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Richard was 44 years old. He lived with his wife and children. On January 22 Queen Victoria died and he expresses the deep sorrow the whole country felt. On February 20th Richard received a letter from the Department of Public Works stating that his services would no longer be required after March 1st. Rumours circulate about a Mr. Clegg’s appointment and Richard heard that Clegg might have been trying to influence others against him. On March 11th, Mr. Stratton informed Richard that an organized effort was being made to displace him. RBR immediately saw Hon. G.A. Cox about this. Hon. Cox promised to speak to the Minister (Blair) on his behalf. The next day Richard spoke to J. R. Stratton again and Stratton reassured him re rumours of his dismissal. On March 18 Mr. Spence was appointed to take RBR’s place. On March 19th, Richard made a desperate attempt re his position by going to Montreal. On May 2 nd, an investigation began with Stratton appearing for Corry & Laverdure and Edwards appearing for Richard B. Rogers. On September 6th while travelling through Buffalo he decided to visit the city to see the Pan American Exposition and he happened to see President William McKinley go by just 10 minutes before he was shot dead at the Music Hall. A week later Richard’s eldest son George left for school and Richard reflected on how this was "George’s first break from home." On the 18th of December his daughter Lillian contracted diphtheria but recovered a couple of weeks later. At the beginning of November Richard went to Ottawa to speak with Minister Blair re his $800.00 reduction in salary. The Minister did not see him for several days and the meeting achieved no satisfactory conclusion. Late in November, Edwards (Richard’s lawyer) went before Blair and Sir R. Cartright to plead RBR’s case re decrease in salary. On November 22nd, Richard went before Arbitrators in Montreal. The proceedings went on for more than 3 weeks not concluding until December 18. Richard constantly traveled back and forth between his work and the Arbitrations or simply stayed in Montreal day after day defending his case. In all the commotion, Christmas came and went with scarcely a mention and he was back to work the next day. December 31st brought a break in the bottom of the Canal in one of the walls. Richard pronounced "an awful day."





1901 Diary

Period covered: January 1, 1901 - December 31, 1901

Dimensions: 14.2 cm X 7.5 cm (l x w)

No. of Pages: 180

Note: The diary contains 2 addenda pages where the diarist has recorded Notes and Bills Receivable and Payable for the year of 1901.


[Note: the first entry has been entered partly on the empty space above the area allotted for January 1st. RBR has continued the entry also under the correct date]

January 1st 1901 Considerable doubt exists as to whether this is the beginning of the century or that it commenced 12 mos ago.  Went to Holy Communion at 9:30 am with Mina. The Meade girls (3) were at house to dinner. Went calling in pm. George drove. Rev M Symonds went with me. Made about 15 calls. Beautiful day. At home in evening.

January Wednesday 2: Went to Hyd Lock. Office.

January Thursday 3: Went to Hastings at noon & drove to Norwood. Gordon with me.  JB Brophey arrived from Trenton after closing up office there.

January Friday 4: Office. Went to Men’s chapter St. Lukes. Resigned the Presidency. There was a few spending evening at house.

January Saturday 5: At Hy Lock in am.

January Sunday 6: Went for walk in pm & called to see how Mr. H Denne was who had a parallitic [sic] stroke yesterday. Mrs. Greenwood at house to tea. After service walked over to HC Rogers with Mr. Greenwood.

January Monday 7: Drove to Hyd Lock. Harry took horse & drove M. Farewell to station. Office. In pm 5pm. Drove out to Warsaw Rd. Bridge. Found water had raised about 1 foot in reach. Drove down with M Pousette to Z Burnhams for a little dance. Fine.

January Tuesday 8: Went to Hy L in am. Drove to office. Office all day. Went to Fortnightly Club meeting. Mild.

January Wednesday 9: Office in am. Drove over to work at room & up to Norwood Rd. Drove home at 5:30. Went out for skate at night to canal. Harry had a few in for supper. Mild.

January Thursday 10: Office in am. In pm went to Mrs. Greenwoods sale for 1 hr. Drove over to Hy. L at Corrys request to meet Mr. McIntosh Contractor for granite. Office. Harry went back to TCS Pt Hope tonight. Went to meeting of Royal [-----] & after supper at ‘Crown’.

January Friday 11: Office in a.m. Drove to Hyd Lock at 3:30 to 4:30. Drove to station to meet men returning from South Africa. P Price & A Turner came at 5 by C.P. Ry & were given a great reception. E Thompson also came by the GTR at 8 & was also given a good reception. Snowed about 6''.

January Saturday 12: Went to Hy Lock in am & also in p.m. McIntosh there also. Went to office at night & had Francis there. Discussed question of filling voids in granite with alloys. McIntosh came up & told him we might use stones if they filled them in as I would further instruct him. 11 pm.

January Sunday 13: Walked out to S. Prices with Edna & George & had talk with Percy re War. Percy drove us in & stayed for supper. Fine.

January Monday 14: Sleet & snow. Started for Dundas at 7:10 to examine ram castings at Bertrams. Arrd there at 12:45. Francis there also. Found castings very fine & satisfactory. Went back to Hamilton. Went over Normal School for Domestic Science, was very much pleased. Went to see Mr. Wilton. Went to Toronto at 5 pm. Went out & stayed with Ed at Junction. Went to meeting presenting soldier from South Africa with Gold watch."

January Tuesday 15: Went to see CB Smith over specifications for Cement which CSCE were to get out & discussed matter with him. Called on [clubman] & went to Engineers club & joined it ($2.00). Called on J.R. Stratton. Saw Patti. Arrd home at 8 pm. Went to meeting of Engineers club at home. Miserable day.

January Wednesday 16: Office am. Went to work in pm. Went to Norwood Rd. Wall gang working at guard gate. Francis with me. Office. Went to my first meeting of School Board. Bro’t up matter of Domestic Science in a casual way & gave a couple of books to [----] & Packenham. Mild. My Birthday (44th).

January Thursday 17: Office. Started for Toronto at 4:45. Attended meeting of Engineering Club re discussion as to specifications for Cement. The discussion was very good & profitable. Took Raddon up also. Had very bad cold.

January Friday 18: Very cold. Very little work going on. Office all day. Papers announce serious illness of Queen.

January Saturday 19: Stayed in house all day as I have such a bad cold. Busy with Reports all day. A terribly cold day. 14° below all day & wind.

January Sunday 20: Went to Service. Walked down to Z Burnhams for tea.

January Monday 21: Office all day. Mr. Scott Mgr for Cereal Co’y called re water supply & power. Office 9-10 pm. Started for Ottawa at midnight. Mild & snow going.

January Tuesday 22: Arr’d at Ottawa at 6 am. Left plan case in car & went down for it. Went to lunch with C.S. While at lunch a telephone message came saying that the Queen was dead. Started for Montreal at 6:40. Went down on Canada Atlantic on Gov’t car paid $3.50 extra. Went to Windsor. Cold.

January Wednesday 23: Went out to Dominion B Coy to test section of accumulator. Came in at 2 pm. Went down for Gaile & he came up to dinner with me. After we went down to the big fire of Board of Trade & other buildings. Largest fire ever in Montreal. Hetty Burnham was also with us.

January Thursday 24: At Montreal. Went out to Dominion B Wks to test Section of accumulator. Came in at 10 am. Went to Annual Meeting of C.S.C Eng’s in our own rooms. Was there all day. Went up to Boveys for short time with Keefer & Galbraith. After supper went up to see Mr. Grant. Fine.

January Friday 25: At Montreal. At meeting of CSC Eng’s. Was elected Member of Council for first time and Chairman Committee for awarding C. Zouski [ Gzowski} Medal. Had lunch in rooms. Walked down town with J Kennedy & went with [Tiller] to look at fire. At Windsor met Mr. Smith (Dr) of  Winnipeg. Started for home at 9:30 pm. Cold.

January Saturday 26: Arr’d home from Montreal at 5 am. Office all day. Got telegram to go to Ottawa Monday am. Saw Mr. Scott re going & my absent [sic] on Monday.

January Sunday 27: Fine but blustering at night. Started for Ottawa at midnight.

January Monday 28: Arr’d in Ottawa re doing work for rebuilding piers of dam in front of new power house. Kilbourn was there & went over matter with Law Clerk who decided we had to do work. Started for home at 11 pm. Was with Kilbourn most of day. Fine & cool.

[Note: For the next two entries RBR has crossed out the dates & entered his own. They are listed here as they appear in the diary.]

January [Note: the words ‘Tuesday 29’ have been crossed out and ‘Wednesday 30’ have been written above them]: Drove to Youngs Pt in am. Gordon with me. Arranged for starting work of constructing piers in dam in front of power house. Office till 6 pm. Met Alymer & Keefer & had a drink with Alymer. At home at night.

January [Note: the words ‘Wednesday 30’ have been crossed out and ‘Tuesday 29’ have been written above them]: Office in am. Tel Gordon to come to office & arrange work at Ys Pt. After dinner went over work with Francis. Instructed Foreman & Greenwood not to dump behind walls of lock & only in [-----] of Canal about (2 or 3 days work) & not on bank. Went to supper with WT Boyd at Snowden’s. Spent evening at AD Parke’s with St. L's choir.

January Thursday 31: Went to Beaverton & over work to Kirkfield with Robinson & Genest. Found Genest on his way home from Toronto where he had been to meet Sangster. Reprimanded him for saying he favored clearing all of swamp. Fine day. Office 9-10.

February Friday 1: Went to Toronto re Reservoirs. Waited all day to see Ministers but could not see them. Came home at 5:15. Worked at office.  Fine.

February Saturday 2: Queen Victoria's Memorial day. Public Holiday. Every body showing deepest sorrow. Went to Union service with School board (Ashb’n) Rev H Symonds preached. Another service in Methodist Ch. Went to drillshed to hear Proclamation of King Edward VII. In pm went to St. John’s & sang in choir. Tremendous crowds at all services. Beautiful day.

February Sunday 3: Walked down to Z Burnhams in pm with Edna & Florrie B. Fine but cold.

February Monday 4: Office in am. Went to Lakefield & drove to Ys Pt with Gordon & Mr. Kilbourn to start work at constructing new opening to power house. Decided to go on with work immediately. Disagreeable day snow & blowing. Office at night 9-11.

February Tuesday 5: Went to Toronto re reservoirs. Saw Hon. J R Stratton & Davis & Davis sent me to Chief Engineer McCallum. I discussed matter with him & left him to think over it. Called on Mrs. Orde & Patti. Went to Engineers Club & Lecture & came home at 10 pm. Fair Wood & Edwards on train.

February Wednesday 6: Office in am. Walked to Hyd Lock in pm. Conroy & Blackwell called re settlement of [C-res] Bridge.  Went to wedding of T Maniece & choir practice. Very cold & fine.

February Thursday 7: Office in am. Went to Lakefield by train to meet Kilbourn & Gordon re continuing work at Youngs Pt. Decided to do so. Back on train. Drove on Canal from Norwood Rd. to Lake. Office at night. Clear & cold.

February Friday 8: Office all day. J. Belcher called in pm. At night went to Council Chamber where a meeting to form a Village Civic Association was formed. EA Peck was app’t Pres. I was appt’d on Com’te. Idea of forming such a associat'n was started in our Guild meeting at St Lukes.

February Saturday 9: Started for Park Stoney Lake but it turned out such an awful day, snow & wind, that I stayed at Ys Pt & went over work there. Came back to Lak’d and saw Kilbourn re wall at end of our work. Back at 4 pm. Office till 6:15. George, Edna & Leah with me. Snow about 1 ft deep.

February Sunday 10: Fine & cold.

February Monday 11: Office in am. Went to Hastings to visit Gordon. He came up with me, came via Norwood. Went by Hamilton Coy & saw McCallum re plan of work at Youngs Point. Office at night 9:30-11. Gordon up to see me. Fine.

February Tuesday 12: Went to Beaverton. Saw pile driven partly at No. 4 Lock. Not satisfactory. Drove out with Genest. Ret’d home. Read telegraph to go to Ottawa. Gave talk on Hyd Lock to Mens Chapter of Guild St. Lukes at night. Started for Ottawa at midnight. Very cold & blowing.

February  Wednesday 13: Arr’d in Ottawa 3 hrs late. Went Dept. re Accounts of Corry & L attached to Progress Est. Explained them to CS. Went to lunch with C.S. Walked out to Mothersill’s foundry. Spent evening with H Wickham. Started for home at 11. Very cold & windy.

February Thursday 14: Arrived home from Ottawa. Office in am. Walked to Hyd Lock in pm. Setting second last stone in foundation West Wall & got it set. Office till 6 pm. All trains on C.P. Ry cancelled on acct of snow drifts at Burkton. Very cold & windy.

February Friday 15: Office all day. Cold. Office at night 10:30.

February Saturday 16: Drove to Youngs Pt. Visited work at dam. Drove on up to Park & made a survey of water front from Sandy Pt to Sandy Bay. Gordon came up with me. George & Claud also. Claud cut his knee. Beautiful day. Office at night.

February Sunday 17: Beautiful day. Allice & Bay Meade  & M Poussette to dinner. Walked along canal in pm.

February Monday 18: Went to brewry office to see re notes. Office. Drove to Lake to locate pier. Office. Went to Council at night. Beautiful day.

[No entry Feb. 19]

February Wednesday 20: Rec’d letter from Dept. Pub Works stating that my services would not be required after 1st of March. Was at works in pm.

February Thursday 21: Started for Ottawa re Clegg’s appointment. Saw C.S. & Minister. Minister was very nice about my office. Was busy at Dept. all day.

February Friday 22: At Ottawa. Saw Chief Eng’r & Deputy of Dep P. Wks re Clegg’s appointment. They knew nothing about it & were very indignant. Was with GM Rogers & H Denne a good deal.

February Saturday 23: Arrived home from Ottawa. Office all day. Frank Morris came down at night to tell me that S. Clegg had been up to try & get him to incriminate me as to influencing him to vote against the Gov’t. Told him to make affidavit to this effect. Fine.

February Sunday 24: Fine day. Walked over works.

February Monday 25: Went to Beaverton to meet Reeves re bridge at L. Simcoe. Found the opinion unanimous for bridge there. Seemed anxious for survey & said they would send in a petition for it. Got telegraph from C.S. at 11 pm to go to Chambly for Royal Electric Co’y. Fine day.

February Tuesday 26: Started for Chambly. Breakfast at Windsor, Montreal. Went to Chambly in am. Went all over concrete work with Kennedy. Was an awful job. Wrote Report in note book on it. Spent evening with Jas Kennedy at CSCE Rooms. Stayed at ‘Windsor’.

February Wednesday 27: Started for home. All day on train. Met Mountain C.E. at night at Oriental. He seemed to think that $3.25 was a low price for the Concrete at Hyd Lock. Office.

February Thursday 28: Office. Went to see G.M. Rogers re description of GT Ry at Nassau. Showed him Morris’ affidavit. Drove to Bob’n. George drove me. Exam’d bottom of canal and decided to get down to rock as near lock as possible for cut off. Stayed with Willie Boyd. Beautiful Day.

March Friday 1: Exam’d work - P Grant with 5 men. Started for home at 11 a.m. It began to snow at 1 p.m.  Office. Went down to see Peter Hamilton re reports going to Ottawa. Very nice & he wrote a letter to Mr. Blair saying such reports were untrue. Office 9-10:30. First mild day for weeks.

March Saturday 2: Office in am. In pm walked to Hyd Lock. Went to see GM Rogers re Griffin’s claim Lak’d. Office. In evening started house accts. Cold in am. Milder in pm.

March Sunday 3: Mild. Walked out to Prices to see Kinsley who was recommended for V.C. for saving Percy Price. Poured rain 6-7. Percy & Kinsley in to supper.

March Monday 4: Office all day and at night 8-11 pm. At night J.B. Williams called and stayed for ¾ of an hour talking about things in general. Seemed very subdued. Mild.

March Tuesday 5: Office in am. Walked to Hyd Lock in pm. Office. School Board Meeting and Mens Chapter St. Lukes at night. Cold.

March Wednesday 6: At home all am writing letter to papers on Domestic Science. Office 12. Smith told inspector called. Also Clegg S asked if he could have an office in building. Told him there was no room. Drove to Ys Point. Took Kilbourn up from Lak’d. Getting on well. Very cold. Service & choir practice.

[No entry Mar. 7]

March Friday 8: Went to Toronto re drawing out specifications for cement. Met Smith Butler and Rust & drew out Specification. Went up to Gov’t building & called on Stratton & McCallum. Went up to see Eddie at Junction. He is sick. Came home at midnight. Snow & sleet at night.

March Saturday 9: Office in am. ‘Examiner’ burnt down this a.m. Walked over to work in p.m. Office.

March Sunday 10: In pm Gordon called. Went over to R Fairs & stayed to tea. Went to St. Lukes. Pouring rain, awful night.

March Monday 11: Office. Saw J.R. Stratton for a short time. He gave me to understand that an organized effort was being made to displace me. In pm went over to Hyd L. to meet Cereal Co'y people. Missed them. Saw GM Rogers & [W] Ferguson re position. At night went to banquet at Oriental given by J.R. Stratton to American Cereal Co’y. Went to train to see Hon. G.A. Cox off & he promised to see Minister.

March Tuesday 12: Office. Called to see J.J. Lundy. re rumors of my dismissal. Saw Hill also. In pm went to Toronto on 4:45 train for Toronto. Went in order to have a talk with JR Stratton re rumors of my dismissal. My assurances were quite satisfactory. Went up to see Ed who is better. Came home.

March Wednesday 13: Drove to Bob’n to visit Grant. Getting on very slowly - about 10 feet is excavated into sides of bank. Rock is reached about half way across North Side. Started home at 4 pm. An awful snow storm on. Went to service & choir practice.

March Thursday 14: Office. In p.m. went to Hyd Lock. Office. Walked up to see Mr. Francis who has bad cold. At home busy with house accts. Mild & snowing all day. One of the large granite stones fell about 20 feet tonight in the well & broke to pieces.

March Friday 15: Went to Hyd Locks & down well this am. Men clearing out breaks in stone. Went to office. Office all pm till 5 pm. Home at night with acct’s (house). Fine day.

[No entries Mar. 16 - Mar. 17]

March Monday 18: Office in am. Kilbourn called at 2 pm. Went down to meeting of Trent Canal Association. After met Stratton re my position. He was not very satisfactory. Drove over to Hyd L with delegates. After saw Kilbourn & asked him to write Patterson. Went to supper with W Boyd at  ‘Snowden’. Went to see Kendry who said he heard there was O.C. passed  appointing Spence in my place. In a terrible state of mind. Left for Ottawa.

March Tuesday 19: Arr’d at Ottawa. Had my fears calmed. Could not hear of any attempt to dislodge me. CS sick. Went down to see C.S. in p.m. Saw Lang & he promised to do anything for me. Went to Montreal at 6:40 pm. Saw Johnson for few minutes. Saw Lefleur & [Gabel] this am.

March Wednesday 20: Went out to Dominion Bridge Co'y. Saw sections of press tested. Saw Gaile & Tiller. Went up to McGill. Started for Ottawa at 6 p.m.

March Thursday 21: Went up to Dept. & met J Fairbairn. Tried to see Minister all day but could not. Was with Fairbairn all am. Saw McHugh & had a long talk with him. He promised to see Minister on my behalf. Got instructions to go to ‘Soo’.

March Friday 22: Drove down to see C.S. re going to ‘Soo’ also spoke about appointing a superintendent & also re Genest & Fairbairn. Started for home at 11 am. Lang & Bennett & Carscallen on board. Office at night.

March Saturday 23: Office in am. At 2 pm started to drive to Bobcaygeon, going to inspect work of putting in stop water wall above lock. P Grant foreman. Arr’d at 6:30 pm. Supper at hotel. John Belcher & George with me.

March Sunday 24: At Bob’n Exam’d work with Grant. Went to service. Started for home at 3 p.m. Raining. Arrd home at 6:30 pm. Went to service.

March Monday 25: Office in am. Went to Hyd L with Francis in pm. Started for ‘Soo’ by instructions of Chief Eng’r to examine the leaks in breast wall of Soo lock.

March Tuesday 26: Arr’d at North Bay & went over to ‘Soo’. Arrd at 6pm. Boyd (Supt) met me at train. Spent evening with Tripp & West at Club & hotel. Fine day.

March Wednesday 27: Went up to lock in am. Men drilling & diver down. Went to lunch with Boyd. In pm walked over CP Ry bridge to US lock & was taken over lock by Ripley. Went thro’ culverts &c. Boyd gave us supper there & spent evening over there.

March Thursday 28: At Soo. Went up to see work at lock. Found water was somewhat stopped by manure. Teams drawing manure. Went over Clergue works with Tripp & Wild. They are enormous works. Went to lunch with Wild. At work at lock in pm found manure would stop leak. Wild, Tripp & Boyd came to supper with me. Boyd went early. Beautiful day.

March Friday 29: Tripp called for me at 9:45 & went up to lock. Men had not got hole down yet. Boyd got a horse up for me & Tripp came down town with me. Called to see Mrs. Burden. Purchased photos. Started for home at 12 am. Trip came to train with me. Beautiful day.

March Saturday 30: Arr’d home 11:30. Office in pm till 5 pm. JB McWilliams called re putting McW. on as cranesman &c (See Notes). Drove over with Francis to works.

March Sunday 31: Beautiful day. Walked down to see Zac Burnham who was hurt by bull. Fine.

April Monday 1: Office till 5 pm. Saw Peck re advance of  money to Patti. Drove down to lock to look re new dam. Took Mina down to Everett re girl. Went to meeting A.C.A. Committee. Went  office 9-10:30. G Rose called this am & handed in his notes & I put him on work (See Notes).

April Tuesday 2: Office in am. Started for Young’s Pt. at 1:45. Harry drove me. Mr. Kilbourn drove from Lakef’d to Y’s Pt. Ordered Gordon to put stop logs in in order to [----] K on with his work. Went to School Bd Meeting no quorum. Went to Men’s Chapter Meeting at St. L’s S Africa boys gave address. Fine.

April Wednesday 3: Office. Rain.

April Thursday 4: Office. Started to drive (L) to Bob’n at 3:30 pm. Harry with me. Exam’d Grant’s work. Progress Creek Bridge very bad. Went down to W Boyd’s but he was not at home.

April Friday 5: Good Friday. Exam’d work & took photos. Started for home at 10:20. Office 5-6. Bill Bolton called. Service & choir practice at night.

April Saturday 6: Drove to Works with Francis. Exam’d new stone set to replace broken one. Office all day till 5. JR Stratton called me up & had a talk See (Notes). Office 9-10:30.

April Sunday 7: Home.

[No entry April 8]

April Tuesday 9: Started for Montreal at 11:25. Arrd Montreal. Went to meeting of Council C.S.C.E. First Council meeting I had ever gone to. Lang on train & D Moore.

April Wednesday 10: Went out to Dominion Bridge Wks at 12 & had lunch & back again. Called around to see John Kennedy & had long talk with him re my position. [Note: the word ‘Left’ has been crossed out] Met Kendry & P Johnson &c & had drinks together. Left for Ottawa at 10 pm.

April Thursday 11: Arrd at Ottawa. At Dept. all day. Some of Delegation from Peterboro re [Trent] Canal excursion and tonight. Peck & I went for walk.

April Friday 12: Large Delegation arrd this am to argue completion of Canal. Mr. Blair said he could not recommend any further grant just now. Had long talk with [Dourke] re my position & I showed him plot & he changed his mind. Had long talk with Jas Sutherland at 11:30-12 pm re my position. Showed him falsely of all his conservatives.

April Saturday 13: [Note: the word ‘Office’ has been crossed out.] At Ottawa. Met Mr. Blair at 4 pm & he was very nice & from his manner judged him to [be] very kind & favorable to me. Started for home at night.

April Sunday 14: Arrd home.

[No entry April 15]

April Tuesday 16: Bob’n.

April Wednesday 17: Beaverton.

[No entry April 18]

April Friday 19: Arrd in Ottawa in am. Found Sir R Cartright out of town. About Dept. all day.

April Saturday 20: In Ottawa saw Sir R Cartright & made an appointment for Monday am next so decided to stay over Sunday.

April Sunday 21: Went to the Cathedral in am. Went down to call on the [Gillins] at 5 pm. Went to St. Barnabas’ Ch with Shannon at night & after went down to Phillips. A very stormy day.

April Monday 22: Went to see Sir R. Cartright as per appointment but he had to attend a council meeting. Very disappointed. At Dept. all day. Started for home at night.

April Tuesday 23: Arrived home at 5 am. Office. Alymer called & got in a great temper re detail in plans. Started for Kirkfield, took Francis also re Hyd Lock No. 2. Wet night.

April Wednesday 24: At Kirkfield. Drove to Peat Works Grass River dam & L & S's work at Hyd Lock No. 2. Dinner at K & office. Genest arr’d at noon. Went over work with G & Robinson. Drove on to Beaverton and came on home. Office. Robinson leave Sec 2 S & B tomorrow am.

April Thursday 25: Office. Started for Bob’n at 11 am. Joe Young went up to get Empire ready. George & Heber with me. Left team at Chemong. W Boyd sent Calumet down & back with me. Inspected Grants work. Very slow. Beautiful day. Got ready to start for Ottawa.

April Friday 26: Arr’d in Ottawa. Went & saw Sir R Cartright as per appointment but he said that they had not time to go into investigation. Very disappointed. Tried to see CS but he was too busy. Wrote letters & went up to [House] for while.

April Saturday 27: At Ottawa. Waited around till I saw Jas Sutherland in am & saw him also again after lunch. From what he said I inferred that he was satisfied there was nothing on report about my actions &c. Saw C.S. Went for walk with Jones & Currier. O’Dyer called & went down with him. Shannon there. After went & saw a new light from gasoline. Fine.

April Sunday 28: Arrd home from Ottawa at 6 am. Early service &c. Office 9-9:30.

April Monday 29: Very busy in office in a.m. Wynn W called, Alymer, [Eyeres] also. Carpenter reported for work. Office in p.m. Drove over to works at 5:30. Carpenter with me. Went to entertainment in St. Lukes. After went with Kerr & after with M Poussette. Fine & very warm.

April Tuesday 30: Douglas RC in office in am. In office all day. Was going to Hyd Lock with horse but it was stormy. Last stone (granite) in East Wall set tonight. Office night. Stormy.

May Wednesday 1: Went to Wrks. Hamel in charge for first time. Went along drain West Side property & up to guard gate.  Instructed Hamel to close drain through sub drains. Drove to Lakefield with Douglas. Gordon also drove. Exam’d dams. Empire boiler being fixed. Went down to Houseboat & told Joe to instruct Z White re boiler. Office. Fine.

May Thursday 2: Office all day. Drove over works. Lake to Norwood Rd. Office 9 to 11 pm. Stormy in evening & early am.

May Friday 3: Arrd Ottawa on telegraph. CS re extra excavated material & drainage. Saw CS in am. He read me letter to Mr. B from S & H. Said he was sending Thompson up to inquire on work of C & L. Had interview with CS & C & L and also after with C & L (See notes). Went down to see Gasoline lamps.

May Saturday 4: Arrd home at 5 am. Office. Drove to Chemong (Ry) Station (George drove me) & took Empire for Bob’n at 4 pm. Empire came around from Lak’d. Met John Belcher & Mrs. Symonds there. Had lantern views at night at Wm Boyds. Fine.

May Sunday 5: At Bob’n. Ran ‘Emp’ to Bridgenorth & drove home. Started at 3:30. George drove up for me & J Belcher & Joe Young came down with me. Went to church. Fine.

May Monday 6: Office. J.C. Boyd Supt of Sault Canal arr’d at 11:25 am. Drove him about town & down to locks. Went to lunch with him & after drove to Lak’d. Took Gordon & Sawers up also. Visited dredge & Emp & Exam’d river which is falling. Supper with Boyd & went to club & office 8:30 to [no further entry]

May Tuesday 7: Train to Lak’d, Boyd (Supt ‘Soo’ Canal) with me, also R Fair. Ran Empire to Chemong. Instructed different lockmasters re cleaning up &c. Home at 5:45 pm. Supper with Boyd & Fair. Went to school board meeting & Men’s Chapter of Guild. After went to club & spent night there. Beautiful day.

May Wednesday 8: Went to Beaverton. Boyd on train. Drove over Sec 2 with Genest & Fairbairn & also Alymer. Walked from Portage Rd. to G.T. Ry. Met Tiffin on train & had supper in his car. He spoke re change in plan of Survey to High Level at Crossing. Fine & Hot.

May Thursday 9: Went to Wks in am. Met Corry & Laverdure & Hamel there. Discussed Culvert, Excav’n at lower entrance cut above. Corry went away to O. Office all day & at night. Laverdure & Hamel met me at office at night & discussed culvert, moving stone, excav’n lower entrance, &c. Fine.

May Friday 10: Drove (L) to Lak’d. Located piers & booms for Conroy, that is those which he has not yet built. Sawer and Gordon with me & Conroy. Dredge started at "Three Islands" today. Went up to see it. Drove home. Office at night. Fine.

May Saturday 11: Went to Hyd Lock. Office 11:20. Drove to Chemong. Children with me. Ran Emp to Bob’n. Exam’d work. Slow. Putting platform at the upper gate. Was with W Boyd. Children had tea there. Office 8:45-10:30. Showery.

May Sunday 12: In pm walked out to Prices with R Fair. Did not go to church. Walked over with him to his house. Showery.

May Monday 13: Went to Work. Showery, not much doing. Went to meeting to form Commonweal Society. Went to supper at R Fair’s for farewell reception to Holt’s of CGE Coy who is leaving for his Norway home. Left for Ottawa.

May Tuesday 14: Arrd in Ottawa. Met J Pearce & went to Police Court re his son. Went to Dept. Met Corry there & went into see CS re price of culvert. Nothing decided referred to, Law Clerk. After Supper went down to see gasoline engine. (Emerson) with Shannon, McCallum & O’Dywer. Wonderful engine. Met Milloy who had his eyes shot out in S. A. Left for home.

May Wednesday 15: Arrd home from Ottawa. Went down to call on W.G. Thompson C.E. who has been appointed to look into my report re work of Contractors C&L. Talked about general subjects. Office. Called on AL Davis re renting dredge. Went to Hyd Lock in pm. Office & office at night 9-11 pm. Called on Thompson to see if he had any men arr'd from Ottawa.

[Note: For the next two entries RBR has crossed out the dates & entered his own. They are listed here as they appear in the diary.]

May [Note: the words ‘Thursday 16’ have been crossed out and ‘Fri. 17’ have been written next & above them]: Went Kirkfield & Drove over work with Genest from Gamebridge. Had long interview with Sangster.

May [Note: the words ‘Friday 17’ have been crossed out and ‘Thursday 16th’ have been written above them]: Office all day. Showery. Office till 9-11. Called on Thompson at 11 pm. Was at Hyd Lock in am.

May Saturday 18: Office all day. Lang called re paying Leheys. Heavy showers in p.m. As Mina so poorly did not go to town at night. This morning I drove to station & sent Pipe tap to Z White. Called on Mr. Thompson at 11 pm to ask when he was going on.

May Sunday 19: Did not go to church. Mina very bad with abcess in her ear. Dr. McCullough attending. In pm H Burnett drove by horse over & we went over works from Lake to Norwood Road. Went to office & home. George drove over for Miss Wood Nurse. Went to church. Office. Loftus called me up. Stormy.

May Monday 20: Went to Beaverton & over Sec to Portage Rd. Fixing re drainage & extra land req’d to [link] Portage & Center Roads. Home. Went to Church Meeting re selection of successor to Mr. Symonds. Went to office. After went to see Thompson for minute.

[Note: For the next two entries RBR has crossed out the dates & entered his own. They are listed here as they appear in the diary.]

May [Note: the words ‘Tuesday 21’ have been crossed out and ‘Wednesday 22’ have been written above them]: Office. Mr. Thompson in office looking over plans all am. Laverdure & Hamel called too re upper reach excavation. McWilliams also called to know re Thompson's business. Office all pm & at night. Gordon & Carpenter re latters work. Loftus also called.

May [Note: the words Wednesday 22 have been crossed out and ‘Tuesday has been written below them]: Mr. Thompson called & said he had his Commission. Office. In afternoon Thompson went to works. I went about 3 pm. Laverdure walked up to Norwood Rd. & I went to Warsaw Rd. with him. At night C&L met Thompson & investigation opened. See Notes.

May Thursday 23: Investigation started at 10 am in my office. WA Stratton appeared for Corry & Laverdure. C & L were also present. They asked for an adjournment as Belcourt their lawyer could not be here. Was postponed till Monday. Office all am. Went to works in pm. Francis & I had long talk with Thompson at Works. Office at night & saw Thompson at hotel from 10:30 to 12:45 am.

May Friday 24: First Victoria Day. The most miserable 24th I ever remember. Rained all day & cold wind. There was a great programme arranged but everything was postponed. Worked at office all day & night. Saw Thompson at night 10-11. Harry came home from School last night. For Victoria Day.

May Saturday 25: Office all a.m. Went to works in pm. Located mooring posts. Office 5 to 7. Thompson at office also. Office at night. G Rose came to my house & we went down to Pecks house & he made affidavit re Spence’s assertions. Mrs. Wood nurse went home tonight. Fine & beautiful.

May Sunday 26: Fine.

May Monday 27: Drove to GT Ry Station to Meet GTR officials & LK Jones re change of style of bridge at Canal crossing L Simcoe. Sent Francis up in my place. Harry R went back to school. Corry & Laverdure [----] list of charges against me at first meeting. Office. Went to works in pm till 3 pm. Office. Drove to Norwood Rd. Office 11:15. Fine & hot.

May Tuesday 28: Office. Employed EP Edwards as my lawyer in Investigation. Busy all pm with Edwards & also at night posting him re case.

May Wednesday 29: At Investigation all day. They put in charges which were only denying my report. Corry & Laverdure & Hamel under cross examination all day. Think they are pretty sick of it already. They are ordered to produce all their books.

May Thursday 30: Went to Kirkfield. Saw Sangster & Cosgrove re coming down for witness. Located No. 2 Lock Sec 3. Met Brown on train back. Storming. Office.

May Friday 31: At investigation. C&L did not produce their books as ordered. Subpaena issued to the bookeepers to appear with books &c. Office in pm & saw Edwards. Office at night.

June Saturday 1: Drove to works with Francis before breakfast. Office busy all day in getting up cross examinations for Investigation. Office at night 10:30. Rained showry all am. Clear & fine in pm.

June Sunday 2: Stormy. Went for walk with R Fair in pm. Met Gordon. Fair to tea & he came to office after ch.

June Monday 3: Office went over to see Edwards re Investigation 1 ½ hrs. Went over work with Francis after dinner. Office till 6 & 9 to 11. Cleared up at 8 & fine.

June Tuesday 4: Investigation started at 10. Watson of Toronto appeared for C&L. Great legal argument with Edwards. Adjourned at 3 pm till Monday. Went over to Works with Edwards & Francis till 6:30. Office till 11 pm.

June Wednesday 5: Office all day. Went to see Edwards 5 to 6. Drove over works after tea. Found C&L had piled up 7 feet concrete in East wing. Went Confirmation at St. Lukes. Edna confirmed. Office 10 to 11:30. Beautiful & warm.

June Thursday 6: Office & at Works.

June Friday 7: CS arrd in am in private car with his wife & niece. Drove over work in am with CS  & Francis. Had some stormy interviews with Corry. After lunch again went to Wks & had interview with Corry & Hamel in my office. We drove to Lak’d & took Houseboat & Empire for Burleigh. Stayed there over night. Cold, showry.

June Saturday 8: Cold showry & very windy. Started from Burleigh with Houseboat at 6 am & ran to Gannons. So windy decided to stay at Gannons. Ran Empire to Bob’n in afternoon & went over dams with CS & Willie Boyd.

June Sunday 9: At home. Drove back to Bridgenorth & took Empire for Houseboat at Gannons. Arrived back at 4:45 pm. Cold & windy.

June Monday 10: Investigation started at 10 am. Started at 3 am on Houseboat from Gannons Narrows & took Empire from Bob’n to Balsam L. Drove from B.L. to Sec 2. Saw Sangster & CS. Changed plan of Ent’e [Entrance] of Hyd L 2. Met GTR. officials of Canal Crossing with Alymer. Nothing was decided. CS & party went on with GTR officials to Toronto. Got telegraph to get off train at Bests & Francis met me & I slept in James office. Fine.

June Tuesday 11: Stayed in hiding in James office at house all day as I did not want to appear at Investigation as I have to produce my books to prove their case which I did not want to do. I decided to leave at midnight to Bewdley for a day or two. Hugh Burnet went with me & drove to Bewdley.

June Wednesday 12: Arr’d at Bewdley at 3 am. Went fishing to Jubilee Pt. Clem Gordon came down for me at 6 pm saying to go back as Investigation had adjourned for my presence. Saw Edwards re my examination and decided to get Shepley as Council tomorrow. Very hot.

June Thursday 13: Went to Investigation & under examination by Watson. He persisted in asking a question which the Comm’r would not allow & Watson gave up case. In pm went to Hyd lock with Revel twice. Drove Revel to Lak’d, saw Thompson at night before he left for Ottawa. Very hot.

June Friday 14: Office. "Ringling's Circus" - children all in office. Drove Mina over to see procession. Drove to Hyd lock at noon. Drove down to circus & took children. C. Winslow over to tea. Went to Hyd lock after tea. Office till 10:30.

June Saturday 15: Went to Works before breakfast. Office all day & at night.

June Sunday 16: Fine. Drove up to Chemong Park. Saw Mrs. [Craven] in my cottage re things [----] wanted. Drove to Nassau & examined state of dam & water.

June Monday 17: Started to Beaverton on way up. Met Jennings. Did not discover letter from Thompson [NG] notifying me of starting of investigation for tomorrow till after I got beyond Blackwater. Tried to get back by freights trains but could not get past Lindsay. Met Thompson on train. Office. Went to look at drill scow at Lindsay.

June Tuesday 18: Went over works with Francis before breakfast. Francis came to breakfast. Office. Investigation started again at 2 p.m. C & Laverdure did not put in an appearance & investigation went on without them. I was under examination all pm. Office at night.

June Wednesday 19: Investigation all day. Was under examination for time this morning, also Frances & Rose. Went over to works after 5. Met Linten & Laverdure there. Office till 11:45. Fine.

June Thursday 20: At Investigation till 3 p.m. and adjourned till Saturday morning. Went to Works at 4:30 till 6:30 with Francis. After tea drove up to Warsaw Rd. & Hendron's. Office. JR Stratton & Meldrum called re fixing head at No. 5. JRS dictated letter to Minister. Showry.

June Friday 21: Started for Kirkfield. Littles team met me at G’e. Drove to K., met Dennon St. & Cosgrove. They promised to come tomorrow to Investigation. Drove to Hy Lock with Genest. Had quite a talk with him re his incapacity. Went to Balsover & met Alymer at Morgan’s Rd. Came home. Dennon with me. Office 11:30. Hot.

June Saturday 22: Investigation all day. Drove Dennon over work 8-9. Dennon, Cosgrove J, Sims & Alymer exam’d. Investigation ended at 3 pm & Edwards summed up. Think my case is fully substantiated. Drove up to No. 5 with Meldrum but could not decide any thing re high water marks. Office till 11:30. Fire at Canoe factory. Heavy thunder shower tonight. Very warm.

June Sunday 23: At home. Very warm.

June Monday 24: Office in am. After dinner went to works & after to see Hickey with Gordon. Drove to Lak’d took Hickey with me. Exam’d Conroy’s work. Gordon at Lak’d. Very warm. Went to garden party at HT Strickland’s 9-10. Office till 12 & with Commissioner Thompson.

June Tuesday 25: Thompson on train. Went to Gamebridge & to Boundary & located Bridge on Sec. 3 also at culvert & P. Rd. bridge. Had talk with Genest re his incapacity for this position. Sawers was at Boundary also Sangster & Cosgrove. Very warm. Went home. Office till 10:30.

June Wednesday 26: Office. Drove to Lake to see scow at Works rest of a.m. Office till 4. Drove to Lak’d visited Conroy. Saw Peck re repairing dredge. Docked Empire in Canal at Lak’d. Guard gate leaks badly. Drove home. Gordon with me. Office till 11 pm. Very hot.

June Thursday 27: Went to Gamebridge. Drove to Balsover. Met Sangster at Boundary & discussed bridge. Went over line from Woolys Cut to Boundary. Was going to stay but got back to G in time for train so came on home. Lost keys today. Office till 11:30.

June Friday 28: Office all day. Drove over work at 5 pm from Lake to Norwood Rd. Very warm. Office.

June Saturday 29: Intended gong over work in am but too busy in office. Went to Port Hope for speech Day. Train 1 hr late. Harry took 2 prizes. Called on Mrs. Ward & Mrs. Gilchrist. Home. Drove over work at night. Very warm.

June Sunday 30: Fine but very warm. Rev. H Symonds last Sunday today. He preached farewell sermons.

July Monday 1: Dominion Day - a poor calithumpian Procession. Office in am. Drove to Lak’d. Took boys & a load up with me. Boys stayed on Houseboat which is being repaired in bow. Office.

July Tuesday 2: Went to Gamebridge & drove to Kirkfield. Met Sawers at K. Went to Hyd lock & cut below to Balsover & Boundary. Met Fairbairn at Mayor’s Rd. & culvert. Came on home. Office till 11:30,

July Wednesday 3: Went over work in a.m. Started for Lak’d at 5 pm. Had bus load & George took single rig & car. Marnie R with us. Houseboat in Canal above bridge. Guard gate still up. Slept on Houseboat. S Smith & D Hammond took single rig down. Fine day but hot.

July Thursday 4: Let guard gate down & towed Houseboat to wharf. Started for Kawartha Park at 12:30. Arrived there at 6 pm. Empire picked up derrick which I had cow on Sandy Pt. I started  at 6:30 pm home on Empire. Calder drove me down. Went to farewell reception to Mr. Symonds at St. Lukes. Office till 12.

 July Friday 5: Went down before br’k to see dredge. Drove down to see Gordon who has been sick with sore arm for week. Went over works again in pm. Office till 11:30. There was a terrible heavy rain 9-11:30. Drove over to Hyd L at 12 o'clock to see works, everything flooded.

July Saturday 6: Went over work in am (drove). Busy in office till 5. Got telegraph at 5 to go to Ottawa Monday. Drove with load to Lak’d & took Empire to Houseboat on Stoney Lake.

July Sunday 7: At Stoney Lake on Houseboat all day. Heavy thunder showers at night. Empire was to come up for me but failed. Harry & I went to Ys Pt in Victoria at 9:30. Met rig going to Lak’d as we were locking thro' so went with him. Arr’d just in time for train.

July Monday 8: Arr’d at Ottawa on telegraph re GTRy high level bridge at L. Simcoe. Met officials with Alymer there & arranged re high level bridge. CS very busy as he leaves tomorrow for [----]. Saw Jas Sutherland re Graham’s complaint & water power at No. 5. Started for home.

July Tuesday 9 [Note: the words ‘Tuesday 9’ have been crossed out and they have been re-written again next to them]: Drove over Works. Went to Lake & found dredge had sunk. Went to Gamebridge. Drove over Sec 3 with Fairbairn & on to Sec 2. F came with me. Genest was at K’d but left before I did. After supper called on Clerk of Tp re roads. Drove over proposed improved Rds with Sawers. Stayed at K’d.

July Wednesday 10: Drove to Portage Rd. Canal Crossing where Empire met me, Wm Dennon & son with me. Expected a party but they did not pan out. Exam’d work going on at Fenelon & repairs necessary at other stations. Called at houseboat & drove home from Lak’d and at 10:15 Office till 12:00 am. Fine.

July Thursday 11: Drove over works with Francis from Lake to Norwood Road before 8 a.m. Breakfast at C’s. Left at 8:25 for Heeley’s Falls via Camp’frd. Drove out from Cd. to Falls showed C Gordon, who was with me, the layout of the new sluices in dam.  Drove to Havelock & home. CPR office till 6:30. Drove over works at 7-8. Office 11:30.

July Friday 12: Sent letter to C & L at 7 am re allowing Cement & Co’y’s agent to collect bags. Very busy at office all day writing letters, reports &c. A. Read Cement Co’y’s agent was struck by O’Neil on works this am. Went to works at 5:30 with Francis. Tea at C’s. Drove to locks to examine site of Lockmaster's house which was started today. Office till [no further entry].

July Saturday 13: Very busy in office all day. Very little doing at Works. Started at 5 pm to drive to Lak’d. Exam’d Conroy’s work on way up. Called at Cricket field for Harry but he did not come up. Caught Sunbeam & went up on her to Park. Very warm. Did not got over works today.

July Sunday 14: Terribly hot day. In evening ran to Youngs Pt to church. Gordon drove up today to see me re work at Burleigh & my house. Harry drove up with him.

July Monday 15: A terrific day. Ayott worked 1/2 day. Empire came down with Scow & some timber for house. Took me down & down to town. Met Reeve & Clerk of Carden re roads. Office. Drove over works from Lake to Norwood Rd. Office till 10:30.

July Tuesday 16: Went to Lindsay to meet Reeve Carden & clerk re roads in Carden. Came home at noon. Alymer on train. Office. Drove to works at 3:30 with Francis. Made some purchases & ordered suit clothes. Tea at C’s after drove to lock & met Gordon there re Lockmasters house & measured center line for new dam. Office till 10:45. Very hot.

July Wednesday 17: Drove over works before breakfast. Left at 8:20 for Upper division Gamebridge. Drove to K’d. Met Sangster at B’dy [Boundary] decided to go deeper for foundat’n. Sawers drove to G. with me. Office till 11 pm. Very hot.

July Thursday 18: Drove over w'ks before 8 am. Went to St. Lukes Picnic. Drove to Locks & exam’d foundation for Lock office. Horse met me at Lock. Drove Rev Langfeldt to Station. Office till 11 pm. Fine.

July Friday 19: On Wks this a.m. Office all day till 4:30. Was subpoenaed on case Reid vs O’Neil, was not called. Drove to Lak’d & Emp ran me to Lake Park. George & girls with me. Fine.  

July Saturday 20: Went to town & back, to Stoney Lake at night.

July Sunday 21: At Stoney Lake.

July Monday 22: Went to Lak’d & on Empire. Drove to town. Met Boyd, Tripp & Ripley of Sault Canal. Donner with them. Drove over works & to Lak’d. Took Empire to Bob’n, Davis also joined us. Fine. Stayed at Bob’n.

July Tuesday 23: Started from Bob’n at 7 am & arr’d at Balsam L at 12. Drove over works & to Gamebridge. Tripp & Boyd went to Sault & Ripley to Buffalo. Met Watt (C.G.E. Coy) at Blackwater & arranged on way down to act as their consulting Eng’r. Office.

July Wednesday 24: Drove over works. Very busy. Started for Stoney L at 5 pm. At Stoney Lake busy getting Houseboat ready.

July Thursday 25: Very busy getting Houseboat fixed up. Started with Houseboat at 2 pm for Lindsay. Victoria towing. Harry running engine at Lovesick, Empire helped tow ‘Lotus’. Arrd Bob’n at 9 and ran on to Pleasant Pt. & anchored at 1:15 am. Showers in pm.

July Friday 26: Arrd at Lindsay with Houseboat. Very busy all day fixing up Houseboat & getting things ready. JW Flavells party in getting things on. Had tea with Sootherans. Went home at night. Very tired. Drove home.

July Saturday 27: Office. Drove over Works. Drove to Lak’d at 5. Went to Stoney Lake on ‘Sunbeam’. Heavy showers at night.

July Sunday 28: At Stoney Lake. Most miserable day. Heavy showers of rain all day.

July Monday 29: Had Empire run me down at 11 am. Drove to town. Leah & E Crary with me. Went to office. Went over works. Office at night. Heavy showers.

July Tuesday 30: Office all day and at night. Went over work.

July Wednesday 31: W to Gamebridge on Sec 3 & 2 all day. Saw both Contractors. Had interview with Sangster, Genest, Sawers at 7th Con bridge. Went on to Coboconk at 9. Stayed there.

August Thursday 1: Started from Coboconk at 6 in Manita. Met Harry on Houseboat at Rosedale. Drove from Fenelon to Bob’n. Drove to guard pit to visit Grant. Ran to Brig’h & drove to train. Drove over works after tea. Office.

August Friday 2: Drove over works with Francis at 7 am. Office. Started for Heely’s Falls by CP Ry 11:45. Drove from Havelock to H. Gordon back with me. Met Denight & Mulholland at H’s. Drove up to Nassau to exam’ coffer dam for CGE Coy. Office till 11 pm. Showry.

August Saturday 3: Went over works before breakfast. Francis with me. Office all day till 2. Went to works 2-3. Went to RS Davidsons funeral with F. After drove to Stoney Lake with GHG & team. Gordon came to Ys Pt to exam’e work [---] by Kilbourn. Fine.

August Sunday 4: At Lake all day. Fixed boat in am. Was going to church but boat leaked. Went to Headlands to ch at night.

August Monday 5: Went to town. Drove (C) Lak’d to town. McAlyster with me. Office all day till 4:45. Went to works. Met F there. Drove to Lak’d. Maggie C. with me. Went up to lake in Sunbeam. Fine.

August Tuesday 6: At Stoney Lake all day. Started specification for new dam at Locks. Had a camp fire at night. Fine. Showers at night.

August Wednesday 7: Paddled to Ys Pt & Calder met me there & drove to town. Took photos at Ys Pt. Busy in office till 5:30. Moss (C.G. Elec Coy) called re work at Nassau. Consulted with him. Left for Kirkfield at 5:30. Saw no one at K’d.

August Thursday 8: Drove with Sawers to Peat Wks where they are running with gas. Went to see Dennon at Lake. Drove to Victoria Rd. Saw Mr. Barker. Graham not at home. Went over to Sec 2. Had discussion with Sangster re High level Bridge also with Cosgrove who was very insulting. Went home. Was not in Sec 3. Office.

August Friday 9: Went to Heely’s Falls via Hastings & river. Chartered Rainbow to inspect shores re expenditure on this reach. Invited Mr. Denight & Mulhol’d who invited quite a number. Exam’d work at Heely’s. Had a pleasant day. Clouds & stormy at night. Office.

August Saturday 10: Very busy in office all day writing reports till 4:45. Drove over works with Mr. F. Drove along river to Lak’d. Exam’d Conroy’s work. Took Sunbeam to cottage Elenor Seward with me. Fine.

August Sunday 11: Went to Headlands to service in am - after went for row with children about Juniper R. Fair with us. At home in pm. Fine but overcast.

August Monday 12: Got out my annual report (draft) in morning. Rec’d telegraph to go to Ottawa. Went down on afternoon boat. Drove over work with Mr. F. Tea at C’s. Office till 11 pm.

August Tuesday 13: Arrived at Ottawa by appointment. Went over several matters with Chief re Hyd Lock approach walls & c. Went to lunch with CS. Left for home at night.

August Wednesday 14: Went to Kirkfield. Drove from Gamebridge to K’d over works. Saw Genest at Gamebridge & Sawers at K’d. Sangster came down on train with me. This morning I arr’d from Ottawa & I drove over works before I left for K’d. Fine day.

August Thursday 15: Drove to Lak’d at 7:30 am. Civic Holiday. Took Houseboat from Lak’d to Stoney Lake. Family went on Houseboat to Regatta. Very good. Terrible storm. Broke anchor line, blew Houseboat onto Nugents Is. Narrow escape. Crowd on it. Laid at Juniper Is. at night. Went to Concert & dance. Harry won swimming race.

August Friday 16: Empire started  at 6 am from Stoney L with me. Kilbourn came down with me. Had breakfast with him. Chartered ‘Water Lily’ & took staff & inspectors down to Rice Lake. Their wives & families with them - about 40. Beautiful day. Had a splendid day.

August Saturday 17: Office all day till 4:30. Drove over works with Francis. Drove to Lakefield. M Pousette with me. Exam’d Conroys work on way up. R Fair came up with us. Victoria took us up to Park. Fine.

August Sunday 18: At Stoney Lake. Went to Headlands to church in Victoria. In pm ran up lake took Dennistouns for a tour. Ran to Youngs Pt with M Pousette.

August Monday 19: Working clearing at Park in am. Left by Victoria at 1 pm for Lak’d. Drove to town, [Serault] with me. Exam’d Conroy’s work on way down. Drove over works with Francis. Left for Kirkfield at 5:30 pm. Spent evening in office. Rain at night.

August Tuesday 20: Drove over works with Sawers from Hyd L to Boundary. Met Genest of Gamebridge at 12 also Matheson. In pm drove to see A Campbell, Kean, McDougal & McCuaig re extra land. Went to GT Ry bridge with Alymer & Matheson. Started for home at 5:30. Was wired to go to Ottawa.

August Wednesday 21: Arrivd at Ottawa.  Met Sangster re substitution of Roads for High level bridge & also lock plans. Laverdure & Hamel also re entrance piers, Construction of towers &c. Went out to Britania at night with Laverdure. Left for home at night. Mina & family came home from Stoney Lake to-night.

August Thursday 22: Office till 5. Drove up along line. Exam’d Conroy’s work at Lak’d. Brought down a load of stuff from Houseboat. Harry with me. Got home at eleven o'clock.

August Friday 23: Drove to works before breakfast. Was going to Trenton but missed train. Office till 1. Started for Trenton at 2:05. Arrd at T at 5:30. Met C Richardson. We drove up to dam after supper & met D Gilmour there. Mina & children went to Jubilee Pt. to stay at hotel. Boys to camp out there.

August Saturday 24: Went up at 7:45 to dam & spent morning examining dam. Had 2 men & punt from Gilmour. Gill was also up. After dinner saw C Richardson & Phillips (Mayor) & said I would get report out in a week. Drove to Chisholms Rapids & exam'd dam & Lock. On to Stirling & home. Office till 10:30. Steve Smith came to office.

August Sunday 25: Drove down to Spiers & went to Jubilee to spend day. S Smith with me. In pm paddled over & exam’d proposed cut to Hatricks bay. Fine day.

August Monday 26: Busy writing report re Trenton dam all day. Drove home at 4. Went to works at 5:30. Met Francis. Office at night.

August Tuesday 27: Office till 12. Drove to works with Francis. Met Laverdure & Hamel re towers. Office all pm & at night till 10. Fine & hot.

August Wednesday 28: Went over works before breakfast. Had breakfast at home. Started for Gamebridge at 8:20. Genest on train on way back from Ottawa. Drove to Balsover & altered location of Bridge. Walked over line with Matheson from Portage Rd. to Center Road. We went to G.T. Ry. with H Alymer. J.[O.]A. not there. Home. Very warm. Office 10:30.

August Thursday 29: Mr. Francis left for 3 days holidays. Went to works before breakfast. Office till 5:45. Drove to Works. Exam’d foundation under East entrance pier & let them commence to fill in stone. Busy in pm with report on Trenton Dam. Had Carr come at night & type it. Went for drive 9-10. Office till 12.

August Friday 30: Went to Wks before breakfast & again after breakfast. R Ritchie & W Nesbitt called. Started for Heeley’s Falls. Drove from Havelock. Gordon came up with me. Met Mulholland & West there re bridge across dam. Drove to Dangerfield with Gordon & came up on boat. Mina & children came home tonight from Jubilee.

August Saturday 31: Office till 11:45. Went over to Works & went over them with Spence. Met Laverdure. After dinner went to office till 3:30. Sawers came down. Drove team to Lakefield & exam’d scow for repairs & Conroy’s work. Gordon & boys with me. Rained, office 10:30.

September Sunday 1: At home. Went for walk with M Pousette afternoon.

September Monday 2: Labor Day. C Schreiber arr’d in am. Went to office. CS arr’d at office 8:30 am. Went over several matters with him & Francis (See Notes). Drove over works with CS & Francis & around parks. See Notes re going over works. Went to lunch in car with CS. Francis also. Met C & L by appt at my office & they gave me long harangue re grievances. Drove CS to locks. Office at nt. Darcy & Carnie arrd.

September Tuesday 3: Went to Gamebridge and drove over works with Darcy and Carnie in order to show them & instruct them. Drove to Gamebridge & to Hy L No. 2 Balsover & Boundary & Sec 3. Very warm. Took Phillips. Met Alymer at Blackwater. Office till 11 pm.

September Wednesday 4: Office till 4:45. Drove to Hyd L. After tea drove to Lak’d & had supper. Mina with me. Instructed Dunwoodie to have bridge refloored. Office till 10:30. Fine.

September Thursday 5: Arrd Ottawa at 7 am by appt. Met Minister at 3:30 with C S. Corry & Laverdure who evidently arranged to make things ugly before Minister for me. I said very little. Francis was in with me. C&L asked Minister for an advance of $100,000 on their claims. It was an absurd proposition. Kilbourn, Francis & I went to Alymer for ride. Started for home.

September Friday 6: Went thro to Toronto & on to Buffalo to visit Pan American Expo’n. Harry & George with me. Got a stopping place and went to show at 1:30 pm. At show till 9 pm. At 4 saw President McKinley go past, at 4:10 he was shot in Music Hall. Most of midway was closed and we missed Electric Illumination. Very hot.

September Saturday 7: Went to Pan Am’n again & saw good deal till 4:30. Left to catch train. Left at 6 pm and went straight home. Arr’d at 1:10 am. Pan Am’n  was very good though not as large as Worlds fair. Very hot.

September Sunday 8: At home. In pm went for walk with Fair & Taylor. Cooler.

September Monday 9: Office till 1. Went over works with Francis at 3 & to Hamilton works to see new valve & bucket at office 8-11:30. Cooler.

September Tuesday 10: Went to Gamebridge. Drove over line from GT Ry to Balsover with Dary. Sangster not on Section. Wanted to see him re road division on 7th. Alymer went up & down on train. Stormy in pm. Office till 11:30 [pm].

September Wednesday 11: Office. Kilbourn in office getting his acct for Y’s Pt work off. Went to lunch with him. Went over works from Norwood Rd. to Hyd L with Francis 5 to 6. Office till 11 pm.

September Thursday 12: Office all day till 5:30. Went to train to meet Margaret Rogers. Went to Hy Lock. Went to 9 train with Harry & George who wet off to TC School [Trinity College] . George’s first break from home. Went to office till 12:15 getting estimate off. Heavy showers all day.

September Friday 13: Office all day till 5. Went over work with Francis.

September Saturday 14: Office. Drove down to look at Crawfords land on river with Gordon in pm. Went to [Tennis] meet after. Office till 11.

September Sunday 15: In pm went over & got old Mr Spence & brought him over to see Hy lock & he stayed to tea. Did not go to ch. Went for walk with [Boucher]."

September Monday 16: Met Revel at Oriental & went to Gamebridge with him. We met Reeve & Clerk of Carden & went over roads to be improved with Contractors & then instructed Sawers to make estimate. See Notes. Drove to Peat Works with Revel & Sawers. Stayed at Kirkfield.

September Tuesday 17: Started at 8 & took Empire down to Lak’d. Called at Cottage. Looked at bridge approaches at Fenelon. Tea at Lak’d & went over Cement Wks at Lak’d. Drove home. Office. Revel went home. Went to train with him. Fine day in pm showery in am. [Note: RBR has drawn an arrow from Tuesday 17th to Sunday 15th.]

September Wednesday 18: Office all day and at Works. Girls all sick with sore throat. At 7 pm exam’d Lillian’s throat & sent for Doctor [who.] He said it was diphtheria. Sent for Ambulance & antitoxine. Took Lillian up to St. Joseph’s Hospital at 10 pm. She was pretty sick & she had antitoxine at once.

September Thursday 19: Office till 5. Went to works at 5 drove to Hyd Lock and down to locks to see new lock house. Office at night, all the family had antitoxine this a.m.

September Friday 20: Office all day & at night.

September Saturday 21: Office in am. Went to funeral of Geo Munro. Francis with me. Went to works after. Lillian getting on fine. Office & choir practice at night.

September Sunday 22: Rev’d Mr. Langfeldt first Sunday as rector. In afternoon went for walk with Fair & to tea with him. Fine.

September Monday 23: Office all day & at night.

September Tuesday 24: Arrd at Ottawa in am. At Dept. Went to see Duke & Duchess of York go off on train at 12:30 with Shannon. Had Specification & went over it with CS for Dam at Locks. Started for home at 11 p.m.

September Wednesday 25: Office. In pm. Drove to locks to inspect Lock house, called at Showground for while. Went to St. Lukes Harvest Festival. Mr. Symonds preached. Mina took sick during service. Drove to Hyd Lock at 3 pm.

September Thursday 26: Office till 5:30. Drove over to Works, C Winslow with me. Office. Went to Bd of Trade Meeting for while. Meeting re routing water power.

September Friday 27: Went to Gamebridge. H Burnet with me. Went to Lock No. 5. Took photos.’ Drove over line at Balsover. Just starting voids in Balsover bridge. Starting ditch at Portage Rd. Have driven about 75 piles at No. 5. Spoke to Dary about [----] stone filling in voids without instruction, it placed me in an awkward position. Came home. Office till 10:45. Fine.

September Saturday 28: Office all day. JB McWilliams called spoke of specification &c new dam & asked for print. Told him I could not let him have one but Raddon could make tracing for him after hours. Wheeled over to works at 5 pm. Went over wks with Francis. Office at night till 10:30. Beautiful day.

September Sunday 29: Showery. Went for walk up to break in power station flume. Hugh Burnet to tea.

September Monday 30: Office till 11. Mr. Kivas Tully called to drive him over to Hy Lock & I went to lunch with him. Mr. McKenzie Chief Eng’r of the Intercolonial Ry called with letter from C.S. Drove him & wife over to Works & around town till 4 p.m. Drove to Lak’d & visited Conroy’s work. Went to station to meet Mr. Hobson as per telegram.

October Tuesday 1: On works all day with arbitrators (see notes). Lillians Birthday which she spends in Hospital. Beautiful day.

October Wednesday 2: Office all day & at night. Went in to JZR’s at 11-1 for [----]. Fine.

October Thursday 3: Office all day and at night.

October Friday 4: Drove bus to Lak’d. Exam’d Conroy’s work. Took Empire for Ys Pt. Went over Kilbourns work & dredge work. Went on up to Cottage & to Burleigh. Decided re Valve fitting on Gate. Went to Indian river to examine dam. Drove home. Family with me. Cool. Went to Bible Class, first of Mr. Langfeldts. Office till 11 pm. [Note: RBR has drawn an arrow from Friday 4th to Thursday 3rd.]

October Saturday 5: Went to Brantford at 7:10 am. Jones met me at Station & went over to Headgates, called on Wyse. Went to lunch & then over Headgates work with Wyse & Jones - suggested sheet piling & puddle trench in embank’t south of Headgates. Called on Manufacturing Committee but none were in except Mayor. Drove to Power station with Wyse. Went to supper with Jones. Called on Rev [Bashel]. Went home at 7:10 pm.

October Sunday 6: Arrd home from Brantford at 12:34 am. Lillian came home yesterday am. Services. Wheeled around by lock to look at dredge [----] & lock house. Fine.

October Monday 7: Office -11 - Walked to Hyd Lock with Francis. Office till 6. Put up hall stove after tea. Office 10-11:15. Kelly at office getting instructions for arbitration. Fine warmer. Left for Montreal at midnight.

October Tuesday 8: Arrd in Montreal. Went out to Dom’n B Coy’s [Dominion Bridge Co.] at noon. Went over material with Murphy. Saw Johnson. In pm went up to McGill to Harbor & over S Ships with Pope. Went to meeting Council of CSC Eng’s at night. Fine.

October Wednesday 9: Left for Ottawa at 9-1. Went to Dept. Saw Jones. CS away. Minister asked re letting water pass thr’o lock at Locks. Started for home at night.

October Thursday 10: Arr’d at 6 am & started again with Edna for Toronto to see the Duke of Cornwall & York. Great crowds in Toronto. Saw Duke. Went to see Patti & out to Ed’s. Spent evening at Jennings (next door) as Ed was not at home till 11. Stayed with Ed. Showery.

October Friday 11: Bessie, Edna & I went to see the ‘Review’ at Exhibition of 11,000 troops before Duke. It was very fair. Went  back to Junction. Was going home at 5 but missed train. Went to see the Burrits & Mrs. Orde. Saw Illuminations. Went home at 10:00. Fine.

October Saturday 12: Office till 3:30 pm. Drove to Football Match. TCS vs 2d Team. Mina with me. George & Harry up from School. Both played. Mr. Carpenter went to hospital today with Typhoid fever. Fine.

October Sunday 13: In afternoon went for walk with Fair & Hill. I went over Hyd lock & around by locks.

October Monday 14: Went to Lakefield by train & took Empire to Burleigh to examine the working of a new gate valve. Kilbourn & [Barender] & Gordon with me. Beautiful day. Went over works 5-6. Office 10:15. Fine.

October Tuesday 15: Office all day. At home at night. Add, Mrs. Maynard & L. Hull to tea. Showery at night. Burnet started to work at Locks Dam with 2 men stopping water.

October Wednesday 16: Went to Gamebridge. Drove with Dary. Went to Hyd Lock No. 2. Met Sangster. Channeller working for two days seems satisfactory. Went to Balsover Center & East pier finished & went about to bridge seat. Went to Boundary & to Lock 5. Met Alymer there. Came home. Office till 10:45. Fine Cool.

October Thursday 17: Office all day. Went down to see McClennan re appointments for timekeeper & C. Inspector. He said that Patterson would be OK & wanted Alex Richardson appt as C Inspector. Office 9 to 10:45. Showry in afternoon.

October Friday 18: Office. WT Boyd called at 11 am. Went over works with him. Carnie arrd this am from Kirkfield. Office. Went to service Rev’d Langfeldt was inducted. Dr. Symonds preached & Archd' Allen inducted. Office after church. Sent estimates. Fine & cool.

October Saturday 19: Office in am. Went to football match. Ottawa II vs Town. Peter’o won. After went over works. Drove Mina to town. Office at night till 10:30 pm.

October Sunday 20: Services. In afternoon walked down to Locks to meet Gordon there re storehouse. Beautiful day.

October Monday 21: Office all day & at night.

October Tuesday 22: Office. Drove to locks to see location of Dam as laid out by Carnie. Drove to Lakefield for dinner. Exam’d scow & Conroy’s work. Office at night. Fine & warm.

October Wednesday 23: Office till 5. Went over to works and wheeled to locks to see Burnetts work. Office at nt. Warm & fine.

October Thursday 24: Office all day. Went to 4:45 train to see old Mr. & Mrs. Rye off. Office at night 10-11. Was at reception to Rev’d Langfeldt at St. Lukes. Beautiful day. Mild turned colder at night.

October Friday 25: Went to Brantford to finally examine finished Head Gates. Exam’d them & found them OK as far as I could see. Jones vouched for work being done right. Gave joint certificate to Contractor (B & C Coy) Commt’e of Manuf’ on ground. Jones met me. Left for Toronto Junction at 4:15. Went out to Junction & stayed with Ed.

October Saturday 26: At Junction. Went to city & football match. T.C.S. vs Ridley. R won 21-0. Called to see P Campbell re purchase of extra Right of way but he was not in - he had moved away from address. Went to tea at Rev CL Ingles - after went to Junction. George came out with me. Beautiful day.

October Sunday 27: At Junction. Went to ch. & for walk. Met Ed in pm. Harry & GeorgeJ Ingles & Frank Burnham over to Eds to tea. Started for home at 10 pm. Boys went back to school. Beautiful day.

October Monday 28: Office. JB McWilliam called re sand. Meldrum called re No. 5. Wheeled to Locks to examine work of Burnett. Went to Hyd Lock at 4:30 pm. Went to Maria’s & H.C’s & to office. Beautiful day.

October Tuesday 29: Went to wedding of S M Pousette & Alice Meade in St. Lukes. James gave her away. Rev’d Langfeldt married them. Reception at Maria’s. Went to works in p.m. & office. Went to party at Maria’s given by M Pousette. Beautiful day.

October Wednesday 30: Went to Gamebridge, Francis with me. Went over work with Dary from GTR bridge at Boundary, Balsover & at Hyd Lock. At night had Walsh & Hely (Reeve of Carden) meet Sangster & myself in office & showed them my letter re High level bridge & they promised to have Clerk go to see their lawyer at once & if advised pass by law barring any claim for damages. Beautiful day.

October Thursday 31: Started from Kirkfield drove to Peat Wks and then to lake. McMahon met us with little boat & ran to Rosedale. Empire met me there. Dinner at Fenelon. Exam’d bridge approaches at Fenelon. At Bob’n. Exam’d work. Supper at M B’s. Ran to Chemong at 10. Drove to town. Beautiful day.

November Friday 1: Office. Drove to Locks. J Weller Supt. Eng’r Welland with me. In pm drove over works from Lake to Lak’d. J Weller with me, also Mrs. Weller. Beautiful day.

November Saturday 2: Office. In pm. Went to Hyd Lock with Francis. Trouble with cement delivery. Office at night. Beautiful day.

November Sunday 3: At home. In afternoon walked up to see Mrs. Hamilton and after  church walked over to see Dr. & Mrs. Burrit at H.C.R.’s. Beautiful day.

November Monday 4: Arr’d Ottawa by app’t. At Dept. all day. Minister away so decided to stay till tomorrow & see him re reduction of 800.00 in my salary. Went down to see Shannon at night. Miserable night sleet.

November Tuesday 5: At Ottawa. Minister was so busy could not see him all day. Went to see him at his house at night but there was a party there so did not see him. Went in to see the Mothersills. Fine.

November Wednesday 6: Waiting to see Minister re my reduction of salary. Did not see him (Blair) but saw Cartright who asked to write him re my position re patronage distribution.

November Thursday 7: At Ottawa. Saw minister (Blair) & Cartright re my reduction of salary. Did not get a great deal of satisfaction. Wrote Sir R Cartright a letter re patronage. Said he would write McClennan who is making all the trouble with Stratton at his back. Left for home at night.

November Friday 8: Arrd home from Ottawa. Very busy all day - On Works & at dam - Drove to Lak’d & took Empire for Houseboat at Burleigh. J Belcher, H Burnet, & W’m Dennon with me. Got there at 10:30 pm. Fine & mild. W’m Boyd & Grantham in Houseboat.

November Saturday 9: Had a run but as we have only one dog & it was little use we got nothing.

November Sunday 10: At Burleigh. Walked down to Cottage with Burnett & J Belcher. Fine day.

November Monday 11: Ran to Buckhorn with Yacht. Exam’d wrks with Hill & gave instructions re work. Stormy.

November Tuesday 12: Had run but got nothing as dog was no good. Sent Empire down to Lak’d with J Belcher Dennon W’m & H Burnet & Gordon. Gordon was very sick & had to go home. C. Edwards & Paddon came up on ‘Emp’.

November Wednesday 13: Had a run but no deer. Dogs would not run. Arthur Stevenson came up with Learys man with Progress Estimate of C&L. Blowing and cold. Watched in Lovesick Lake.

November Thursday 14: Had a run this am and we got a deer at last. Grantham shot it but might have got another also. W’m Boyd, Stratham, J Edwards & Paddon went home on the yacht. Stevenson & I went home on houseboat to Lak’d, we were towed behind scow with ‘Empire’. Went over to office & spent evening with T. Munro at hotel. Very rough day & snowing.

November Friday 15: Mr. Schreiber arr’d this am without sending me word. Walked to Wks & met him with Spence. Went over works. Corry there & Hamel. We met Francis on our way back from works. CS & I drove to Locks dam. Went to office. Went to lunch with C.S. After lunch went to office. Drove down to see Gordon who is better. Francis & I went to C.S. car. I went up to Beaverton with him. Turned stormy with snow.

November Saturday 16: At B. Drove over Sec’s 2 & 3. Met Sangster at K’d & Alymer at G. Had interview with with [sic] inspector Ritchie & CS. Dary went over works with us. Left at 6 pm for Peterboro. CS went to Ottawa.

November Sunday 17: At home.

November Monday 18: Busy in office all day. Drove to Locks dam. Busy all day in office. Left for Ottawa at midnight.

November Tuesday 19: Arr’d in Ottawa. Took Edwards with me to plead my case of my decrease in salary before Blair & Sir R Cartright. Ed saw Blair & he was satisfied with interview. He could not see Cart. so I had him remain over. James came from Montreal & roomed with me.

November Wednesday 20: In Ottawa Edwards went to see Sir R Cartright re my decrease in salary. He (E) seemed satisfied with interview. Edwards left for home in am. James also went home. Rec’d instructions to go to Montreal to Arbitration. Left for home at 11 pm.

November Thursday 21: Arr’d home. Busy in office all day. Went to see Edwards re my decrease of salary &c. Drove to Hy L. with Gordon & to locks dam. Was going to Lak’d but it was too late. Started for Montreal at midnight to attend arbitration.

November Friday 22: Arr’d at Montreal to attend arbitration over claims of Corry & Laverdure before Hobson, Surtees & Brophy in Hobsons office. Was before arbitrators in afternoon. Sent for Kelly to bring all papers.

November Saturday 23: At M. Went to Arbitration in am but was not admitted. Corry & Hamel being Exam’d. As I was not to be admitted I went to Football match Argo’s vs Ottawa Coll. Great match. Went to theater at night. Met Surtees in Windsor [hotel] & he came with us. Very cold & snow at night.

November Sunday 24: At M. Went to St. Georges with Francis, walked home with Mrs. Grant. Went to tea at Mrs. McNabbs.

November Monday 25: At Montreal Arbitration 10 to 4. Was present at arb’n - also Francis. Called to see Titler & J Badgley. Went up to see Mr. Hobson re arbitration.

November Tuesday 26: At Arbitration all day. Left for Ottawa at 4 pm. Went down to see Mr. Schreiber and protested as to the manner of carrying on Arbitration. Went on to Peterboro at [10] pm.

November Wednesday 27: Arrd home from Montreal. Busy with Arbitration work. Left for Montreal at midnight.

November Thursday 28: Arrd in Montreal. At arbitration all day.

November Friday 29: At arbitration all day.

November Saturday 30: Arrd home from Montreal. Francis & Kelly [met] me. Very busy getting up a statement for arbitration.

December Sunday 1: At home.

December Monday 2: Very busy getting up statement for arbitrations.

December Tuesday 3: Very busy getting up statement for arbitrat’ns.

December Wednesday 4: Arrd in Montreal & at arbitration all day.

December Thursday 5: At arbitration all day.

December Friday 6: At arbitration all day. Left for Peterboro at 10 pm.

December Saturday 7: Arrd home from Montreal. Busy getting up work for arbitration.

December Sunday 8: At home.

December Monday 9: Arrd in Montreal & went to arbitration all day.

December Tuesday 10: At arbitration all day.

December Wednesday 11: At arbitration.

December Thursday 12: At arbitration.

December Friday 13: At arbitration all day. Left at midnight for home.

December Saturday 14: Arrd home from Montreal. Busy getting statement re Hyd Lock ready all day & night.

December Sunday 15: At home.

December Monday 16: Busy all day getting my statement re concrete in Hyd Lock ready. Drove to Locks dam to visit Burnet at 5:30 pm. Worked in office till 11:30. Started for Montreal at midnight.

December Tuesday 17: Arrd in Montreal. At Arbitration all day. Started my case on the concrete of the Hyd lock and also Lock No. 6. Was not prepared to finish my statement re concrete till the morning. Worked till 3 am finishing statement.

December Wednesday 18: At arbitration all day. Arbitration closed at 4 pm. Went to town & got some statements typed & went to supper at lunch room with J.C Badgley. After I went up & spent evening with Mrs. E. Farrer.

December Thursday 19: Went out to Dam Bridge Works in am to examine tests. Morrow with Francis & I, no test ready. Went shopping in p.m. and up to McGill with Francis & to Library & had a long talk with Gould re lectures & travelling libraries for schools. Boys arr’d home from TCS tonight. Left at 10 pm for Ottawa.

December Friday 20: Arrd in Ottawa. Saw CS & gave him acc’t of arbitration and he was surprised at length of time & detail gone into. Said it was not what was intended. It was only to fix prices. Went down to dinner with him & had a pleasant talk with him. Left for home at 11 pm. Cold day.

December Saturday 21: Arrd in Peterboro. Busy in office till 5:30 pm. Muriel Rogers came to spend holidays with us. Milder.

December Sunday 22: Milder. Started for Ottawa at Midnight.

December Monday 23: Arrd in Ottawa re expropriation of Matheson’s lot. Left for home at 11 am. Hon. J Sutherland on train & had long talk with him all the way up on train. Mr. Kilbourn called & I went to supper with him. Meldrum called in pm. Office till 10 pm.

December Tuesday 24: Office. Shopping in pm. Mild.

December Wednesday 25: Went to Holy Communion & service in am. At 5:30 went up Mr. Calcutts for supper & Christmas tree & after Mina, Edna & boys & I went up to Maria’s for evening. Mild.

December Thursday 26: Office. Drove to Yankee Bonnet with Gordon, Pousette (A.P.) to inspect Claim of Crawford for damages. Went to inspect Burnetts works & up to No. 5 Dam.

December Friday 27: Office. Drove to Locks to [see] Burnetts work.

December Saturday 28: Office. Gordon & I drove down to see Mr. Lang, M. P. re Gordon’s fight for Overseer Position. We stayed to tea & had  satisfactory meeting with him.

December Sunday 29: Rain & sleet.

December Monday 30: Drove to Lak’d & Youngs Pt to inspect Kilbourns work. Dinner at Lak’d, children with me & Gordon. Went to Bowling club dance at night.

December Tuesday 31: There was a break in the bottom of Canal at end of [----] wall & considerable of a washout occurred. Had gang of men most of day building coffer dam around break. Was there all day myself. An awful day. Turned very cold & gales with snow. Went to watch night service, first since Mr. Bradshaw’s time. Very nice.



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