Ry for Aurora. Met J J Turner at Young St. & we went together to church to hear Rev. Desbard with view to having him come to St. Lukes.

[No entries Jan. 11 - Mar. 5]

March Saturday 6: About with Harry 140 Mounted Rifles Maj. Medd in Command B Squadron 8th Mounted Rifles for Ottawa. Harry as one of Lieutenants left at 10 pm CP Ry. Tremendous Crowd to see them off. They were given lunch & addresses in Armouries. All of us except Mina at station. Fine.

[No entries Mar. 7 - Mar. 28]

March Monday 29: Went to Bowmanville to see Evan McLean re my case. Left for Ottawa at night. Evan went also to see about his brothers getting a Commission.

March Tuesday 30: Went with Evan to see Sam Hughes. Waited around all day to see Cochrane with Gus Porter. Harry came up from Barracks & we went to club with Porter for dinner. Went to Chateau with McDonald and Porter for lunch. Harry & I went to show.

March Wednesday 31: About all day. Saw Cochrane with GP in afternoon. Insisted on my paying Cost of Investigation ($1150.) Went down to train with Evan.

April Thursday 1: GP saw Cochrane again today but he still insisted on my paying for Investigation . In afternoon went down to Barracks and stayed for Mess. Harry & Medd  came up after. Went up to House & saw Sexsmith. Left for home at 10:45 pm. George arrived at home tonight.

April Friday 2: Good Friday. Went to services. Fine.

[No entry April 3]

April Sunday 4: Easter Day. Went to 8:30 Service & 11 am. Spent the evening at Ryerson Ritchies. Did not go to ch. Beautiful day.

April Monday 5: Discussed matter of sending of letter to Cochrane with Ritchie and sent letter & cheque to Cochrane. Went to Vestry Meeting & after over to Opera House. Disagreeable day.

[No further entries in this Diary]



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