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Impact of Sexual Consent Education on Working Professionals
By Neeshali Adhya, Date of Project Submission: April 2015., Completed for: Kawartha Sexual Assault Center; Supervising Professor: Sharon Beaucage-Johnson; Trent Community Research Centre, FRSC4890 - Community Based Research, This paper explores the impact of the Sexual Consent Conference that was held in June of 2016 at Trent University. This conference was hosted by the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre. The conference took an inter-sectoral approach to discussing the complexity of sexual consent. It was funded by the Status of Women Canada and was a response to a needs assessment that was conducted by the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre. The present study answered three questions: 1) Did the conference provide a learning experience that was relevant to the attendees’ role in the community, 2) In what ways did the conference enhance the attendees’ knowledge and skill set around consent, and 3) In what ways did the attendees modify their approaches to service delivery. I found that the information was relevant to 92.86% of the attendees, 60.60% of the attendees stated they learned something from the conference, and 30.95% of them changed the way they deliver their services. Some recommendations for another conference are to specify what changes want to be seen in the community in reference to sexual violence and consent, and how to implement them through interactive sessions. This could enhance the networking aspect of the conference while determining what specific changes can be made to help the community. Some future research could be considering if the results of this research is specific to the topic of sexual violence or if the results are similar to other conferences on different topics. One limitation of this research is the interpretation of the survey questions, some of the attendees may not have understood what was being asked in full.
Bridging the gaps
The primary purpose of this research project was to assess the effectiveness of programs and services currently offered by or in cooperation with the NCCP as well as to determine what services or programs, if any, are needed but are not in place., Introduction -- Introduction to the New Canadians Centre Peterborough -- Research questions and methodology -- Findings and recommendations. i) Awareness of services and programs ii) Specific services and their limitations iii) Other issues -- Broad recommendations -- Conclusion -- Appendices., by Lindsay Adams ; Christina Dahl ; Sarah Lord. --, Includes: Final research report., Completed for: Carmela Valles at the New Canadians Centre ; supervising Professor: Margaret Hobbs, Trent University ; TCCBE., Date of project submission: April 2005., Women's Studies, WMST 400 - Advanced studies in feminism.
Glam aid
by Nejat Abdella and Ashleigh Swerdfeger., Date of Project Submission: April 2012., Completed for: Kawartha World Issues Centre; Supervising Professor: Chris Beyers, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliography and appendices., IDST 4200Y.
Education and environmental degradation in Jamaica
Part 1: Education reader ; Environmental issues in Jamaica -- Part 2: Exploring the colonial legacy in Jamaica: past, present, and possibilities for change., by Phil Abbott., Completed for: Marisa Kaczmarczyk at Jamaica Self-Help ; Supervising professor: David Morrison, Trent University ; TCCBE., Date of project submission: June 2005, International Development Studies 370 - Community-based research project.
Heritage foods in the Kawarthas
By: Kendra Abbey, Claudia Gaboury, Benjamin MacCuaig, Kellie Sherman, Jen Bushle, and Chris Balenovich., Completed for: Kawartha Heritage Conservancy; Supervising Professor: Paula Anderson, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community Based Education., Includes bibliographic references., ERST 3340: The Canadian Food System: A community development approach.
Equity and diversity gala
by Kathleen Benbow. --, Includes bibliographic references., WMST 383H: Community Research Placement.
Report to Peterborough County and City Councils
The purpose of this project was to help Peterborough Social Planning Council with a survey in regards to housing insecurity in Peterborough City and County. The student was to recode responses to open-ended questions and enter them into a data-base [sic]., Summary of recommendations -- Introduction -- Situation in Peterborough County and City -- Coordination of planning -- Emergency response -- Affordability: Income -- Housing supply -- Coordination of housing and related services -- Legislative and policy recommendations -- Acknowledgments -- Homelessness coordinating committee -- Appendices., Homelessness and Housing Insecurity Task Force. --


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