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We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canadian Culture Online Program, the National Archives of Canada and the Canadian Council of Archives. We also acknowledge the support of the Symons Trust Fund for Canadian Studies.

We are also grateful to Professor Peter McConkey who volunteered his time to the transcription of Diary No.1 (1874).


Site Design

This Richard Birdsall Rogers site was designed and created by Cecilia Castillo.

Transcription and Editing Assistance were provided by Jodi Aoki and Bernadine Dodge.



Additional Photograph Credit Information

Photograph credit, location or date information has been given where available. This information is listed in the image caption or at the bottom of the page on which the image appears. Richard Birdsall Rogers took many photographs during his life and spanning his career, unfortunately, he did not record his name on many of the photographs. The photographs have only been credited to him where his name was visible on the item, even when his writing could clearly be found on the back of the image.

The photographs appearing in the Image sections of the web site are ordered such as they appear in our Geale-Rogers Collection (82-022). They are grouped by theme in some instances and are not in chronological order.


Transcription Information

All materials that were transcribed or excerpted have kept Rogers' or the author's spelling, grammar and punctuation. Any explanatory words or phrases added by the transcriber appear in square brackets [thus]. In addition, we have noted where the text is a full transcription, or an excerpt of the original item.







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