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Final report
1. Introduction -- 2. Discussion of research methodology. a. Study methodology. b. Theoretical framework -- 3. Findings. a. Student response. b. Professor response -- 4. Recommendations -- 5. Annotated bibliography of alternative curriculum resources -- 6. Bibliography of sources consulted for project -- 7. Appendix A: Student questionnaire -- 8. Appendix B: Guidelines for inclusive curriculum., Cheri Wright. --, Includes bibliographic references., Women's Studies 491.
Final report
Preston Stringer., Date of Project Submission: April, 2009., Completed for: Julie Cosgrove at Kawartha World Issues Centre; Supervisor: Amanda Latimer, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliography., IDST 372H, Community-Based Research Project.
Final paper on Titles Bookstore, George St, Peterborough
The primary purpose of this project was to research the current trends or best practices in the retail store industry pertaining to layout and design. The focus was on Titles Bookstore on George Street in Peterborough, Ontario., by Catherine Smith. --, [Prepared for] : Supervisor: Dr. Bruce Ahlstrand., Date of project submission: April 11, 2003., Includes bibliographic references (p. 18)., ADMN 483H: Community-Based Research Project.
Feasibility study on the programming needs of young adults with Down Syndrome
Dolkar Peljor., Completed for: C.H.A.N.G.E.S.; Professor: Jessa Chupik, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community Based Education., CAST 477.
Feasibility of an alumni survey at Trent University
This project in cooperation with the Trent University Career Centre seeks to answer whether or not an alumni survey is feasible at Trent University. The two main parts of this project were a literature review and a test survey., Abstract -- Acknowledgements -- 1.0 Introduction -- 2.0 Literature review. 2.1 Survey design. 2.1.1 Design. 2.1.2 Survey questions. 2.1.3 Analyzing survey data. 2.1.4 Ethical issue in survey design. 2.2 Survey methods. 2.2.1 Self-administered surveys. 2.2.2 Telephone surveys. 2.2.3 Pilot surveys. 2.3 Alumni survey activity at educational institutions. 2.3.1 Motivations for survey creation. 2.3.2 Survey design/delivery. 2.3.3 Response rates. Incentives. 2.3.4 Conclusion -- 3.0 Methods. 3.1 Test survey design. 3.2 Test survey execution. 3.3 Test survey data analysis. 3.4 Full survey design -- 4.0 Observations and results. 4.1 Observations of test survey -- 5.0 Discussion. 5.1 Survey design. 5.2 Conducting test survey. 5.3 Alumni database. 5.4 Reflections on test survey -- 6.0 Recommendations. 6.1 Research questions -- 7.0 Conclusions. 7.1 Future research -- References -- Appendix., Josh Annett ... [et al.]. --, Includes: literature review, final research report., Date of project submission: April 2007., This project in cooperation with the Trent University Career Centre seeks to answer or not an alumni survey is feasible at Trent University. The two main parts of this project are a literature review and a test survey. The literature review involved gathering information on survey methods, design and delivery. The test survey is a questionnaire administered over the telephone that asked geography graduates about employment history and satisfaction with their education from Trent., Includes bibliographic references (p. 78-81)., GEOG 470 ; Research in Human Geography., Completed for: Kristi Kerford at Trent Career Centre ; supervising Professor: Susan Wurtele, Trent University ; TCCBE.
Farm-to-table sourcing
by Danni Dickson., Date of Project Submission: April 2012., Completed for: The Seasoned Spoon Cafe; Supervising Professor: Stephen Bocking, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., ERSC 4830Y.
Family violence in four displays
The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the clarity of the Educational Bristol board displays that we created for the Family Violence committee at the Peterborough Family Resource Centre (PFRC) in the fall/winter of 2001., Penny Akrivopoulos and Alem Tedeneke. --, Date of project submission: April 27, 2002, CDST 422.
Family violence awareness
Purpose -- What do you do if you suspect a woman is being abused? -- Questions to help identify the existence of abuse -- Response to disclosure of abuse -- Questions to help identify the safety risk of children -- Assessing children's safety -- What to do if a child discloses wife abuse -- Additional options. 1) Safety plan. 2) Self assessment -- References., by Penny Akrivopoulos ; for the Peterborough Family Resource Centre. --, Date of project submission: April 2002, Includes bibliographic references (p. 8)., CDST 370.
Faith-based volunteer management study
Abstract -- Acknowledgement -- Introduction. Host organization background. Methodology -- Literature review -- Methodology. Procedures -- Findings of telephone interviews. Volunteer management strategies. Number of volunteers. Volunteer tasks. Membership determination. Services offered -- Findings of survey -- Findings of personal interviews -- Analysis of interview data. Volunteer attraction methods. Incentives. Global trends. Charismatic leadership -- Conclusion -- Recommendations -- References., by Manna Sainju and Tsering Dhundup., Date of Project Submission: April, 2009., Completed for: Dharma Centre of Canada; Supervising Professor: Prof. Jackie Michal Avram, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliography., IDST 422, Assessment of Development Projects.
Fair trade at Trent University
By: Kristine Rading. --, Includes: annotated bibliography, Arthur article, History of the Trent Fair Trade Working Group., Completed for: OPIRG, Professor ... Christopher Huxley, Trent University, Trent-Centre for Community-Based Education., Date of project submission: April 10, 2006., POST 497H.
Faculty participation in community-campus partnerships
By: Dennis Badeen, Nadine Changfoot, Todd Barr, Date of Project Submission: March 2015., Completed for: Trent Community Research Centre; Supervising Professor: Nadine Changfoot, Sustainability Studies - No course - paid research internship
Eyes wide open
This document contains the proceedings of a conference entitled "Eyes Wide Open: Breast Cancer and the Environment," that took place in Peterborough, Ontario in [sic] October of 2001. The keynote speaker, Dr. Samuel Epstein, emphasized how cancer organizations are becoming more corporate in their actions, focusing more on treatment options and the generation of money instead of public health prevention., Introduction -- Public forum and plenary session -- Workshop notes and handouts -- Conference evaluations -- Coalition building -- Speaker biographies -- Bibliography -- How to order copies of conference videos., By Mary Lou Lummiss., Includes bibliographic references (p. 54-58)., WMST 482: Community Research Placement.


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