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Caldwell family fonds -- 1860-1987
Fonds consists of journals and photographs dated 1860-1908 pertaining to Hugh Caldwell Sr. of Chandos Township, Peterborough County, and his son Hugh Caldwell Jr. Also included are a small number of family records dating to 1987. Accession Number: 18-004 Finding aid location:
RG-10: Thomas J. Bata Library
Bata Library was opened at its present location on the Symons Campus in 1969. The first site was at Rubidge Hall. University Librarians have been Jack Martin, Bruce Cossar, Brian Heeney (Director of the Library), John Wiseman, Luc DeClerck (acting), Murray Genoe, Tom Eadie, and Robert Clarke (current). These records cover every phase of Bata Library and Trent University Archives administrative history. Subjects include guest lists for convocations, the Archer report, the Chalmers collection, correspondence re various donations of papers to the Archives, library receptions, personnel files, the Shell collection, correspondence with R.H. Thom, the architect, the Webster collection, acquisitions policy, minutes of Library Services Committee, Phillips report, college libraries, library space studies, and so forth. The dates primarily cover the years 1963-1991, with a few later exceptions to 1996. Additional materials processed in 1999, 2003, and 2006. Finding Aid Location:
RG-37: Women's Studies
The Women’s Studies Program at Trent University was established in 1987. The first Chair was Prof. Christl Verduyn. As an interdisciplinary program, Women's Studies draws on the insights and methodologies from a wide variety of disciplines such as history, literature, psychology, sociology, politics and anthropology. Finding Aid Location:

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