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Ron Thom

Master Planning Architect
Trent University

Ron Thom

"THE IDYLLIC CAMPUS... the care with which Thom treats the site is further demonstrated by his respect for the profile of the surrounding hills; the heights of all the buildings are kept low enough, so that your view of the hill profiles, from the pedestrian terraces on either side of the river, is unobstructed. Thom is not only a master of siting but stemming directly from this, a master of scale. The intimate and sometimes diminutive scale of his buildings and their conjunctive spaces, as much as anything else, establishes the harmony of the whole composition on the site. Anything larger, bolder or more aggressive would have disrupted a natural setting which Thom has realized is all too tender and vulnerable... Trent at this stage has everything going for it..."

Arthur Erickson, Canadian Interiors, 1969


A Biography

A University is Born
Trent Appoints Master Planning Architect:
Press Release

Ron Thom's Master Plan for Trent
Master Plan: Press Release



Nassau Campus
Ron Thom's Trent Buildings

Modernism and the Vision of a Master Architect

Champlain College
Chemistry Building
Thomas J. Bata Library
Lady Eaton College

The Art of Design:
Furniture & Furnishings

Faryon Bridge:
Designer Paul Merrick


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