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Trent University Archives News Number 07
Contents include Thomas H.B. Symons' role in bringing about new directions and vigor to Canadian Studies in Canada and abroad during his term as Chairman of the Commission on Canadian Studies (1972-1984). Highlighted are several archival collections that were acquired for Trent University Archives through the efforts of Professor Symons during his term as University President.
Trent University Archives News Number 26
Contents focus on the early 20th century gardens of the Boyd family of Bobcaygeon. Included are images from seed catalogues and a photograph of the the Boyd house surrounded by magnificent gardens. Also included is a commentary on the Peterborough publication, The Canadian Horticulturalist & Beekeeper, first published in 1881.
Trent University Archives News Number 40
The year 2012 marks the bicentennial anniversary of the War of 1812. This issue highlights related documents from our holdings, some of which reflect the commemorative centennial activities of 1912.
Trent University Archives News Number 03
Contents include a focus on gardening featuring Sheila Boyd, Frank Morris, Kittie Revell Peck, and Catharine Parr Traill.
Trent University Archives News Number 04
Contents include some Christmas cards from the Boyd Collection. We also featured a Christmas dinner which Helen Fowlds and other nursing sisters served to soldiers serving in France in 1915.
Trent University Archives News Number 05
Contents include Reverend Michael Farrar and his art works depicting Hastings, Ontario in the 1860s and 1870s. Also included are articles on the Edwin Zimmerman Yerex fonds and new additions to the Professor Ross Irwin fonds, and an introduction to our new on-line exhibit featuring women pioneers in Peterborough County.
Trent University Archives News Number 09
Contents include Friends of the Bata Library's support of the Library and, particularly, the Archives. Members featured include researcher and writer Quentin Brown, Dr. Fern Rahmel, and Professor Gordon Roper.
Trent University Archives News Number 08
Contents include references to Christmas in the writings of Margaret Laurence, Robertson Davis, and E.J. Pratt.
Trent University Archives News Number 06
Contents include Ron Thom's award-winning architectural designs for Trent University. As Master Planning Architect, Thom was also responsible for choosing designer furniture for his new buildings. Some of the chairs which adorned the campus are featured in this newsletter.
Trent University Archives News Number 11
Contents include comments on Trent's 40th anniversary, celebrated in October of this year. A scanned image of a page of the very first student register is included. This newsletter features nationally recognized naturalist and author, Doug Sadler, who lives in Peterborough and who has entrusted his papers to our care.
Trent University Archives News Number 10
Contents include a description of the papers held at Trent University Archives that deal with the life and times of Richard Birdsall Rogers, superintending engineer of the world-renowned Peterborough Lift Lock. The 100th anniversary of the Lift Lock was celebrated on July 9th of this year.
Trent University Archives News Number 13
Contents include images of title pages of first edition books from The Michael Treadwell Special Collections and Rare Books Room. Included among others are title page images of Mark Twain's 1872 edition of Bleak House, and William Makepeace Thackeray's 1848 Vanity Fair: A Novel Without a Hero.


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