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Camaraderie naturally formed between the nurses themselves and between the nurses and their patients. Helen kept this autograph book during her stay on Lemnos. Entries are dated between 1915 and 1916 and include small vignettes, poems and other stories written by friends she met along the way. One such poem is written by Constance E. Bruce. In the poem, Constance vividly describes conditions in Lemnos during August 18, 1915 and January 1916. The poem ends with the words: "A little reminder of your first days."




The book contains limericks, little messages and musings about the nurses and persons on the island, accounts of sailing into the Mudros Bay, and active service there. Also enclosed in the autograph book, are newspaper clippings Helen collected at the time.

Newspaper Clippings

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Lemnos Poem, page 1 & 2


Lemnos Poem, page 3 & 4


Lemnos Poem, page 5 & 6