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Helen and Nursing Images



1. Helen Lauder Fowlds, [1yr 11 months?]



2. Helen as a Young Nurse




3. Group of Nurses, [Helen far left]




4. Hospital Ward




5. Nurses and CAMC Personnel




6. Group of Patients with Nurses
(see next also)




6b. Reverse of Group of Patients with Nurses




7. [Helen, left] with Two Fellow Nurses




8. An Average Day...




9. Hospital Stores




10. Lunch with Pyramids - Sisters Johnston, Forbes & Holland




11. Col. Williams Photographing a Case for Medical Records




12. Christmas Dinner at Le Tréport
(see next also)




12b. Reverse of Christmas Dinner at Le Treport




13. Graves of Canadian Sisters [Lemnos]




14. Front of Hospital




15. Helen Fowlds




16. Four Nurses, [Helen far left]



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