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Trent gardens soil fertility evaluation
By: Kirsten Thomson, Completed for: Trent (Vegetable) Gardens; Supervising Professor: Tom Hutchinson, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliographic references., ERST 4830: Community-Based Research Project.
Peterborough Fesitval of Trees waste audit
The Festival of Trees is an annual festival that takes place in the Peterborough Memorial Centre during the holiday season. This year's festival opened on Tuesday, November 24th and closed on Sunday, November 29th., 1.0 Executive summary -- 2.0 Introduction. 2.1 Festival of Trees overview. 2.2 Festival waste. 2.3 Waste audit -- 3.0 Waste audit results. 3.1 Waste data by stream -- 4.0 Conclusion -- 5.0 Recommendations. 5.1 Obtain commitment. 5.2 Consult stakeholders. 5.3 Eliminate wasteful materials. 5.4 Introduce alternative options. 5.5 Promote your efforts. 5.6 Compost. 5.7 Have effective signage. 5.8 Monitor waste stations. 5.9 Avoid individual receptacles. 5.10 Monitor set-up/take down., Jessica Goodfellow., Completed for: Peterborough Festival of Trees Green Team; Supervising Professor: Stephen Hill, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., ERST 3830Y: Community-Based Research Project.
Program evaluation of a minor sports council
The purpose of this study was to obtain the opinions of the members of the Minor Pete's [sic] hockey association primarily on volunteering and when to hold try-outs. An online survey was distributed to the 170 members of the association through an email link by each team's manager., Introduction and executive summary -- Survey methodology -- Results and discussion. Demographic characteristics of volunteers. Factors affecting volunteering. Benefits of volunteering. Volunteering barriers and demographic characters. Tournaments. Selected 'other' results -- Main conclusions -- Limitations and future research., by: Derek K. Olver., Completed for : Peterborough Minor Hockey Council - "Minor Petes AAA"; Supervising Professor: Alan Law, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., SOCI 358H: Community-Based Research Project.
Neighbourhood history of poll 110
1.0 Introduction -- 2.0 Literature review. 2.1 Historical geography. 2.2 Urban geography. 2.3 Social geography. 2.4 Archival research -- 3.0 Methodology. 3.1 Archival research. 3.2 Fieldwork. 3.3 Maps -- 4.0 Results. 4.1 Martha Kidd historical description of the 10 chosen properties. 4.2 Analysis of the directories -- 5.0 Discussion. 5.1 Significance of the results. 5.2 Were the objectives met? 5.3 Challenges -- 6.0 Future research -- 7.0 Conclusion -- 8.0 Bibliography -- 9.0 Appendices. 9.1 Proposal. 9.2 Map. 9.3 Graphs. 9.4 Photographs. 9.5 Directory charts., by Amanda Sagriff and Kali Fitzsimmons., Completed for: Trent Valley Archives; Supervising Professor: Prof. Heather Nicol & Prof. Mark Skinner, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliographical references., GEOG 470: Research in Human Geography.


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