Diary 1 spans September to November 1915. It recounts Helen's many firsts, including the route she took to her postings. In her notes, Helen describes her impressions of what she encounters on the boat trips and the cities along the way. She includes anecdotes about her experience with the people, money denominations and some of the history of the places. The exotic descriptions of what she sees are sharply contrasted with the backdrop of the war in which she serves.

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Diary 2 spans November 1915 to November 1916 and includes descriptions of her nursing experience in the Dardanelles. Already there were discussions concerning whether or not the Allies should withdraw from the area. Helen herself was ill with respiratory problems. During the year she speaks of donkey trips to surrounding towns, trying to locate the burial site of Rupert Brooke near East Mudros, and travelling to Portianno to see a Greek festival. Most of the time though, seems to have been spent battling cold, rain and fleas.

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Diary 3 spans Christmas Day [1916], [1917], 1918, and the 1930's. The diary includes family notes and amusing stories about her acquaintances and friends during her military service, as well as, sad recollections of some that perished in the war. She continues her entries years later in the 1930's which provide some details about family members. Notations of genealogical significance relating to Henry Fowlds are found in this section.

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