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History of Peterborough County Jail
By Logan Taylor and Laura Schindel, Date of Project Submission: April 2015., Completed for: County of Peterborough; Supervising Professor: Joan Sangster; Trent Community Research Centre, HIST4100 - Topics in Canadian History, This is the study of an institution which stood as a monument of authority for about one-hundred sixty years and then unceremoniously sat dormant for fourteen1. It was structure that saw grave histories like the execution of six men, and the incarceration of people dealing with poverty, addiction and mental illness.2 Therefore, the following is a brief introduction to what is a massive piece of local history.
Reflection paper
Peter M. Tasse. --, For: Professor J.S. Milloy, April 18, 2000, Cultural Studies 387., CUST 387: Community-Based Research Project.
Best Practice in the Development of Hose-Homes and Respite Care for Youth
By Kasandra Tancorre, Completed for: A Way Home Peterborough; Supervising Professor: Sharon Beaucage-Johnson; Trent Community Research Centre, FRSC 4890Y -, The purpose of this project was to determine best practices in the development of a host- home program and other respite care programs for youth ages 14-24 in Peterborough, Ontario. The project is being completed for A Way Home Peterborough (AWHP), a local organization striving to end youth homelessness in the Peterborough area by 25% by 2021.
Best Practice in the Development of Hose-Homes and Respite Care for Youth [poster]
By Kasandra Tancorre, Completed for: A Way Home Peterborough; Supervising Professor: Sharon Beaucage-Johnson; Trent Community Research Centre, FRSC 4890Y -
Greening the Festival of Trees
This report examines all practices leading to the production of waste at the Peterborough Festival of Trees. This study was requested by the festival to examine its environmental impact on the community. The research was broken down into four subsections being waste, compost, packaging and food., Introduction -- Schedule -- Section 1: Waste audit and follow-up -- Section 2: Compost issues -- Section 3: Food issues -- Section 4: Packaging issues -- Conclusion -- References -- Appendices., by Rein Tammemagi ... [et al.]. --, Includes: Final research report; appendices; bibliography., Completed for: Karen Park and Anna Skorski at Peterborough Festival of Trees; Supervising Professor: Paula Anderson, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-based education., Date of project submission: December 2006., ERST 334H, Environmental & Resource Studies, Community-based research project.
Guidelines for mentorship program in Peterborough
The purpose of this project was presented in three parts - first to compile a comprehensive list of successful green enterprises throughout Canada. Second, to present some of the results from a survey undertaken to explore green enterprises in Peterborough County and third, to establish guidelines for a mentoring program in Peterborough., Introduction -- Study goals -- Results. Part 1: Success stories throughout Canada. Part 2: Survey results of green businesses in the Peterborough area. Part 3: Mentorship portion. Guidelines for a mentorship program in Peterborough. What to look for in a mentor. What to look for in a mentee -- Necessary documents for mentoring. Confidentiality agreement. Release of liability -- Mentor implementation. Mentor training. Mentee orientation. Monitoring. Reporting results. Program evaluation -- Concluding thoughts -- References -- Working bibliography -- Contact people and numbers. Businesses interested in a mentorship program., Sheena Symington. --, Includes bibliographic references (p. 26-27)., Frost Centre CHDS 580.
Health effects of workplace chemicals toluene, benzene, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, and epichlorohydrin
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are some of the most hazardous materials workers may be exposed to. This study reviewed the health effects of toluene, benzene, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) and epichlorohydrin (ECH)., Abstract -- Keywords -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Conclusions -- Literature cited -- Appendix., Name: Tarannuum Syed. --, Includes bibliographic references., BIOL 3891H: Community-Based Research Project.
Food bank needs assessment survey
Forward -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- Methodology -- Results -- Discussion -- Resources., prepared by Carrie Swail. --, For Kawartha Food Share, May 2001., Includes bibliographic resources (p. 27)., CAST
Our urban forest
by Christopher Stygall., Date of Project Submission: April, 2009., Completed for: Cathy Duek, Peterborough Green-Up; Supervising Professor: Prof. Stephen Hill, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., ERST 483, Community-Based Research Project.
Trent University course inventory
The Trent University Course Inventory Project (TUCI) was conducted on behalf of the Trent Centre for Community Based Education (TCCBE) during the 2007-2008 academic year to inventory all current and 'on the horizon' courses at Trent, to determine to what extent the community contexts of research, teaching, and learning were addressed within existing university course offerings. The author of this project worked on the TUCI project, as a student researcher to choose and design a research tool., by Ned Struthers. --, Includes: project report and appendices., Date of project submission: April 2008., POST 487 ; Politics, Community-Based Research Project., [Completed for]: Trent Centre for Community-Based Education ; Supervising Professor: Nadine Changfoot, Trent University.
Final report
Preston Stringer., Date of Project Submission: April, 2009., Completed for: Julie Cosgrove at Kawartha World Issues Centre; Supervisor: Amanda Latimer, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliography., IDST 372H, Community-Based Research Project.
Sensitivity of the Jackson Creek hydrologic system to climate change
If climate change occurs it could seriously impact the work and programs of Otonabee Region Conservation Authority as well as having environmental and socio-economic effects on local watersheds. This study was intended to examine the possible change in flood probabilities in the Jackson Creek sub-watershed located within the Otonabee Conservation watershed in response to increases resulting from global warming changes to rainfall depths of storms of various durations., A research report by Chris Straw. --, Date of project submission: April 2002., Includes bibliographic references., GEOG 440.


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