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Note about Photograph Credits

Photograph Credit Information

Photograph credit, location or date information has been given where available. This information is listed in the image caption or at the bottom of the page on which the image appears. Richard Birdsall Rogers took many photographs during his life and spanning his career, unfortunately, he did not record his name on many of the photographs. The photographs have only been credited to him where his name was visible on the item, even when his writing could clearly be found on the back of the image.

The photographs appearing in the Image sections of the web site are ordered such as they appear in our Geale-Rogers Collection (82-022). They are grouped by theme in some instances and are not in chronological order.

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Business Images





Crane of Dredge "Rideau"






Boom Dredge Rideau below Kingston Mills Locks






Nicholson's Cut Rideau






Showing Method of Removing Rock from Channel by means of Side Dams
Below No. 5, Oct. 1914
(The Roy Studio, Peterborough, Ont.)






Opening Lower Gates of Hydraulic Lift Lock
Peterborough, Ont.







Pulling [in] Coffer Dam below No. 4 in Order to Take Out Channel Dry
(The Roy Studio, Peterborough, Ont.)






Self Dumper Put on A 7 ft. Smith Mixer, June 1914
(The Roy Studio, Peterborough, Ont.)






Dumping Protection Lining with Rock from Excavation, June 1914
From Swing Bridge Looking South No. 6 in the Distance
(The Roy Studio, Peterborough, Ont.)






Pulling in Lower West Entrance Pier No. 6 Head of Canal, 1913
(The Roy Studio, Peterborough, Ont.)






Entrance in Lock 6, Post Card
Frankford, Ont.






No. 3 Lock Sec. 1 P. & L., Jan. 1899






On the Islands - Frankford
East End of Dam No. 6, Frankford, Ont., Fall 1908, Post Card






Building Core Wall West Side No. 5, Summer 1910
Frankford, Ont.






Anderton Lift, Northwich, U.K. Built 1875. Visited by Rogers.






Longitudinal Section at "KK"
Trent Canal Hydraulic Lock No. 1, Peterborough, Ont. Masonry Plans






Engineering Club Executive, [1901] (Rogers Standing, Back Row Top)






Trent Canal Hydraulic Lift Lock No. 1, Peterborough, Ont.
Side Elevation, April 1898






Mode 7 Construction Concrete Lock No. 4, First Concrete Lock in Canada
Oct. 1896






Lock at Peterborough







Lindsay Lock, June 1899




Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, Ont.






Burleigh Falls






Lock in Winter






Heeley's Falls






Railway Bridge, [Western Canada]






CPR Railway Bridge, [Western Canada]






River above Chisholm's Locks
Men in Boat, (Rogers Standing, Third from Left)






Heeley's Falls - Repairing Dam
Contains Details of the Repairs on Reverse of Photograph, Sept. 1892
(R.M. Roy)






Lock at Peterborough
During Winter






Washout in Canal Bank at Curtis' Brickyard, 1906






Break in Canal, Jan'y 1906






Site of Hydraulic Lift Lock, Peterborough, Ont.






Site of Hydraulic Lift Lock, Peterborough, Ont.
Side View





No. 4 Lock Moulding Removed, Dec. 1896






Work on the Hydraulic Lift Lock, Peterborough, Ont., 1896
View from Above






Site of the Hydraulic Lift Lock, Peterborough, Ont., 1896






Canal Construction






Concrete Piers of Norwood [Rd] Bridge, Dec. 1896






Construction Scene






Construction of New Dam, 1898






Construction of New Dam, Nov. 1897
(Richard Birdsall Rogers)






No. 5 Dam Under Construction, Mar. 1898
(Richard Birdsall Rogers)






No. 5 Dam Under Construction Sec. P. & L., Mar. 1898
(Richard Birdsall Rogers)






Mode of Construction Concrete Rock No. 4 First Concrete Lock in Canada,
Oct. 1896
(Richard Birdsall Rogers)






Rock Cut at Lakefield, Jan. 1899




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