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Rogers' Children


Several of the Rogers children distinguished themselves fighting for their country. Harry and Heber both served in the military. Harry enlisted in 1915 with the 8th Canadian Mounted Rifles and served in World War I. He was shot in both lungs and the side of his heart suffering grave wounds. While a prisoner, he was not heard from for 3 months during the 6 months he spent in a German Prison camp. He was later released on exchange. This stay in the prison camp further impaired his health so as to prevent his full recovery from the injuries. His attempts to escape from the prison camp were chronicled in the local and national papers. He died in 1937 from the complications of these war injuries.



Rogers Children, 1896 1



Heber fought in both World Wars. He enlisted and went to war with the First Contingent (2nd Battalion, 1914) and was also taken prisoner at the Battle of Ypres. He tried twice to escape but remained imprisoned until the end of the war. His family suffered greatly during this time as he was incorrectly reported dead in 1915 and then was later declared alive. He died suddenly in 1958 in his cottage by Clear Lake. The Heber Rogers Conservation was dedicated to him.



Heber & Lillian with Nurse, 1900 2



George, Harry & Edna 3



Rogersí third son George N. who worked on the Canal, tried to save a local drowning victim in Frankford, Ontario in 1914. He tried in vain to bring the man to life but the amount of time that the victim spent underwater proved fatal. The man died, but his father, Mr. Ketcheson, was so moved that wrote a letter to Richard Birdsall Rogers thanking George for his heroic effort to pull the drowned son back to the surface. George N. worked in the construction business in the U.S. then managed a business on Simcoe Street for 14 years and was employed by the War Time Prices & Trade Board.

Rogers' first daughter Edna, married Mr. H.I. Fairweather.

His second daughter Lillian, never married and died in 1961.

His youngest daughter Leah, married Herbert J. Geale.





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Photograph Information & Credit

1 Rogers' Children: Edna, Lillian, Leah, Heber, George and Harry, Dec. 1896
2 Heber & Lillian Rogers with Nurse Sarah, [1900] (G.E. Whiten Photo, Peterborough, Ont.)
3 George, Harry and Edna Rogers (P.H. Green, Grand New Studio, Peterborogh,Ont.)







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