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Included in our collection are many newspaper clippings which pertain to the Rogers Family. The Rogers' Diaries also contain newspaper headlines that were important during the year and which reflect news stories that Rogers may have mentioned in his writings. Following are some additional stories grouped by year, which provide context spanning most of Rogers' life and career.


Headlines in the Papers...

  • Trent Valley Navigation. Discussion in Committee of Supply on the Estimates and Prospects (1887, June 17, Weekly Review)
  • The T.V.C. Masterly Review of This National Enterprise. The Whole Subject Thoroughly Discussed (1887, Dec. 14, The Peterborough Ties)
  • Trent Valley Canal. Report of Engineers on the Cost of Construction. Mr. Rubidge's Detailed Estimate Supplemented by Figures by Mr. Page. A Comparison of Distances (1888, Jan. 17, Daily Evening Review)
  • The Trent Valley Canal. The Scheme Being Urged upon the Government. Steps Taken to Place Evidence Before the Commission. A Few Facts in Support of the Canal (1889, Nov. 30, The Daily Examiner)
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  • Cut Off Once More. To the Editor of the Review / Letter by RBR (1890, May 12, Review)
  • Trent Valley Canal. The Commission's Report is Favorable. A Copy of the Document. No Doubt at All About a Sufficient Water Supply. The Assistance It Would Be In Developing the Country Would Amply Repay the Outlay. A Choice of Two Routes at the West End. The Work Should Be Pushed Forward. Suggestions As To Lessening the Cost. Barges that Would Go Four Abreast Through the St. Lawrence Locks (1891, Feb. 20, Peterborough Weekly Review)
  • The Water Supply. To the Editor of the Review / Letter by RBR (1891, Oct. 21, Daily Review)
  • Reply to the T.V.C. Superintedent. To the Editor of the Examiner / Letter by RBR (1891, Oct. 24, Examiner)
  • High Water in Stony Lake. To the Editor of the Review (1892, Oct. 14, Review)
  • Col. Warning's Report. Important Recommendations in Regard to Sewage System. Radical Changes Recommended in the System Proposed. Storm Water to be Excluded and No Discharge Made into the River. The Disposal Works Suggested (1893, May 22, [Daily] Evening Review)
  • Additional Time Was Requested. Extension of Healey Falls Franchise Asked. Squaters Delayed Work. Deputation from Northumberland, and Durham Waited on Hon. Mr. Cochrane ([189-], Jan., [Mail] & Empire)
  • A Strong Case Made... for An Early Completion... By Canal Deputation. Memorial Which Will Be Presented to the Minister of Railways and Canals To-Morrow. Expected That This Deputation Will Be Largest in History of Dominion. Special C.P.R. Train Left To-day at 1 O'clock. Indisputable Arguments in Favour of Canal Completion ([189-], Mar. 28, Evening [Examiner])
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  • Good Flow of Water. Power Owners Well Pleased with the Quantity. Reason Is that Dams Have Not Been Closed Up (1905, Feb. 22, Review)
  • Minister Pleased with His Inspection of the Trent Waterway. Hon. Mr. Emmerson Yesterday Inspected the System from Hastings to Peterborough. A Number of Local Gentlemen Accompanied the Minister and His Party on the Trip. The Improvements to the Waterway Were Noted. Mr. Emmerson Is Much Pleased with His Trip Thus Far (1905, Sept. 27, Evening Examiner)
  • Expenditure on Trent Canal Has Reached Sum of $5,056,043.34. The Report of Minister of Railways and Canals Gives Interesting Information in Reference to the Progress of the Work. The Amount Spent Last YEar on Canal Was $62,910.06. The Work Yet to Be Completed ([1905], Unknown)
  • Heber Rogers Decorated with Royal Humane Society Medal. Boy of Ten Years Saved Lives of Two Playmates. Honored for Heroic Acts. Warm Words of Congratulations. Ceremony in St. Luke's Church ([1905], Peterborough Daily Evening Examiner)
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  • Letters to the Editor. Agitate - Agitate / A Letter by RBR (1910, Feb. 1, The Peterborough Daily Evening Review)
  • Cheap Transportation vs. Trade Commissioner / Letter to the Editor by RBR (1910, Feb. 10, Review)
  • Wanted - Men As Leaders / Letter to Editor by RBR (1914, Nov. 14, Unknown)
  • Resigns Position to Go to Front. Mr. Harry Rogers, Son of Mr. Rogers, Coming East to Enlist (1914, Dec. 4, Examiner)
  • 'Capt.' J.H. McClellan Left Dark Record Behind Him as Head Official of the Trent Canal. Payrolls Were Padded to Meet Private Expenses of Employers and Party Heelers. Admissions Made by Deposed Superintendent Now Wearing the King's Uniform and Holding Another Government Position at $10 a Day (1916, June 28, The Daily Review)
  • 'Capt.' McClellan Must Go (1916, June 28, The Daily Review)
  • Remains Laid at Rest with Masonic Honors. Funeral of Late Edwin R. Rogers Held with Impressive Ceremonies This Afternoon. Sketch of A Useful Life (1917, April 24, Peterborough Evening Review)
  • Obituary. Edwin R. Rogers (From Saturday's Daily) (1917, April 26, The Peterborough Weekly Review)
  • Money for Trent Canal Went Into Campaign Fund. Deception and Dishonesty in Its Management Under Liberal Regime Declares Report. Doctors, Dentists, Undertakers, Bankers, Lawyers and Barbers on Pay Sheets as Labourers. Claims of Hotelkeepers and Florists Settled with Cheques Made Out for Work Done on Canal ([191-], Mar. 9, Mail & Empire)
  • Extremely High Water Will Yet Cause Canal Officials Trouble. Cottagers at Stony Lake Talking of Holding Mass Meeting and Protesting to Government Against the Ridiculously High Water ([191-], The Review)
  • Peterborough Officers. Twenty-one at the Front or Will Be Shortly ([191-], Examiner)
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  • Eleventh Hour Betrayal. Harry G. Rogers of Toronto Who Tells in the Accompanying Interview of an Amazing Tunnel Cut Through Rock in a War-Time Prison Camp at Clauthal, Germany (1934, Dec. 22, The Toronto Star Weekly)
  • Harry Rogers War Casualty Dies in Toronto. Enlisted During Early Days of War and Was Taken Prisoner in 1916. Once Noted Athlete. Son of Noted Engineer and Builder of the Peterborough Liftlocks (1937, June 7, Unknown)
  • Capt. Harry Rogers Dies of War Wound. One of Heroes of Daring Effort to Escape from German Prison Camp ([1937], Unknown)
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  • Heber Rogers. Well Known Citizen Dies Suddenly (1958, May, Unknown)
  • Heber S. Rogers Dies at Clear Lake Cottage (1958, May 23, Unknown)
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  • Time Vindicates Canal Engineer / by Edward Clifford (1963, Aug. 20, Globe & Mail)
  • Crowd Was Drenched at Liftlock Opening. Rain Ruined Big Day 60 Years Ago / by Early Lowes (1964, July 5, The Examiner)
  • The Wrong Man Was Credited with Building the Lift Lock / by Douglas C. Sheppard (1964, July 11, Peterborough Examiner)
  • Notice for the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority. The Official Opening of the Heber Rogers Woodlife Area (1966, Unknown)
  • Courageous Men (with Photo Including Heber Rogers) ([196-], Unknown)
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  • The Unsung Genius Who Built the Lift Locks / Alicia Perry (1977, Mar. 22, Common Press)
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  • Lift Locks Designed on European Models by Late R.B. Rogers. Peterboro Engineer Was Commissioned by Government to Prepare Plans. Was Born Here. Sketch of Career of Citizen Long Prominent in Peterboro (Undated, Unknown)



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