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Letter with Attached Cheque sent by Rogers to Pay for the
Keefer Investigation


Letter with Enclosed Cheque for Keefer Investigation

Peterboro, Ont., April 3rd, 1915

To the Honourable Frank Cochrane.
Minister of Railways and Canals,

Dear Sir;-

Enclosed herewith please find my cheque for Eleven Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($1150.00) in payment of the account of Mr. Chas. H. Keefer, M.S.C., C.E., for making a Review and Report of the charges made my Mr. H. Holgate, C.E. against me, on behalf of the Government, in connection with the design and construction of the Hydraulic LIft Locks at Peterborough and Kirkfield.

As this is the first communication I have had with you, I desire to say that when the matter was first brought to your attention by Mr. Porter, M.P. on March 7th, 1912, you yourself suggested that you would have an expert in your Department make an examination of the papers and if the report of such expert warranted it that you would select a Commissioner to make an official investigation and report to you.

You will understand that I was exceedingly anxious that the matter should be reviewed by a competent and impartial judge for the very obvious reason that my reputation as an Engineer and public servant was at stake. I waited for your expected action for over two years and then in conversation with Mr. Porter I asserted that rather than not have the official investigation I would assume the expense of it personally. In doing so, I felt positive that the result of such investigation would prove the injustice that had been done me and would remind you of your original promise of March 1912 - when no reference to any private contribution of my part was made.

The rebuttal in toto of the Holgate charges, the excellence of the work under my supervision and my 23 years' service to the country as an Engineer in charge of important public works have failed, it seems, to be in any way a Governmental responsibility. The honourable vindication of my record by the Commissioner Keefer has been degraded into a personal or professional favour by imposing upon me the cost of an official enquiry affecting a government work and a public servant. An official vindication at the private expense of the person vindicated forms a precedent that does little credit to the administration.

Yours truly,

R.B. Rogers



Cheque Attached to Letter Paying for Investigation









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