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Navigating the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) for victims of violent crime
by Haley Brough., Date of Project Submission: April 2014., Completed for: Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service ; Supervising Professor: Sharon Beaucage-Johnson ; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliography and appendices., FRSC 4890Y.
Food storage needs assessment research report for the Seasoned Spoon
Since the Seasoned Spoon started in February of 2003, it has had a major food storage challenge. It has had very limited and inadequate space to store and preserve food. This lack of storage and preservation methods has impeded the Seasoned Spoon from providing as much locally grown, organic and affordable food as possible - as outlined in the Seasoned Spoon mandate. In locating areas for the Seasoned Spoon to store its food and in understanding and undertaking other food preservation methods, the Seasoned Spoon will further be able to contribute to the underlying goals of a sustainable food system., Section 1: Introduction. Purpose. Importance of food storage and preservation. Current food storage/preservation situation at Seasoned Spoon. About food storage and preservation. Key research goals. Major findings -- Section 2: Information. Timeline. Summary of meetings with consultants -- Section 3: Analysis of results and recommendations. Avenues already explored. Suggestions for further research. Review of recommendations -- Section 4: References -- Appendices. Appendix A: Amount of food used by the Seasoned Spoon. Appendix B: Storing vegetables at home. Appendix C: Storage resources. Appendix D: List of suppliers., Prepared by Faye Ginies and Ryan DeCaire. --, Includes: final research report; appendices., Completed for: Jessi Dobyns at the Seasoned Spoon; Supervising Professor: Paula Anderson, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-based education., Date of project submission: December 2007., Includes bibliographic references (p. 13)., CAST 334H, Canadian Studies, Community-Based Research Project.
Groundwater quality of the Oak Ridges Moraine
by Scott Bendle and Joshua Bowes., Date of Project Submission: April 2014., Completed for: Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority ; Supervising Professor: Peter Lafleur ; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliography and appendices., GEOG 4030Y.
Geographies of Art
Appendix A-D, Observations - Appendix E, "Cattle Fair" - Appendix F, Colouring activity page - Appendix G, List of terms - Appendix H, Fill in the blanks - Appendix I, Art Gallery of Peterborough Family guide., by Armida Gnagnarella. --, Includes: literature review, final research report, bibliography., Completed for: The Art Gallery of Peterborough, Supervising Professor: Susan Wurtele, Trent University, TCCBE., Date of project submission: April 2005., Includes bibliographic references., GEOG 470: Research in Human Geography.
analysis of the recycling practices at the Peterborough Regional Health Center
This case study looks at the complex workings of the Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC); in particular, an analysis of the current waste management structure with a focus on recycling., by Mathew Ansara and Natalie Lush. --, Includes: Literature review; Final research report; Bibliography., Completed for: Gord Rance at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre; Supervising Professor: Alan Brunger, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Date of project submission: April 2004., GEOG 470, Research in Human Geography, Community-based research project.
Economic Impact of a Social Enterprise [poster]
By: Renzo Costa and Bhekumusa Khumalo, Date of Project Submission: April 2015., Completed for: Seasoned Spoon Café; Supervising Professor: Dr. Paul Shaffer; Trent Community Research Centre, IDST 4220Y - Assessment of Development Projects
Evaluation of Immigration Integration Programs in Peterborough: Speakers Bureau and ESL Forum
By Alexandra Izgerean and Lai Ming Chui, Date of Project Submission: April 2015., Completed for: Peterborough Partnership Council on Immigrant Integration; Supervising Professor: Paul Shaffer, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community Based Education, IDST 4220Y - Assessment of Development Projects
Why She Cycles: Building the Case for Community Bike Repair and Bike Education [poster]
By Olivia Austin & Melanie Lusted, Completed for: B!KE; Supervising Professor: Carmen Teeple Hopkins; Trent Community Research Centre, WMST 3031H - Doing Feminist Research: Making Social Change
Evaluating Inclusion: The Progress and Success of the Amigos Program in Peterborough High Schools, as well as Tools and Best Practices for Feedback
By Morgan McNamee and Yasaman Ahanin, Completed for: Heads Up For Inclusion; Supervising Professor: Hayley Goodchild; Trent Community Research Centre, IDST 4220Y - Assessment of Development Practices, This report is the culminating piece of a four-month evaluation of the Amigos school Program of Heads up for Inclusion. The project had two objectives: 1) Evaluate the success of the Amigos school program since its implementation in 2001 from the perspective of teachers, students and parents/guardians of the participants, and 2) To research and provide the host with best evaluation practices for the program in the future. A literature review of best practices for inclusion of similar programs around North America was completed prior to data collection, while primary data was gathered using semi-structured interviews conducted in February and March 2018. Three interviews were conducted with different stakeholders who are involved with or have been formerly involved with the implementation of the program.
The Experiences of Residents with the City of Peterborough's Rent Supplement Programs Part 2
By Sabrina Bailey, Completed for: City of Peterborough Housing Division; Supervising Professor: Sharon Beaucage-Johnson; Trent Community Research Centre, FRSC 4890Y -, The purpose of this research was to determine what feedback the City of Peterborough should gather from recipients of its supplement programs, what survey structure can be implemented on an annual basis, what impact on quality of life financial support has had on tenants, and how the rent supplement has affected the recipients’ living arrangements. The City of Peterborough rent supplement program provides rent subsidies to individuals of low income to reduce the amount that they have to allocate to rent. To accomplish the goals of this study, recipients of rent supplements participated in a survey and focus group. The survey consisted of quantitative and qualitative questions inquiring about the participants’ experiences since receiving the supplement. The focus group expanded on the results from the survey. Grey literature research was conducted to determine what information other municipalities have gathered on residents’ experiences with their rent supplement programs. The data shows that overall the quality of life and living arrangements have improved for individuals receiving a rent supplement. Residents can now afford healthier groceries and social activities. In order to conduct the survey on an annual basis the questions should be quantitative and responses collected on a scale of strongly agree to strongly disagree. This paper is a continuation of a project that is interested in the experiences of residents receiving supplements from the City of Peterborough. Part one of this research focused on geared-to-income programs. This part focuses on flat-rate rent supplements offered by the Housing Resource Centre.
Mapping Global Citizenship in Peterborough and the Kawarthas
By Victoria Huys, Completed for: Kawartha World Issues Centre; Supervising Professor: Katharine Murphy; Trent Community Research Centre
Market Hall audience survey - Peterborough, Ontario
This study focused on various aspects of attending a performance, from advertising and purchasing a ticket to the comfort level and service offered at the facility. This study was also used to gain insight into audience views on programming and future facility renovations., Project summary -- History of Market Hall -- Description of evaluation -- Evaluation design -- Outcome measures -- Implemented measures -- Data -- Discussion of results -- Conclusions -- Recommendations -- Appendix I -- Appendix II., by: Jacob Mann & Catherine Bromley. --, Completed for: Bill Kimball at Peterborough New Dance ; Supervisor: Chris Beyers, Trent University ; Trent Centre for Community-based Education., Date of project submission: April 2008., IDST 422, International Development Studies, Community-based research project.


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