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Community hub development
by Mike Andrews., Date of Project Submission: April 2013., Completed for: Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network; Supervising Professor: Dr. Jim Struthers; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliography and appendices., HIST 4770Y.
Community mobilization around the FTAA protest and the role of the KWIC
by Smoki Musaraj., Includes references., Political Studies Honours Thesis.
Community sustainability indicators among 10 cities
This report provides a detailed summary of the sustainability indicators established in Canadian and American cities. A summary of each of the ten cities that were studied for this report is included along with a brief description of their indicator program. The cities are organized by population size for this section of the report. This brief summary is meant to outline some of the differences between the types of cities researched for this report, the differences in the number of indicator cities employ, how they report the indicators and where they obtain their data. The ten cities that are included in this report are: Santa Monica, California; Richmond, British Columbia; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Hamilton, Ontario; Portland, Oregon; Boston, Massachusetts; Jacksonville, Florida; Tucson, Arizona; Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta., Executive summary -- Introduction -- Research questions -- Methods -- Indicator programs -- Analysis of trends among environmental indicators -- Examination of air and water quality indicators -- Conclusion -- References., by Tammy Richard. --, Prepared for: Peterborough Sustainability Network; Trent University (ERSC 335); Trent Centre for Comunity Based Education; Supervising Professor: Peter Andree., [Date of project completion]: April 30, 2004., Includes bibliographic references (p. 35-41)., ERSC 335, Community-based research project.
Community-based research project
This project is an extension of previous research (Appendix A) which indicated a need for governing By-Laws and Policies in order to carry out the objectives of Casa de Angelae in creating a home for four developmentally disabled women., Introduction -- Boards and models -- By-laws -- Policy -- Notes on incorporation and charitable status -- Appendix A: Previous research project -- Appendix B: Researchers reflection -- Appendix C: Samples of incorporation documents -- Appendix D: Samples of applications for incorporation -- Appendix E: Documents and resources for additional information -- Bibliographic information., by Amelia Patterson and Giuseppina Mancuso. --, Completed for: Karen Galloro at Casa de Angelae ; Jack Gillan and Janet Greene at Community Living Peterborough ; Supervising Professor: Margaret McGraw, Trent University ; Trent Centre for Community-based Education., Date of project submission : April 2007., Includes bibliographic references., WMST 443, Women Studies, Women, the welfare state, and globalization in Canada.
Comparing Models for Addiction Services
A comparative analysis of harm reduction and abstinence addiction treatment programs focusing on Peterborough City and County, Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton County, and Northumberland County has not been done. The present study researched previous studies in the field of addiction services, identifying the available services in the specified regions, surveying those services, and compiling data to determine the gaps in the current services to make future recommendations. This work is critical to addiction service research because substance use is a significant area of concern in the research area and across Canada. The study will aid in the identification and implementation of services needed in the four counties to reduce addiction and indirectly keep addiction-related offenders away from the criminal justice system. A literature review of harm reduction and abstinence was conducted using on-line portals. A questionnaire containing service details, client statistics, and gaps in services was administered to the available service providers and front line services including youth services and hospitals. Results show that individuals face many barriers when dealing with their addictions which include stigma, transportation, financial issues, and wait times for service. The current distribution of services is mostly harm reduction- compared to abstinence-based services but both serve equal males and females. The most prominent substance use is with alcohol, cannabis, and opioids. The significant gaps that currently exist are a lack of communication between services, a lack of funding for additional services, and a lack of residential detoxification centres and addiction supportive housing units., By Olivia Emino, Date of Project Submission: April 2015., Completed for: Human Service and Justice Coordinating Committee; Supervising Professor: Sharon Beaucage-Johnson; Trent Community Research Centre (, FRSC 4890 - Community-Based Research in Forensic Science
Comparing Models for Addiction Services [poster]
By Olivia Emino, Date of Project Submission: April 2015., Completed for: Human Service and Justice Coordinating Committee; Supervising Professor: Sharon Beaucage-Johnson; Trent Community Research Centre (, FRSC 4890 - Community-Based Research in Forensic Science
by: Marcelina Salazar. --, Date of project submission: April 18, 2003., [Prepared for] : Prof. S. Bocking and OPIRG., Includes bibliographic references (p. 42-48)., ERSC 483, Community Research Placement.
Computer literacy and poverty in children
Roy De Lima. --, YWCA, 1996-97.
Conversation circle leader
by Sebastian Cosgrove., Date of Project Completion: March 2009., Completed for: New Canadian Centre; Supervising Professor: Yves Thomas, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., FREN 495.
Critical analysis of the relationship between police, support systems and victim's families following a homicide or sudden death
by Lauren Anne Ostrowski., Date of Submission: April 2013., Host Organization: Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service - Victim Services Unity; Faculty Supervisor: Sharon Beaucage-Johnson, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliography and appendices., FRSC 4890Y.
Cultural and oral histories
This project is contributing to the Land Between's mandate through a focused study of a single township in the Land Between. Manvers Township, a part of Victoria County and now also part of the City of Kawartha Lakes, is a strong example of the heritage value and importance of rural townships across The Land Between. Note: The Land Between is a non-profit organization focused on the preservation of the land extending roughly from Georgian Bay, west to Kingston. It spans across eight ecodistricts identified by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, as well as seven counties including Simcoe, Muskoka, Haliburton, Victoria, Peterborough, Hastings, Lennox and Addington, and Frontenac., by Jessica Davidson. --, Includes: final research report; bibliography., Completed for: Leora Berman at the Kawartha Heritage Conservancy; Supervising Professor: John Wadland, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-based education., Date of project submission: April 2007., Includes bibliographic references., CAST 204, Canada: the land, Canadian Studies, Community-based research project.
Cyber safety
Working in partnership with Tekdesk Peterborough in the development of a provincial technology safety program, the objective of this research project was to identify some of the potential risks and dangers, commonly associated with the use of particular network software and technologies., Dedication -- Acknowledgements -- Abstract -- Key Definitions -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Health Risks -- 3. Financial Risks -- 4. Legal Risks -- 5. Social Risks -- 6. Executive Summary -- 7. Learning Experience -- Additional Resources., Principal Researcher: Andrew MacLean., Date of submission: April 12, 2010., Completed for: TEKDesk (a project of COIN); Supervising Professor: Joanna Freeland, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliographical references., FRSC 4890: Community Based Research Project.


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