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Breaking it down
Working with the help of tekdesk in Peterborough, Ontario, the purpose of this project was to explore the different threats and security concerns of small businesses and non-profits. The research was done via an analysis of literature on various security concerns pertaining directly to networks and databases., By Paul Volk. --, Completed for: Tekdesk. Course Supervisor: Sharon Beaucage-Johnson. Term: Fall-Winter 2011-2012., Includes bibliographic references., FRSC 4890Y.
Laws and legalities of technology based cyber crimes
Working with Tekdesk in Peterborough, the purpose of the research was to determine all the current laws and legalities of Canadian law and where we, as Canadians, stand compared to similarly developed countries. This report contains the current research of important Canadian Laws as found in the Criminal Code, refined by relevant case law as found on, Dedication -- Acknowledgement -- Abstract -- Table of contents -- Key definitions -- Introduction -- Criminal code and case law -- Broadcasting Act -- Copyright Act -- Highway Traffic Act (Ontario) -- Outcomes -- New and upcoming -- Canadian comparison -- Conclusion -- Learning experience -- Recommendations -- References -- Appendix., By: Eric Fournier., Includes bibliographic references (p. 53-59)., FRSC 4980Y: Community-Based Education.

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