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Note about Photograph Credits


Photograph Credit Information

Photograph credit, location or date information has been given where available. This information is listed in the image caption or at the bottom of the page on which the image appears. Richard Birdsall Rogers took many photographs during his life and spanning his career, unfortunately, he did not record his name on many of the photographs. The photographs have only been credited to him where his name was visible on the item, even when his writing could clearly be found on the back of the image.

The photographs appearing in the Image sections of the web site are ordered such as they appear in our Geale-Rogers Collection (82-022). They are grouped by theme in some instances and are not in chronological order.

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Personal Images







Log Cottage at Kawartha Park, Stoney Lake, Ont., Canada
Cottage of Mr. R.B. Rogers, Post Card
(Canadian Post Card Company, Ltd.)






George & Heber Rogers, Brothers






Grand-Mother Calcutt
Leah Geale (Mrs. Harry Calcutt)
( Sproule & Co.)






R.B.R. Rogers Farm House
"Beachwood Farm", Peterborough, Ont. (Heber in Front)






Lillian Rogers
Taken in Frankford, Ont.






Post Card from Capt. Harry Rogers, Prisoner of War, Rotherdam, 1918






Reverse of Post Card from Capt. Harry Rogers, 1918






(The Roy Studio, Peterborough, Ontario)






Lillian, Leah, [Edna] and Heber Rogers (Front Seat) in Car, [1920's]






Addie Calcutt
Sister of Mina
(Sproule, Peterboro', Canada)






Soldiers in 1914, Post Card (Heber, Front Second from Left)






Outdoor Family Group, 1921 (Rogers, Standing Back Row First from Right)






George Rogers with Jack & Harry Rogers
(Rogers Son), 1916
[The Roy Studio, Peterborough, Ontario]






Calcutt House in Cobourgh, Ont.






Christmas Tree
Rogers Family Christmas Party, 1914 (Rogers Sitting, First from Left)
(The Roy Studio, Peterborough, Ontario)






Uncle Dick's Cabin
Rogers Cottage in Kawartha Park, Another View






R.B. Rogers Farm House, Peterborough
Beechwood Side View






Group on Houseboat "Lotus" (Rogers, Standing Third from Right)






Hunters on "Lotus" with Slain Deer (Rogers, Standing First from Left)






"North Star" at Peterborough Wharf ([Rogers Standing First from Left])






Harry George Rogers as a Baby, [ca.1885] (Son of Rogers)
(Hamill & Ball, Photo., Peterborough)






Family of Mr. & Mrs. R.B. Rogers Taken by Other Son Harry G. Rogers
George Rogers, Rogers, Edna, Leah, Heber (Taken just before he went to World War), Lillian, Mina (Sitting), 1914






Harry G. Rogers as a Prisoner of War in Holland, Post Card






L.M. Rogers, L.K. Rogers, Mrs. R.B. Rogers, R.B. Rogers
Family on Veranda at Beechwood, Christmas 1917






Regatta Day - Stoney Lake
([R. 44])







"First Aid" to Mr. Edwin Rogers
Rogers Family at the Kawartha Lodge, Summer 1915 (Rogers Sitting, First from Right)






Calcutt House, Peterborough, Ont., 73 Robinson St., Peterborough, Ont.
Mrs. R.B. Rogers Father's House
(Rogers Sitting on Porch, First from Right)
(U.S. View Company)






Boat with Group on Board Going Through Lock (Boyd Sitting, First from Left, Rogers Standing with One Foot on Ground, Second from Right)






Rogers Standing Front, Second from Right






"City of Peterborough" Steamboat & Passengers






Steamboat "City of Peterborough"






St. Luke's S.S. Picnic
St. Luke's Anglican Church Sunday School Picnic on Otonabee River (on SS City of Peterborough)
(R. 96)





Girls Skating
Post Card From H.G. Rogers from Zeeland (Holland)
(Edition F.B. den Boer, Middelburg)









Reverse of Girls Skating Post Card from H.G. Rogers




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