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During the Year...

Rogers was 47 years old. He spent the first 7 months of this year preoccupied with the building of the Hydraulic Lift Lock at Peterborough. His son attended McGill University in Montreal and Rogers made frequent business trips to Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. He saw Willie Boyd in Bobcaygeon often. August as usual was spent on his boats, at Stony Lake and enjoying picnics and regattas. On July 9, the pinnacle of Roger’s career was reached when the world’s highest hydraulic lift lock was officially opened at Peterborough, Ontario.

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Headlines in the Papers...

  • Presentation of Some Convincing Evidence. As to the Great National Benefit of Trent Waterway. Important Statement by Cereal Treasurer. Completion of the Waterway Would Make Peterborough Great Milling Centre. Delegates From Other Towns Present Their Views. (Mar. 25, The Daily Examiner)
  • The Trent Waterway A Business Proposition. Evidence before the Commission Shows How It Would Stimulate Trade. The Question of Water Powers. Hundreds of Thousands of Horse Power Would be Developed Along the Route. Closing Meeting of the Session. Mr. Bertram's Views (Mar. 26, The Daily Examiner)
  • Advantages of the Canal. What the Trent Waterway Would Mean for Transportation. Engineer McLeod's Report Favours the Trenton Route (Mar. [no day], Unknown)
  • The Hydraulic Lift Lock Completed. Consumation of the Labor of Seven Years (July 9, The Daily Evening Review)
  • Peterborough's Hydraulic Lift Lock. History of the Trent Canal, Description of the Lift Lock, Consideration of the Canal in Relation to National Transportation, Local District Development and Promotion of Industrial Enterprise (July 9, The Peterborough Examiner)
  • One of the Engineering Feats of the Century. The Hydraulic Lift Lock, and the Method of Its Operation (July 9, The Peterborough Examiner)
  • Trent Waterway as a National Necessity. Its Great Importance to the Commercial Life of Canada (July 9, The Peterborough Examiner)
  • The Advantages which Peterborough Will Gain. Its Industrial and General Prosperity Will Be Promoted (July 9, The Peterborough Examiner)
  • Lift Lock Open to Trade of Canada. Largest Hydraulic Lift Lock in the World Opened Saturday. Hon. H.R. Emmerson, Minister of Railways and Canals, Presided at the Ceremony. Successful Operation of the Lock (July 11, The Daily Examiner)
  • The Trent Waterway. An Interesting Debate in the House of Commons (July 30, THe Peterborough Daily Review)



1904 Diary

Period covered: January 1, 1904 - December 31, 1904

Dimensions: 14.35 cm X 7.3 cm (l x w)

No. of Pages: 180

Note: The diary contains a page where the diarist has recorded some Notes and Bills Receivable for the year of 1904.


January Friday 1: At 11 am, drove team [(Hays’)] to Hyd [Hydraulic] Lock &  down to Burnetts work at locks. Very cold. In afternoon paid about 20 calls. Harry & George and Frank Burnham & Claude R. with me. Went over to club at 11 pm for while. Very few calling today. Very cold. Mina not well but Mina got up this pm.

January Saturday 2: Office. Drove to Hyd locks at 11 am, office in pm. We had a [---] party on hill in evening and went up to Maria’s in evening as Mina was not well & is in bed. It went off very well. Very cold day.

January Sunday 3: Harry & I went for walk in pm. Very cold. Harry went back to McGill at midnight tonight after a fortnights holidays. Lillian sick in bed. Very cold.

January Monday 4: Municipal elections. First election of United Municipalities of Ashburnham & Peterboro. Looked after voting in am and 3-5. St. Railway agreement carried by 525. Office 5-6. At night met Kilbourn JM at ‘Oriental’. Very cold day.

January Tuesday 5: Very cold. Office. Went to Hyd Lock today.

January Wednesday 6: Went over to Hyd lock in am to see result of cutting out cracks in towers & also up to dredge. Office all day & Service & choir practice at night. Milder.

January Thursday 7: Went to Hyd L in am to see result of cutting out cracks. Was satisfactory. Met some of Farmers Institutue men there & showed them around. Went up to dredge in pm & to office. Leah got home from Hospital this afternoon. Office.

January Friday 8: Office. Drove to Bob’n [Bobcaygeon] with Gordon, Geroux drove. Stayed at WT Boyds. Mild & wet snow.

January Saturday 9: Went over x sections & plans re Little Bob’n Channel with WTB & drove to Little Bob’n. Went over work of lock with Gordon & Grant, also instructed Gordon to have boulders removed from Lower Entrance. Drove to Fenelon Falls & home. Supper at Lindsay. Colder.

January Sunday 10: Cold & fine.

January Monday 11: Office.

January Tuesday 12: Arr’d in Ottawa this am re claim of Larkin & Sangster. Went over claim with CS & Hansard. Went to lunch with C.S. Went off to Montreal at 4:25 & attended council meeting of CSCE [Canadian Society of Civil Engineers] & left again at 10:10. Did not see Harry.

January Wednesday 13: At Ottawa. Had meeting with Larkin & Sangster & Belcourt re claims on Sec. 2 S & B. Settled most of items. Hon. Harty saw Kilbourn re leasing power etc at Heely’s Falls. Spent evening at Mr. Mothersills.

January Thursday 14: At Ottawa. Stayed over re completion of L & Sangster claim & partly in Heeley’s Falls matter.

January Friday 15: At Ottawa. Arranging Heely’s Falls matter. Kilbourn heard at night that he was likely to be called to Senate so he decided to go to Toronto & get out papers for company. Stayed over re Heely’s Falls matter to get everything settled.

January Saturday 16: Stayed over today in Ottawa to see that matters in connection with Heeley’s Falls matter were arranged satisfactorily.

January Sunday 17: Arrived home from Ottawa at 7 am.

January Monday 18: Office all day.

January Tuesday 19: Coldest night of the season 28 below. Roys photo gallery was burnt last night. Office all day going over claim of Brown, [Love] & Alymer for Sec. No. 1 P & L [Peterborough & Lakefield].

January Wednesday 20: Office in am. Went to Campbellford in pm. Drove down to see Mulholland re going on with Heely’s Falls development. Drove up along river. Mulholland came up on train & Kilbourn & Mulholland & I had talk in my office re development at Heeley’s &c. See Notes.

January Thursday 21: Office. Went to meeting of Conservation Asso'n. Good meeting. Dinner at ‘Oriental’. After McCallum [brot] up figures of wheels re Heeley’s Falls & Kilbourn & I went over them. Drove to Lak’d [Lakefield] with Kilbourn & W Boyd. Went to 'at home' with A. L. Davis'. Very nice.

January Friday 22: Busy till 11 working at home at Heeley’s Falls Development. Office. Went to dinner at Snowden house with W'm Boyd. Office. Rained at night.

January Saturday 23: At home most of day working at Heely’s Falls plans. Office. Went to dredge at Cereal Works. At 5 went up to Cereal dam & up to see Mr. Francis who had a syncope last night. Colder.

January Sunday 24: Very cold. Went for walk with Kathleen, called in to see Francis. At night went over to see Mr. Kilbourn re Heely’s. He is on his way to Kingston.

January Monday 25: Left at 2:05 for Montreal via GTRy. At Belleville called to see Mrs. Parker. Got off at Kingston. Kilbourn went this am to K. [Kingston]. Met Electric Coy. there & after went in to Montreal at 2:30 train 4 hours late.

January Tuesday 26: At Montreal to attend Annual Meeting CSCE. Lunch at rooms. Dinner at Prof. [---]. Meeting at night. Very cold & blustering.

January Wednesday 27: Went out to see shop of CPRy & Locomotive works. Cold & deep snow. Dinner at night. Responded to toast of visiting brothers. Went off very well.

January Thursday 28: Ballots declared. Was elected Member of Council & Member of Nominating Committee. Harry & I went to lunch with Prof. McLeod. Harry, Edith Burnham & Miss Mudge came to 5 o’clock tea. Went to St. James Club, to dinner with Prof Owens & after to meeting in rooms.

January Friday 29: Went up to college with Harry. Left Montreal at 9:40 for Ottawa. Went to Dept. CS said he could not go over BL & A claim till tomorrow. Went with [Bond] (Soo) & Kilbourn to see Sir Henry Irving in ‘Merchant of Venice’. Was not terribly impressed. Went out to see Cement Works.

January Saturday 30: Went to Dept. & went over part of claim with CS & Hansard of BL & A in am. Did not take it up in pm. Went to lunch with CS. Walked out to see brick works with Kilbourn. Left for home at night.

January Sunday 31: Arr’d home from Ottawa. Kilbourn with me. Drove team to Lak’d [Lakefield] in pm. K- & Fair with me. Snowing.

February Monday 1: Went to Campbellford with Kilbourn. Met Mulholland by appt. and went over items of Mill paper with view of purchasing. Spent all day going over items & stayed with them over night. Had a little dance at Mrs. [---] house. Cold.

February Tuesday 2: At Camp’d continued going over matters all day. At night went to Sunday school tea with the Mulhollands & home at night . Train 2 ½ hrs late. Cold snowing & blowing.

February Wednesday 3: Office 10:30 to 6,  8-9:30. Went to my first meeting (Inaugural) of the United School Boards of Town & Village. Went to see drilling at Cereal Works. Very cold.

February Thursday 4: Office till 4. Called to see H. Burnett & walked down to see work at Dam. Home at night & at Pecks.

February Friday 5: Office all day. Willie Boyd called at 2 pm on his way to Toronto. Spoke to him about angle of channel at L P & Bob’n Ry crossing. Home at night. Milder.

February Saturday 6: Went to Lakefield on train. Met team of men going to Y’s Pt. [Young's Point] with material to start lock. Called at Y’s Pt. where we are to start work on Monday next. Drove on up to lot & saw men at work. Went to School Bd. meeting. Office 9-10:30. Rain & sleet [---]. Milder.

February Sunday 7: Rain in am but turned very windy & cold at night . Terrible day.

February Monday 8: Office till 2:30. Went to funeral of J. Maniece. Drove over to Locks to examine Burnet’s work & work at Lock gates. Went to School Bd. meeting at night. Bro’t up matter of Illustrated Lectures & committee was appointed, of which I am one, to interview Minister of Education. Very cold.

February Tuesday 9: Office all day. Very cold.

February Wednesday 10: Office all day & service & choir practice at night. Very cold.

February Thursday 11: Office till 4:15. Went to curl for first time this season. Had a few in for card party at night. Cold.

February Friday 12: Was at fire at cereal works all morning. Two upper flats burnt in mill part. Office in pm. Alymer called at office & was in among draughtsmen & I had to call him down for going in there.

February Saturday 13: Drove to Lak’d & exam’d dams & booms along & at Y’s Pt. Went onto Cottage & saw men at work. Raw day. George & Lillian & Leah with me today.

February Sunday 14: Milder. Snow & blowing at night. Ry’s blocked.

February Monday 15: Office all day. Home at night. very cold & wind at night.

February Tuesday 16: Office.

February Wednesday 17: Office. Went to service & after spoke to choir & was very much put out. Decided to leave choir first opportunity.

February Thursday 18: Office. Drove down to locks to visit Burnett’s work. Wm. F. Bay had me to tea.

February Friday 19: Office.

February Saturday 20: Busy getting ready for my lecture tonight. [---] home all day. Read lecture on Pulp Industry of Canada at YMCA. About 75 there. Went off very well.

February Sunday 21: Showers of rain.

February Monday 22: Office all day. WT Boyd called & went over new plan of Little Bob with him. Went to School Bd. Meeting. Mild & fine. First real fine mild day since November.

February Tuesday 23. Office.

February Wednesday 24: Office. I got WT Boyd & A Stevenson, RM Dennistoun & went to GM Rogers office to talk over matter of forming Business Men’s Association to push Trent Canal. Adjourned till tomorrow.

February Thursday 25th: Office. Had a meeting re formation of Businessmen’s Assoc’n & I drafted a letter that was adopted & sent to 9 businessmen calling meeting for March 3rd.

February [Note: the words ‘Thursday 25’ and ‘Office’ have been crossed out.]

February Friday 26: Office.

February Saturday 27: Office.

February Sunday 28: Went to Masonic Funeral of C. Cameron. Walked in procession. Went around to locks. Mild. First real mild day since November.

February Monday 29: Office. Went to Belleville and gave my Illustrated lecture on Water Transportation & the T. Canal in City Hall. Fair number there & went off very well. D Gilmour made a rambling speech. A regular blizzard (worst of season) started at 5. Had quite a night of it at hotel. Trains all blocked.

March Tuesday 1: Trains blocked on Junction. Went to Pt. Hope & found Midland Ry blocked so had to stay there all night. Called on Symonds' & W. Ward. Went to musical party at H. Wards.

March Wednesday 2: Office. Walked around by locks dam. Very mild & soft walking.

March Thursday 3: Rain, then turned very cold & snow storm. Office.

March Friday 4: Arr’d in Ottawa in am re claim of H. Burnet, Contractor for Dam at Locks. CS said he could not advance any more money & that we were to [take] over the work.

March Saturday 5: At Dept. Tried to get Burnet home but he would not come. He was drunk when he saw CS this am. Started for home at 11:30 am. J. Fairbairn with [me] on train.

March Sunday 6: Home. Walked around by locks dam.

March Monday 7: Office all day. Went to School Bd. meeting & after to Town Council Chamber to [urge] in Council to pass bylaw to submit to people to build a new Collegiate Institute.

March Tuesday 8: Arr’d in Montreal. At CSCE room till noon. Harry at breakfast with me. Called on Dr. Symonds & down town in afternoon, called in J. Badgley, B [---]. Tea at Mrs. Grants & meeting of Council  of CSC Eng’s. Went to Windsor Hotel. Mild.

March Wednesday 9: Left Montreal for Ottawa at 8:45. Harry at station. At Dept. in pm. but CS could not go into claim of B.L. & Alymer.

March Thursday 10: At discussion of claim of Brown, [Love] & Alymer before CS all day. At hotel night. Very cold at night.

March Friday 11: At meeting before CS re claims of Brown [Love] & Alymer & finished about one. In afternoon at Dept. House of Commons opened this afternoon. Went down to supper with CW Ross & after started for home. Very cold at night. Beautiful day.

March Saturday 12: Arr’d home from Ottawa. W. Boyd called in with E.B. Edwards, met re crossing of Ry on Little Bob’n. Went down to Dam. Took work of building dam out of Burnet’s hands & put large gang on this am. [Lannen] as foreman. Office in pm. Met Stevenson & Dennistoun re evidence for Commission. Called to see Hall RR at night re dams.

March Sunday 13: Walked down to dam at locks & met foreman re progress of work. Fine but cold.

March Monday 14: R.R. Hall called & we went over draft for transferrance of reservoir dams from Ont. Gv't to Dom. Gv't. Drove (with G) to locks dam. Large force of men on. Frank & H Burnet called this am & discussed taking over work on dam. (See notes) Work at office 9-11. Cold.

March Tuesday 15: Office till 4:30. Got horse, was going to locks but found [---] at Town Hall Ashburnham, was not right for Lantern so had to get it fixed. Ran lantern for Rev. [H--] lecture on London, Eng. Fine.

March Wednesday 16: Went to Trenton. Saw Gilmour & Co.y (Wedell) re: preparing plans for dams. Met Mulholland at Belleville on way home. Talked re Paper Co’y [Company]. At Peterboro, met Kilbourn 10:30 to 11:30 pm. Train 11/2 [hr.] late. Beautiful day. Very cold at night.

March Thursday 17: Office.

March Friday 18: Office.

March Saturday 19: Office.

March Sunday 20: Walked out with Lillian to Prices. Drove in.

March Monday 21: Office.

March Tuesday 22: Went to Lak’d on train & drove to Park. Pd. men 25.00 each. Went up on ice. Getting on satisfactorily.

March Wednesday 23: Office all day.

March Thursday 24: At office with Capt. Vanalstine all am preparing his statement as to cost of [barge] navigation. Attended meeting of Transportation Commission all pm, a good number of delegates all along line here. See notes.

March Friday 25: At Transportation Commission all day. Gave evidence tonight. Dinner & Supper at Oriental. At night had McLaren, Gilmour & Kilbourn in office. Evidence given very satisfactorily.

March Saturday 26: Drove with Gordon to locks dam. Burnetts coffer dam filled. Office all day except with Kilbourn 1:30. Walked to station with him. Office 9:[50]-11:30. Fine with snow flurries.

[No entry March 27]

March Monday 28: Office. Drove to locks dam to inspect. At night went to School Bd. meeting - after 9pm - by appointment met Kilbourn & Mulholland at Oriental re Campbellford price. Discussed it till 12. Left at midnight for Ottawa. Wm. Boyd on train.

March Tuesday 29: At Ottawa. Could not see CS very much. Saw him for a moment re B. L. & A’s work but not long. He said he would have me come down again soon.

March Wednesday 30: Office. Went to choir practice.

[No entry March 31]

April Friday 1: Office. Went to service at night.

April Saturday 2: Office. Went to choir practice.

April Sunday 3: Went for walk from Warsaw Rd. to Hyd. Lock. Easter Sunday.

April Monday 4: Office. Went down to locks. Went to School Bd. Meeting.

April Tuesday 5: Arr’d in Ottawa by app’t. Went over claims of B. L. & Alymer with CS. Spent evening at Sir Sandford Fleming’s. Left for Toronto.

April Wednesday 6: Came [thro’] from Ottawa to Toronto to attend Annual meeting of Ontario Educational Ass’n. Was at University all day. Rev. Bushel there also. Stayed at Rossin House.

April Thursday 7: At Toronto. Rev Bushel & I went up to the University to Ed. Ass’n meeting, had dinner there. Was going to speak on Illustrated lectures but programme was so crowded did not. Went to Conversation at night in U. Met Kingsmill  & had drink with him. Called to see A. White Commiss’r re lands Heely’s Falls.

April Friday 8: Left Toronto at 9:15 for home. Walked over to Hyd L & drove with Gordon to locks. Office 4:30 till 6:15 going over Brown, L. & Alymer’s claims with Alymer & Edwards. Office 9-10:30. Raining tonight.

April Saturday 9: Office till 1. Went to dredge at Cereal Works at 3. Office 5:30. Drove with Gordon's horse to locks. Water rising fast. Office 9:45 to 11:15. Showers & mild.

April Sunday 10: Went to locks in p.m.

April Monday 11: Office. Was at locks today, as water is rising fast & coffer dam at locks stops water.

April Tuesday 12: Office. At locks trying to get lock gates open. Got stop logs in front of gates. Drove to locks in am & went to Lak’d on train at 1:30 & George drove team up & met me there. Had inspectors opening up walls at side of prism (Richardson & Rose). Left for Montreal at 12:35.

April Wednesday 13: Arr’d in Montreal. Called to see Harry & called up H.A. Morrow by phone & made appointment with him for tonight to discuss B.L. & A. claim. Harry & Morrow came to dinner with me at Windsor. Left for Ottawa at 10 pm.

April Thursday 14: In Ottawa. Up with CS re claim of Brown, [Love] & Alymer Sec. 1 P & L. See Notes. At night went up to House & saw  Lang. Mulholland (Camp’l) also in town. Left for home at 11 pm.

April Friday 15; Arr’d home from Ottawa. Harry on same train from Montreal from College. Office. Drove to locks to see dam in am with Gordon. Gates open & all logs but two out. Office in pm & at night.

April Saturday 16: Drove team with Gordon to Lakefield & Yg’s Pt & in to Burleigh. Called in to see men working at Park & paid them. They finish tonight cutting cord wood & start on Monday by the day. Harry, George & Heber stayed at Lak’d at houseboat. At office 8:30 to 11. Fine.

April Sunday 17: Harry & I walked to locks in pm. Fair & Waldheim in after church. Cool.

April Monday 18: Office. At night called on R.R. Hall & had a long talk on private position matters. He offered to do what he could to undo harm he did to me. Went to CPR to meet Mulholland.

April Tuesday 19: Office. Walked to Hyd Lock in am. An awful day. Snow 1½ deep. Cold & windy. Edwards called & had a heated discussion re [stone] patching in am & again in afternoon. There was a euchre party at house at night.

April Wednesday 20: Office all day. Edwards again called re [stone] patching and & tried to argue question again. Office 9-9:30. Mulholland in town. Spent 2 hrs with Mulholland & [Farqu---] at Oriental.

April Thursday 21: Went to Hy L in am till 11. Edwards in twice re claim of B & A.

April Friday 22: Went to Kirkfield. Drove from G-- Met Dary there. [---] seems all ok. Went to Hy L. Just starting to work. Called at No. 1 & 2 locks. Called Dary’s attention to [----] at point near Dam No. 3 instead of at back on No. 3. Fine & warm.

April Saturday 23: At Hy Lock till 11:30. E.F. Smith called re lands at Heelys Falls. W. Irwin also called [re: oil]. Edwards called in pm & we had another set to re claim of B & A. Fine & milder.

April Sunday 24: Rev’d Langfeld home from Germany & preached. Rainy. Maria, Edith & Rev’d Langfeld at house to tea.

April Monday 25: Went to Lak’d on train & went over some items of claims of B. L. & A. with Alymer & settled I think most of them. Office 9-11:15. Fine.

April Tuesday 26: Left for Toronto & had interview with M. Latchford, Minister Public works re Reservoir Dams transfer to Dominion Govt. Satisfactory. R.R. Hall, [K-], D Gilmour & Hansard present. Was with Weddell at night. Went out to tea to Ed’s. Stayed at the King Edward.

April Wednesday 27: At Toronto. Waited for interview with Hon. G.A. Cox but it was postponed. Left at 11 am for Niagara Falls, N.Y. Called on [H-----] re concrete blocks. Went over to Canadian Side at 5 p.m. After tea went up & stayed with the McGarry’s.

April Thursday 28: At Niagara. Went over work in progress on the several developments which is wonderful. Left Niagara at 2:30 for Toronto. Met Mr. Ward on train. Met D. Gilmour at King Edward & went with him to McIntyre’s office to tell McI of Reservoir dams transfer. Went to call on Maynards & [G----] Left for home at 10 pm. Met Mr. Kilbourn on train.

April Friday 29: Went to Hyd Lock in am. Office in pm & night. G.A. Pope called at 6 & met him at night.

April Saturday 30: At Hyd Lock most of day and at 8 pm. Office 9-11. Getting ice cut in gate recesses & getting ready to let in some water in upper reach. Showery.

May Sunday 1: Frances called at noon & stayed to dinner. Went over to Hyd Lock in pm with F. decided to put in balance of concrete floor in basin. Wheeled to locks & saw Gordon & instructed him to hire men for work at Hyd Lock.

May Monday 2: Left at midnight for Montreal with Harry who is going back for Summer School at McGill. Went out to Dominion with Johnson & Murphy & arranged to not start testing till next week. Looked around for boarding house for Harry. Met Dr. Symonds. Took Dr. Symonds room for Harry. Left for Ottawa at 10:10 pm.

May Tuesday 3: At Ottawa re [---] item of [dry wall] at Lak’d re B. L. & A. Had meeting with CS, Grant M.P. & Alymer. Had hot time with Grant but CS held that it was only walls actually built that he referred to. Left for home at 11 pm.

May Wednesday 4: Went to Hyd Lock at 6 am. Large gang Italians working night & day since Monday am putting in balance of cement bottom upper level. At Hyd L in pm. Office 9-10:30. Sent down B. L. & A’s progress Est.

May Thursday 5: Walked to Hy L. - till 11. Drove ( [F----'s] horse) to office & fed him. Voting on School (Collegiate) & Sugar beet Bylaws. First carried. Got horse & drove to locks & Hyd L at 5:30 to 8. Office till 10:30. Fine & hot.

May Friday 6: Went to Campbellford with Kilbourn & Butchart. Went over paper mill proposition & also drove along river. Visited Coveny's site at Myersburg. Home at 7:30. Office. Alymer called Frances & Gordon in office till 11pm.

May Saturday 7: Drove to Lak’d & took Empire for Y’s Pt. & Storey L. Called in at my cottage & settled with Cummings for work up to date. W. Irwin & family & my children with me. Home at 7:30. Rev Langefeld called re choir matters. Office 9:30 to 11:30. Beautiful day. Hot.

May Sunday 8: Beautiful day. Went for walk with Fair & to St. Paul’s church to hear PM Gordon.  I left St. Lukes choir today on acc't of changes in order &c & I [wanted] to sit with family.

May Monday 9: Went to Kirkfield. Drove to Hy Lock. Decided to take A. Sawers away for a time to get over effects of drinking. Brot him to town & went up to house with him. Office till 11.

May Tuesday 10: Went to Trenton via Bel’e. Saw Gilmour [Coy] re location for their dams being placed in plans & approved. Drove to Stirling & exam’d river & took photos. Brot Sawers with me today. Office at night.

May Wednesday 11: Went to Hyd lock & to locks. Wheeled & went with George to buy trunk & boots. Left at 2 for Hoards creek to examine site for proposed bridge across [Wilson's] Is. Send Eason  down in am to run levels for them but nothing was done as they did not know where line was. Drove with them to Camp’d & came home.

May Thursday 12: Drove team to Lak’d. George met me. Took Empire & ran to Bob’n. Punched hole in Empire at Ys Pt & had to fix her at Burleigh dock. George & I had to help men at Park fight fire which they had set out. Arr'd Bob’n at 9. Stayed [at] W Boyds. Fine.

May Friday 13: At Bob’n. Went over dam proposition with Wm. Boyd in am. Looked over works. Started home at 2 pm. Drove in from Chemong. Office 5-6 & at Hyd Lock 7-8:30 Found leak in basin. Office 9-11. Went to Hy at 11 pm again. Fine.

May Saturday 14: Went to Hyd Lock. Running off water below coffer dam in order to get at leak. Office. Busy getting things ready for George to start West. Shopping at night. Rainy.

May Sunday 15: Services. Busy packing up George’s things all pm. Showry.

May Monday 16: Went to Hyd Lock. Started men cutting out end of timber work under entrance pier to examine leak thru cut off [hall].

May Tuesday 17: At Hyd lock. Office.

May Wednesday 18: At Hyd Lock in am. Office. Drove to locks at 4 to see re scow which Water Lily was towing up, went against dam & broke in two. JM Kilbourn spent evening in office together. Talked re reply to [Culversill] & Camp’d. Rain at night.

May Thursday 19: At Hyd lock till 11. Office. Found leaks in cut offs at end of entrance piers & filled them & put excavation back again. R.R. Hall called copy of offer of Ontario Gov't for transfer.

May Friday 20: Went to Gamebridge & went over Sec. 3 with Dary & Mathison. Found everything allright. I instructed Dary if dredging came into disturbed foundation of entrance piers at L Simcoe, that piers were to be moved in to get solid foundation. Home. Office. Burnet called. Showry.

May Saturday 21: At office & Hyd lock most of day. Let water into to [sic] reach again above Hyd Lock & when it reached 3 ft high showed leak again through drain at spring. Let water off again.

May Sunday 22: Went for walk with R Fair by Hyd Lock. It rained in pm. Showry. Thunderstorms at night.

May Monday 23: Raised coffer dam above Hyd Lock & when water was raised 3 feet, the leak showed itself thro’ drain at the spring & took [------] [-----] it at stn 170 west side where drain had not been taken out. At lock most of day.

May Tuesday 24: Drove to office & up to Park to see presentation of New Colors to the 57th Batt. Gen’l Dundonald inspected them. In pm drove to Hyd Lock. Gen’l Dundonald & staff visited lock. Drove Stevens up to golf links. Fire works at night. Beautiful day.

May Wednesday 25: Went to Hyd Lock. Men started to dry out old stone drain thru’ which leak occurred. Office. At Hyd Lock at 6 pm. Fine. School Bd meeting re choosing site for new Collegiate Inst decided upon.

May Thursday 26: Went to Lak’d on train & took ‘Empire’ for Stoney Lake Park. Saw men at Park. Dinner at Ys Pt. Drove home at 3-4. Leah, Heber & T. Clementi & Gordon with me. Went to Hyd Lock. Got leakage at drain fixed & let in water. Office 10:30. Went to Hyd Lock at 11 pm. All OK.

May Friday 27: Walked to Hyd Lock till 12. Water full height in upper reach & no leaks for first time. Greatly relieved. Office. Went up to dredge with Gordon to lay out work at Cereal [Coy’s] raceway for continuing work. Went to Hyd Lock 7:30 to 8. Office. Got telegraph from George from Enderby BC saying he had miss[ed] W. Irwin & was dead broke. Fine.

May Saturday 28: Went to Kirkfield. Drove from Lornville to K’d. Went to Hyd Lock & over 4th Con. Line & over Sec. 3. Found everything O.K. Fine. Office. Went to Hyd Lock at 11 pm.

May Sunday 29: Coughlin called  me at 2 am this am to say that there was a leak spring in basin above Hy Lock. Went over & stayed till 8 & ran water off. Was at Lock most of day. Went to service  in am & pm. Rev Tucker preached in p.m. Fine.

May Monday 30: At Hy Lock most of day. Trying to find leak & think we found it at back of silt pocket. Feel anxious about basin above Lock. Fine. Had horse all pm at Lock. Drove after tea to Mrs. Irwin’s who told us George had job at Enderby. Went to School Bd.

May Tuesday 31: At Hyd Lock all am. Got leak temporarily stopped & let water in again at 10. Was at Lock most of day. Went to Joint Meeting of School and Council Committee re Site for Collegiate Institute. Went over to H Lock at 11 pm.

June Wednesday 1: Water holding in Canal reach above Hyd Lock.

[No entry June 2]

June Friday 3: At Hyd Lock most of day.

June Saturday 4: At Hyd Lock most of day. Have been anxiously watching Canal reach all week for fear another leak would occur but nothing so far.

June Sunday 5: Services. Wheeled up to Nassau & to tea at Mrs. Hamilton’s. Fine.

June Monday 6: At Hyd Lock most of day. Had building Comtt’e Meeting at 3-5 & Board meeting at 8. Decided to purchase Separate School ground for Institute. Office. Fine.

June Tuesday 7: Left for Ottawa at 12:35 am. on telegraph re Brown, L. & Alymer Final Est. Met E B Edwards there. Chief said not to give them more than was built of dry wall. Went up to House at night. Saw Lang & [Pater]. Fine.

June Wednesday 8: Arrd home from Ottawa. At Hyd Lock all day except 11-1 at office. Testing gate engines, found them geared too high & not strong enough. Office 9:15 to 10:30. Pouring rain all day. Murphy left for M’l [Montreal] to have gearing on gate engines changed. Run water out tonight to work at gate.

June Thursday 9: Went to Hyd Lock expecting to find water out low enough to examine bottom of canal. It was not. Drove with Gordon  to Lakefield. Took Empire to Youngs Pt. Visited dredge & Spence. Went to Hyd Lock at night & office. Shower this afternoon.

June Friday 10: Went to Hyd Lock & to office. Office all p.m. School Bd. meeting 8-11. Fine.

June Saturday 11: Went to Norwood Rd. Bridge. Gave instructions re putting next bank of canal in line. Office in pm & at night. Fine & hot.

June Sunday 12: Wheeled to Lakefield & back.

June Monday 13: Walked to Hyd Lock in am & left at 8:25 for Kirkfield. Drove from Lorneville. Visited 10th, Hyd Lock & Sec 3. Very warm. Office.

[No entry June 14]

June Wednesday 15: Went to Hyd Lock. Office. Went to Hyd Lock at 4. Drove to train with Gordon's horse to meet Harry who came home from McGill Summer School. Took some levels at new lot. Worked at plans all night.

June Thursday 16: Went over to Hyd Lock at 9. Drove to Lakefield. Took cover off Houseboat. Harry with me. Saw J Dunwoodie re levels below Dickson [Cy] Mill. Water raised at No. 2 this week but no raise at mill. Drove to Hy Lock at 5. Office. Fine.

June Friday 17: Drove to Lak'd & took Empire for Ys Pt. Visited Spence & instructed him to stop work & come home.

June Saturday 18: Office. At Hyd Lock most of day.

June Sunday 19: Went to St. Johns to depositing [sic] Old Colors of 57th.

June Monday 20: Drove to Lak’d in PM. Harry & Gordon with me. Harry stayed on Houseboat. At Hyd Lock & office in am.

June Tuesday 21: Drove (team) with Gordon to Lak’d & brot Houseboat with Empire down to Warsaw Rd. Had difficulty at all locks getting thro’. First (my) trip thro’ canal. Office at night.

June Wednesday 22: Drove to Warsaw Rd. Getting it so it will operate. Took Houseboat thro’ to [----] & left it there. Harry painting &c. Office till 4:30. Called on Mayor. Drove to Hyd Lock & to Warsaw Rd. & to Houseboat. Office at night 11.

June Thursday 23: Got word that official opening of Hyd Lock was to be on July 9th. WT Boyd here. Drove over to Hyd Lock & went to dinner with him. Office.

June Friday 24: Drove to Hyd Lock & to Joint Committee Meeting of Town & County Council & to funeral of Mrs. [Doupe] in pm & to Committee Meeting again at 5. Drove Mina to Hyd Lock & to locks.

June Saturday 25: Drove to town. Went to Committee Meeting at Mayors office re Official Opening. Drove to Houseboat & there for afternoon. Drove to Hyd Lock & after tea to locks with Gordon. Office. Very hot.

June Sunday 26: P. Johnson Mgr. Dom’n Bridge Co'y here. At 2 went to hotel & got team & took him for a drive & over to Hyd Lock. The gate chain had slipped off. Drove out to Chemong with Johnson, Murphy & Francis & stayed to tea. Left at midnight for Ottawa. Very windy.

June Monday 27: Arr’d in Ottawa in am. Went with G.M. Roger to see Minister re proposed visit to opening of Hyd Lock on 9th prox. Was disappointed at decision to run up & back same day. Came home at night.

June Tuesday 28: Arr'd home from Ottawa. Wheeled to Hyd Lock at 7 am & again at 9 am. Water out of reaches. Drove to Hyd Lock & to locks.

June Wednesday 29: At office till 4:30. Drove to locks with Gordon to examine coffer dam. Drove to Hyd Lock & to Houseboat & to wharf. Took Water Lilly into entrance of Lock No. 6 to see if navigable depth. Went to Committee Meeting re Hyd Lock opening. Office. Showery tonight.

June Thursday 30: Drove to Hyd Lock & ordered the South part of CP Ry siding, so that the spikes are taken out, to be levelled & graded for road grading. W.T. Boyd in town. Went to G. McMillan’s funeral & to office. Drove to Hyd Lock & to locks after tea. Office. Fine.

July Friday 1: Wheeled over to Houseboat & worked there with Harry & Armstrong all am. Drove team along river to Lak’d. Found McDonald bagging at different dams & no men on dams. Called at Dredge at 3 Island - ran Empire on up to Y's Pt. & Park. Employed the "Stoney Lake" for 9th. Home at 8. At office till 10:30. Showry & very heavy at night.

July Saturday 2: Circus here. Took children in afternoon.

July Sunday 3: Walked up [to] Mrs. Hamilton’s with Harry for supper.

July Monday 4: Busy getting Houseboat & Hyd Lock ready for opening.

July Tuesday 5: At Hyd Lock &c.

July Wednesday 6: Arr’d Ottawa re preparations of estimates. Tried to see Minister but could not. Left for home at night.

[No entry July 7 - July 8]

July Saturday 9: Took Houseboat Lotus down with ‘Empire’ to Hyd Lock & made the first lockage thro’ Hyd Lock at 10 am. Busy till 11 getting houseboat & hull of dredge ready for reception. Got dressed & drove to CP Ry train to meet Ottawa party. Went to No. 5 lock. Lunch & down on stm'r ‘Stoney Lake’ & Empress which made the official opening of the Hyd Lock. (See further notes in book.)

July Sunday 10: Walked over to Hyd Lock. Warm. Church. Slept in pm. Walked to Hyd Lock. Ch. Orangemen at St Lukes. Very hot.

July Monday 11: Drove to Hyd Lock - bank in an awful condition from rain & crowds. Office. Drove to Nassau re water regulation. School Bd meeting. Office 10:30 to 11:15. Fine & hot - This am Drove Ed & Emily to CPR station. Saw GA Cox re my speaking to Minister.

July Tuesday 12: Terrible downpour of rain till 10. Drove to Hyd Lock & to town. Office. Drove to town office & to Hyd Lock & up to Nassau. Office.

July Wednesday 13: Office. Drove along line with Gordon to Lak’d. Gave new lockmasters instructions. After tea took Houseboat up to Bay. Tried to raise guard gate. Dickson Co'y came for more water at Buckhorn. Gave them order. Office. Left for Ottawa midnight.

July Thursday 14: Arr'd in Ottawa for passing of estimates in House. They were not reached so had to stay. Walked down with Col. S. Hughes at night to station. He said that he had spoken to Minister about me & my connection with Hyd Lock.

July Friday 15: At Ottawa. Was in House most of afternoon & night. Trent Canal was up & it was great day for T.C. Both parties vied with each other in saying nice things about it. Minister spoke very nicely of me. Walked down from House with Minister & by app’t to meet him tomorrow am. Very hot.

July Saturday 16: At Ottawa. Met Minister by appt. re complaints. He was very nice and said he would call me in when necessary. Left for home at 11:30 am. Drove to cottage, arr’d there at 12:30 pm.

July Sunday 17: At Cottage. Drove down at 8. Harry with me.

[No entry July 18]]

July Tuesday 19: Office. Went to Kirkfield at 5:30 pm.

July Wednesday 20: At Kirkfield. Drove over Con. X work & over back road & down 4th Con’n. Eldon Rd. Dary met me at 4th. Went over Sec 3. Met Alymer at Entrance L. Simcoe. Very Hot.

July Thursday 21: Office.

July Friday 22: Office. Met Am’n Engineers Col. Symons, Corthell, EA Bond & 3 ladies at GT Ry. Drove them around till 7. Arranged to take them down river but boat failed to come. Spent evening at hotel.

July Saturday 23: Took 2 hacks & drove party of Am. Engineers to Hyd Lock & showed them over & drove on to Lak’d. Took Empire to Burleigh & Mr. Boyd sent ‘Calumet’ to Burleigh to meet us. Ran to Lindsay & took train for home & they went on to Pt. Hope & on. Wm. Boyd gave us beautiful lunch. Rain.

July Sunday 24: Rain in am. Harry & I drove team 10 am to cottage & returned at 7:30. Fine in pm.

July Monday 25: Arr’d in Ottawa re Estimates. Was in House in afternoon. Left for home at night.

July Tuesday 26: At office.

July Wednesday 27: Empire took scow up with cow &c to cottage. Was at Houseboat in am. Office in pm & till 11. Drove to locks at 5 to visit McNamara.

[No entry July 28]

July Friday 29: Went to Kirkfield. Drove from Beaverton to K’d. Exam'd foundation for Entrance piers at Simcoe.

July Saturday 30: At office & down to locks & at Hyd Lock. Drove up to Lak’d at 5:20 & took Empire for lake.

July Sunday 31: At Stoney Lake. Paddled over to church. Called at Mr. Irwin’s.

August Monday 1: Came down on ‘Stoney Lake’. Harry & Heber with me. Drove from Lak’d to town. Called on Lockmasters on way down. At Nassau, Dickson Co'y [running]. In pm at Hyd Lock. Lock not working as Gillespie let lock down by escape valves. Great disappointment as Excursionists was [sic] to go up. Ottawa Guards here.

August Tuesday 2: Drove to Hyd L. Murphy at Hyd L. re unsatisfactory working of main valve. Went up to yacht Victoria. Harry locked her down & over to canoe factory for repairs. Office 8 to 10. Murphy went home. Fine.

August Wednesday 3: Office. Drove to Nassau to meet Patterson & McGee of C G E co'y re unsatisfactory condition of water regulation. Had long discussion & they agreed to shut off load of water fill. Drove to lock & to station & left on train for Lak’d & took Empress for Park. Fine.

August Thursday 4: At Park wrote Annual Report. Empire called at Park for me & took me to Lak’d. Drove team (M) to town. Gordon with me. Harry drove team back. Drove (L) to locks. Office till 11:40. Edwards called re B & A claim. Fine.

August Friday 5: Wheeled over to Hy Lock to see big excursion from Colborne, Grafton &c go thro’ on ‘Stoney Lake’. Office till 4 wheeled down to locks & ‘Yankee Bonnet’ & office till 6:30. Drove team to Lak’d & took Empire for Park. Fine. Gordon drove team back.

August  Saturday 6: Took ‘Empire’ & ran to Chemong L. Regatta. Took family with me. Very windy. Exam’d different works along route. My first trip this season for Inspection. Very windy. Arr’d at Park at 10:15.

August Sunday 7: Paddled over to service. Heavy rain at night & cool.

August Monday 8: Came down on ‘Empress’. J. Fairbairn on train. Office all day. Wheeled down to locks at 5. Office at night 9-9:30. Called in to see R. R. Hall. Fine. Water out of coffer dam at Locks.

August Tuesday 9: Wheeled to Houseboat & to station before breakfast at JZR’s. Office till 5. Wheeled to locks. Water out well & excavation commenced today. [H---] called at 7 and we drove up to Nassau re brackets. Office 9:30 to 11. Fine.

[No entries August 10 - 20]

August Sunday 21: At Lake. Drove down at night. GHG came up for me.

August Monday 22: Arr’d in Ottawa at 6 am and left again at night.

August Tuesday 23: Left with Alex McCallum for Belleville to examine wheels & mill of Lott re case of Berrell vs Lott. Left at 6 pm for home. Fine.

[No entry August 24]

August Thursday 25: Office.

August Friday 26: Came down on ‘Empress’. Drove Mrs. [Mains] down from Lak’d. Office & drove to dam.

August Saturday 27: Busy in office & on works all day. Drove to Lak’d & took Empire at 7:00 for Cottage. Went to Hastings at 2 with Gordon. Bought yacht ‘Lassie’ from T. Fraser for $500.00. Drove to Norwood. Train 1 hr late.

August Sunday 28: At Lake all day. Went over to Pavillion for service in ‘Victoria’. I drove down from lake as CS is to be in town in morning.

August Monday 29: CS arrived here & was at my house at 6:30. Went to Hyd Lock & operated it. Went to locks to see dam work. Left at 8:30 for upper Section. Dary met us at Beaverton & we drove over all the work between the two Sections. CS asked me to go to [‘Soo’] with him so I went in his private car. Mina came home from Park on Empire with children.

August Tuesday 30: On way to Soo arr'd there at 5:30. Went down over Canal with CS & Boyd & Tripp. Harry bro’t Victoria & rest of things home from the lake.

August Wednesday 31: Went over steel plant at ‘Soo’ with CS & Manager Shields & over work on Canal with Boyd & Tripp. Left ‘Soo’ at noon & I went as far as North Bay with CS & came home by Orillia.

September Thursday 1: Arrived home at noon from ‘Soo’ and left again at 2 pm for Belleville. Went over case with A. McCallum. Talked over also a possible partnership.

September Friday 2: At Belleville on case Berrell vs Lott. Left for home at 6pm. Showery in am.

September Saturday 3: Drove to locks 8:45 am till 11re dam. Got letter from Emma [----] saying George had gone to hospital with typhoid fever. Office all day & night.

September Sunday 4: Fine & cool.

September Monday 5: Labor Day. Drove (L) to locks with Gordon & went over work to be done. Office 3 to 6 & 8 to 10. Fine & cool.

September Tuesday 6: Left at 7:12 for Toronto with Mina. Met Hansard by appt. & had meeting with Minister of Public Works re transfer of Reservoir Dams to Dom’n Gov’t. Settled everything satisfactorily. Patterson present. Went out to Junction. Left at 10 for Ottawa.

September Wednesday 7: Arr’d in Ottawa re progress of expenditures of appropriations. Left at night for Toronto.

September Thursday 8: Arr’d in Toronto & out to Junction. Came in with Heber to Exhibition & left Toronto on boat with Mina & Heber for Niagara. Went to Mrs. McGarry’s & stayed.

September Friday 9: Went over to Welland to see Beaty re dredge engine. Went along Welland Canal with Weller.

September Saturday 10: Went down to works & then went with Mrs. McG. Mina & rest for trip down gorge. Had lunch at pavillion. Took boat at six o’clock for Toronto & home at midnight.

September Sunday 11: At home.

September Monday 12: Arr'd in Montreal to attend in case re Chambly dam. Was not called today. Harry came down with me to try his supplemental exams. Staying at Society rooms.

September Tuesday 13: At Montreal in Court but not called.

September Wednesday 14: At Montreal in Court but not called.

September Thursday 15: At Court in Montreal. Was called to box at 3 pm.

September Friday 16: At Montreal. My examination was concluded at 3 pm . Went looking for Boarding house for Harry & found 49 Victoria St.

September Saturday 17: Arr’d home from Montreal. Office. Drove to locks &c.

September Sunday 18: Home.

September Monday 19: Office. Was at locks &c.

September Tuesday 20: Went to Gamebridge. Drove over line from L Simcoe to Road at 4th Con. Alymer came down. Went to meeting of School Bd. in RR Hall’s office. Fine.

September Wednesday 21: Arr’d in Ottawa with Committee of School Bd. & Council re grant $10,000 & re site of B'ldings. Saw Minister also re more money for plant &c dredging at Cereal Works. Left for home at 11:30. McLennan on train. Rec’d McL’s appointment as Superintend. Went service St. Luke’s Harvest Festival.

September Thursday 22: Drove to locks. Office. Drove to Houseboat & to Hyd Lock. School meeting at night. Left for Ottawa at Midnight to meet Institute Civil Eng’r.

September Friday 23: Arr’d in Ottawa at 6 to meet party of Members of Institute C. Engineers. Met party at City Hall. Went to House of Commons. Went to Alymer for lunch. Mills at Hull. Garden party at Mr. Keefers & started for Montreal at 8 & arr'd at 11:30. Fine day. Met Mrs. Mothersill at party.

September Saturday 24: At Montreal. Went to McGill to see about Harry Supplementals. Saw W. White & Prof. Unwin. Went over college was with them. Went to see Prof. Waller with Harry & he gave me assurances that satisfied me to let Harry go on. Went over Harbor with party. Pouring rain. Stayed with Harry.

September Sunday 25: Started at 9:15 for Toronto. Harry at station to see off. Had very pleasant Day. Arrd at 5:45. Had beautiful fine train. Went out to Junction. Went to Service & to Ed’s.

September Monday 26: Came in from Junction. Party left King Edward at 10 in carriages to City Hall, Parliament Bld. Nordheimer’s. Lunch at King Edw. Sail on Lake. Lt. Governors. Engineering Club.  I gave some views & description of Hy Lock. Went to Queens. Tried to find W. Boyd but did not. Fine.

September Tuesday 27: Met Willie Boyd. Left Toronto at 8:10 with party for Niagara. Went over all plants on both sides. Lunch at Pavillion & refreshments on US side power house. Mr. McGarry drove me around. Party went back to Hamilton & on to Chicago for St. Louis. I left for home at Hamilton & arrd at 12:30.

September Wednesday 28: Office. Went to locks. Went to Mrs. Jas. Hall (---- funeral).

September Thursday 29: Office.

September Friday 30: Went to inspect work at Lovesick & Burleigh. Walked to Cottage & packed up some things & brought them to Lak’d. Regular gale blowing. Went to School Bd. Committee meeting re adopting plan for Collegiate Institute building. Adopted Belcher’s plan.

October Saturday 1: Office. Drove to locks at 4 & to Hyd Lock. J.H. McClennan called & had to talk with him re his appointment as Superintendent. He seems as though he wanted to get on quietly & amicably.

October Sunday 2: Wheeled over to see [Cronnin] & drove to locks.

October Monday 3: Wheeled to locks at 10. Office. School Bd Meeting at night. Pretty lively over expenditure for painting.

October Tuesday 4: Went to Gamebridge, to Kirkfield. Examined Entrance piers L. Simcoe & Hyd Lock. Went to Bob’n & stayed at M. Boyd’s.

October Wednesday 5: At Bob’n. Went over works. Grant sheeting dam. Good job. Drove to Little Bob’ Channel to examine it with view of utilizing it for a new navigation route. Went home on Empire to Bridgenorth and drove (L) to Pet’o. Office 10-11. Showry & cool.

October Thursday 6: Wheeled to locks. Office. Office at night.

October Friday 7: Drove (L) to locks in am. Went to [Dentist] & to Hamilton’s foundry. Drove to Houseboat & to School Sports & to Hyd Lock & to locks. Office at night.

October Saturday 8: Office.

October Sunday 9: Went for walk to locks with Fair.

October Monday 10: Went to Canal work dredging. Shut down dredge to get tracks &c in shape. Office. Met C.K. Keefer. Office at night. Showry.

October Tuesday 11: Went to dredging at Cereal. Called to see Mr. Stewart (Cereal)  & explained proposal re work. He was satisfied. Got JZR’s yacht & took Mr. Stewart & others over Hyd Lock. Drove to locks. Office at night. Showry in am.

October Wednesday 12: Drove to locks. Office. Service at St Lukes. Office.

October Thursday 13: Went to Gamebridge & over works to Kirkfield & Peat works to examine hoist engine. Was going on but boat did not arrive. McClellan & Gordon with me. Back home. Office to 11. Fine.

October Friday 14: Wheeled to locks & to Cereal works work. Met Tripp at train. Dinner at ‘Oriental’ Drove to Hyd Lock & to locks with Tripp. Office at night.

October Saturday 15: Wheeled to Cereal Works & office. Examined cars & bot 7 from Stevens for $150.00. Wheeled to locks.

October Sunday 16: Arriv’d in Montreal in am. Harry met me. Stayed with him. Went to the Cathedral in am. Went to the Mudges for afternoon tea & to the Cathedral at nt. Walked home with Mrs. Grant. Fine.

October Monday 17: At Montreal. Went down town in am & lunch with J Badgley. Kathleen Meade was married to A. Mudge in St. George’s by Archbishop Bond asst’ by Dr. Symonds. I gave Kathleen away. At night met Murphy by appointment re matters re Hyd Lock No 2. Stayed at Society Room.

October Tuesday 18: Left Montreal at 8:45 for Ottawa. Had breakfast with Harry. Hon. M. Blair on train to O. Saw CS re several matters. Left for home at night. Fine.

October Wednesday 19: Went on to Toronto to buy hoisting engine & bot one from A R Williams. for $850.00. Came home on GTR at 2 pm. Went to service at night. George left hospital at Revelstoke BC & went to Arrowhead & back & staying at hotel.

October Thursday 20: Wheeled to work at Cereal Works & to locks. Office in pm. Sir Wilfrid Laurier here. Office at night. Fine & warm. Clark arrived here as draughtsman.

October Friday 21: Office. George left Revelstoke for Calgary to arrive at 1 am.

October Saturday 22: Office. George went out to Alfred’s at Calgary.

October Sunday 23: Wheeled out to see J. Heap & to tea at Price’s.

October Monday 24: Office. New hoisting engine from Welland arr'd. Drove to locks in pm. Fine.

October Tuesday 25: Office till 4. GT Ry car agent here & settled re [damage]. Drove (L) to Locks & left at 5:10 by CPR for Bobcaygeon. Stayed at M. M. Bd's [Mossam Boyd's].

October Wednesday 26: At Bob’n. Drove to Fenelon F. to examine height &c of [crest] of new [---] dam. Met Dr. Gould. Back to Bob’n at 1. ‘Calumet’ ran us to Bridgenorth & drove (L) home. Service at night. Showery.

October Thursday 27: Office.

October Friday 28: Office. Went to locks.

October Saturday 29: At Ottawa on telegraph re closing Rds & took specification for Hydraulic Lock at Kirkfield to be printed. Went to football match. Home at night.

October Sunday 30: Walked up to Mrs. [------] for tea with T Burnham.

October Monday 31: Office. Wheeled over to Houseboat & to locks in afternoon. Office at night. Fine.

November Tuesday 1: Went to Beaverton & drove over works to 4th Con’n road. Drove over with Dary.

November Wednesday 2: Went to Bob’n to see work [-----]. Saw Grozelle re going on trip up reservoirs. Office 9-10:30. Fine.

November Thursday 3: Election Day. Dominion House. Office. At locks & Cereal Works. Club at night. Conservatives snowed under. 60 Maj for Laurier. RR Hall elected in town.

November Friday 4: Office in am. Ran Ketchicum party up on Empire from Peterboro to Buckhorn & we came on to Chemong & drove home. R.R. Hall, W. Irwin & Kilbourn. Home at 3 am.

November Saturday 5: Office wheeled to Cereal Works & to locks office 8-10:30. Fine.

No entry November 6]

November Monday 7: Went to Haliburton at noon with Gordon, [Larmouth] & Eason. Stayed at Haliburton over night. Fine & mild.

November Tuesday 8: Drove to Redstone 9-1 & stayed at Grozelles shanty over night. Exam’d the dams & run arounds at Redstone.

November Wednesday 9: Left Redstone at camp at 6 am & reached Kenesis Camp at 9:50. Had a deer run. I shot a deer on the run way. Paddled back to Redstone Portage for balance of stuff & men. Stayed at Camp. Fine.

November Thursday 10: Had a run & I shot another deer in Paint Lake in water. Had run again in pm. Fine.

November Friday 11: Had another run & Eason shot a deer that Grozelle [paddled] up.

November Saturday 12: Left at 9 for [Hawk] lake. Was pretty rough & stayed at [Hawk] Lake camp.

November Sunday 13: [S---] & blowing hard all day.

November Monday 14: Went to Trout Lake for run & to examine dam into St. [Vera's]. Ran across two deer & shot them both but did not get them then. Got one in the afternoon. Met Dennison. Camp on Trout Lake.

November Tuesday 15: Started for home at 6. Drove to Minden & to Kinmount & on to home by train. Terrible drive to Minden. Arrived home at 9 pm.

November Wednesday 16: Went to Cereal Coy’s dredging & office. Drove to locks 4 to 5. Office at night 8-11. Freezing hard tonight.

November Thursday 17: Thanksgiving Day. Went to service in am. Wheeled to locks in pm 4-5. Office 5-6 & 9-11. Fine & cool.

November Friday 18: Drove to Lak'd with Gordon & took Empire to Burleigh. Fine & mild.

November Saturday 19: Office. At work at Cereal Works & wheeled to locks in pm.

November Sunday 20: Mild. Tea at Gwen Hull’s.

November Monday 21: Office. Drove to Hyd. Locks & to Houseboat. Men unloading storehouse. Office at night. Fine & warm.

November Tuesday 22: Drove to Lak’d. Met Mr. McLeod there examining masonry walls. Went to Burleigh on Empire & exam'd dam. Water out.  Ran to Juniper Is. re wharf. Gordon, W. Irwin, R.T. Fair, Williams with me. Office at night. H.A. McLeod at office. Went over wall work.

November Wednesday 23: At Houseboat all day. Had gang men excavating pit for Houseboat. Office at night. Service. Drove to locks.

November Thursday 24: Had gang excavating for pit of Houseboat & yacht. Was there all day. Drove to locks in pm. Office at night & went to see RR Hall re reservoirs.

November Friday 25: Drove to Houseboat. Left for Bob’n at 8:30. Visited Grant. Found he had dug trench along North side for cut off & crib work on South side. Had E. Lajoi & A. Young laying up Houseboat & yacht. Cold & flurry of snow.

November Saturday 26: Office. Drove to Locks, Hyd & to Houseboat. E. Lajoi & A Young boarding up Houseboat & yacht. Office at night.

November Sunday 27: Turned very cold. Walked over to Hyd Lock & up to Houseboat. Tea at C's.

November Monday 28: Went to Beaverton & drove over Section from L. Simcoe to 4th Con. Road. Saw B & A were putting in clay tiles instead of vitrified tile (see notes). About 2 or 3'' snow on ground.

November Tuesday 29: Office. Visited dredge which they are pulling out today. Drove to Hyd Lock & after 4 drove to locks & up to Nassau to examine water which we are letting out of waste sluice at Thompsons. Office at night.

November Wednesday 30: Office. Drove to Hyd Lock & in pm to locks & to Nassau to examine the letting off water at Thompsons. Service & office. Gordon telephoned that water was flowing over GTR track above Auburn & we got team with [----] & drove there but found everything OK.

December Thursday 1: Office. Drove to John Bertram’s funeral & to locks. At 3:30 drove to Nassau. School Bd. meeting 5-6:30. Went to bazzar of St. Johns Church till 9:30. Fine & cold.

December Friday 2: Office till 11. Drove to locks & then up to Lakefield. Back at 4. Office.

December Saturday 3: Men putting up new (‘Universal’) cook stove. Stayed with them till 12. Office. Home till 4. Drove to locks & to Houseboat. Office at night. Cold.

December Sunday 4: Cold. Wheeled to Nassau & came down on ice.

December Monday 5: Office. Went to School Bd meeting at night.

December Tuesday 6: Went to Toronto re transfer reservoir dam from Ontario Gov’t to Dominion Gov’t. Met Alward Law Clerk Dept. R&C & we had two interviews with Campbell Ass't Coun’l. Got all points pretty well decided. Went out to Ed’s & on to Hetty’s & home. Fine.

December Wednesday 7: Office. Drove to locks & Hyd lock 4-5:30. Office. Cold.

December Thursday 8: Drove team - cutter- to Burleigh. Called in to see men at Cottage & exam’d proposed near entrance at Youngs Point. Office 9-11. Snowed about 4 inches last night. Cold & windy.

December Friday 9: Office. Drove with G. to Locks at 11 and walked & had horse meet me at locks at 5. drove to Hyd Lock. Office at night. Went to Dr. [-------] funeral. Very cold.

December Saturday 10: Went to Bobcaygeon with G. Inspected work. Instructed Grant to use diver instead of trying to pump out. Office 8:30-10. Very cold.

December Sunday 11: At 4 pm called on Mr. JM Kilbourn at Oriental & he came over to house to supper. At 8 went to Oriental & met JR Stratton by appointment. Went over Heeley’s Falls matter. He said he would stay on & help secure it.

December Monday 12: Drove to locks with Gordon at 10 & at 4:30 went again with [----] for ¾ hour. Work will be finished in day or two. Office all day. Left at midnight for Montreal. J M Kilbourn with me. Cold.

December Tuesday 13: Arrd at Montreal. Harry met us. Called to enquire re drills at Rand & got particulars & prices and also at Mussen & Co. for prices & particulars re concrete mixers. At night saw P Johnson re taking over Hydraulic Lock. Went to meeting of Council of CSCE. Was chairman of meeting.

December Wednesday 14: Went to Ottawa at 8:45 am. Went to Dept. at 2:30. Saw CS re Transfer Dams & other matters, estimates &c. Left for home at 11 pm. Work at locks closed down for season.

December Thursday 15: Office. Drove to locks with Gordon & saw every thing was prepared for Winter. Office at night 9-10:30. Fine & cold.

December Friday 16: Office. Walked to Hyd Lock. went to tea at Rectory.

December Saturday 17: Office.

[No entry December 18]

December Monday 19: Office. Drove to Nassau & Lakefield & to [----] Cox’s funeral. Office. Milder about 2'' snow fell.

December Tuesday 20: Went to Beaverton & over Section from L Simcoe to Lock 5 to 4th Con Road. At Kirkfield I gave the staff & others a supper, about 25. Went off very well. Cold & stormy, snow.

December Wednesday 21: Arrd home at noon. Office in pm & night. Fine. Drove to inspect work at scow for ¾ hour & back.

December Thursday 22: Office. Drove to scow, took sleighs to be [---] to P. Clancy at 11 am & again at 2. Drove to country for [boughs]. Office at night.

December Friday 23: Office.

December Saturday 24: Office. Painting & fixing up bob sleighs for Heber. Shopping at night. Met R. Ritchie in club at 5.

December Sunday 25: Christmas. Went to early service. In pm called to see Mrs. E A Peck, old Mr. Peck. Maria, Harry, Neil & tea at Calcutt’s. Cold.

December Monday 26: Celebrated Christmas today. Santa Claus at house last night. At club 4:30 to 6. Went to Christmas tree at Calcutt’s & after to Maria’s. Not much like Christmas without Harry or George who are both absent. Harry at Montreal & George in Calgary.

December Tuesday 27: Office. Went to Masonic meeting (St. John’s Day). Installation & banquet. Raining most of day & walking frightful.

December Wednesday 28: Office in am. Drove to Bobcaygeon at 1:30 J Belcher & my children (3) with me. Blowing & snowing but had covered rig.

December Thursday 29: At Bob’n Exam'd work at Lock. Drove home at 3-6. Office 10:30-11. Fine.

December Friday 30: Office. In pm. Drove with Gordon’s horse to Nassau to examine coffer dam in front of guard gate & to Hyd L & to scows. Went to At Home at club. Mina went also. Very nice. Milder.

December Saturday 31: Office 10-12:30. Market & office 3:45 to 5:30. Very mild.



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