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Effective Options for Post-Custody Accommodation [poster]
By Carissa McPhee, Completed for: Regional Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee; Supervising Professor: Sharon Beaucage-Johnson; Trent Community Research Centre, FRSC 4890Y -
The Experiences of Residents with the City of Peterborough's Rent Supplement Programs Part 2 [presentation]
By Sabrina Bailey, Completed for: City of Peterborough Housing Division; Supervising Professor: Sharon Beaucage-Johnson; Trent Community Research Centre, FRSC 4890Y -
Promising Practices for Landlord Engagement and Retention in Mitigating Tenancy Risk in the Mental Health and Addications Sector [poster]
By Craig Rutherford, Completed for: HKPR Regional HSJCC; Supervising Professor: Sharon Beaucage-Johnson; Trent Community Research Centre, FRSC 4890Y -
Peterborough Community Support Court: An Evaluation of Recidivism
By Nhu Nguyen, Completed for: Peterborough Local HSJCC; Supervising Professor: Julia Bakker; Trent Community Research Centre, PSYC 4901H / CAST 4813H -
How Much Can We Grow? Determining a Best Method to Measure Sidewalk/Frontyard/Backyard Garden Harvests
By Jennifer Boesche, Completed for: Nourish; Supervising Professor: Stephanie Rutherford; Trent Community Research Centre, ERST 4830Y -, Food insecurity is becoming a growing issue within the city of Peterborough. Food insecurity can be generally defined as having a lack of physical and economic access to an adequate quantity of both affordable and nutritious food. Nourish is a non-profit organization in Peterborough which seeks to improve food security within the Peterborough community by determining a single method which can be used to measure local homegrown garden harvests, in a project known as “How Much Can We Grow”. Information that can be collected from the chosen method is significant as it can help determine to what extent homegrown gardens are contributing to improving food security within the area, and encourage more individuals to become involved with gardening in the future. The following report will discuss the research results for the project and will cover the social benefits of gardening, motivations for gardening, and a single method that can be applied to the Peterborough area for measuring garden harvests. These results are based primarily on local survey responses, for a survey which was distributed throughout the Peterborough community.
The Durham At-Risk Housing Network Evaluation [presentation]
By Skylar Onistchenko-Abrantes, Date of Project Submission: April 2015., Completed for: Community Development Council Durham; Supervising Professor: Sharon Beaucage-Johnson; Trent Community Research Centre, FRSC4890 - Forensic Community-Based Research Project
Violence in the workplace
The first half of this paper concerns publications that focus on prevention of physical violence. The second half of this paper discusses methods to prevent other forms of workplace violence, mainly interpersonal conflict, verbal abuse, and colleague sabotage., Executive summary -- Introduction -- Review of workplace violence prevention techniques. Prevention of physical violence. Screening and selection. Policies and procedures. Environmental approaches. Behavioural and administrative approaches. The "ideal" WPV prevention policy. Zero tolerance policies. Risk assessments. Joint Union/management policies. Employee assistance programs. ASAP program. Staff support groups. Prevention of interpersonal conflict, verbal abuse, and sabotage. Toxic behaviour and sabotage. What is a healthy work environment? Characteristics of a positive work culture. Stress reduction and workplace violence. Organizational support and workplace violence -- Conclusions -- Suggestions for further work -- Bibliography., by Jennifer Nash. --, Includes final research report., Completed for: Lynn Zimmer, Y.W.C.A. ; Supervising Professor, Joan Ayre, T.C.C.B.E., Date of project completion: April 2005., Includes bibliographic references (p. 26)., NURS 302 - Community health nursing care.
University labour relations
by Bridget Leslie., Date of project submission: April 2004., Completed for: CUPE 3908-1; Supervising Professor: Prof. Chris Huxley, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community Based Education., SOC 490H.
Collecting and keeping from here to Kerr House
By Martina Plejic., Completed for: Trent University Art Collection; Supervising Professor: Jonathan Bordo, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliographic references., CUST 387.
Food Items Education
Introduction -- Why vegetarian? / Lauren -- Winter greens / Lauren -- Kale / Elsa -- Garlic / Elsa -- Heritage tomatoes / Jesse -- Wheat and spelt / Jesse -- Dry beans / Bailey -- Fair trade cocoa / Bailey -- Conclusion -- References., By Elsa DeSouza, Bailey Duesling, Lauren Smith & Loujiesi Xu. --, Includes bibliographic references., ERST 3340H: The Canadian Food System: A Community Development Approach.
The Peterborough Youth Hostel development
I. The Canadian tourism market -- II. Canada's new strategic direction -- III. The Ontario tourism market -- IV. The Peterborough tourism market -- V. Hostels: An introduction -- VI. Primary customer profile -- VII. Demographic breakdown -- VIII. Canadian hostel profile -- IX. Hostelling [sic] structure -- X. Competitive analysis -- XI. Attractions -- XII. Future market opportunity., Conducted by Mark Langdon. --
Complementary care
Introduction -- The VON -- Complementary health care -- Results. Stress. Current use of complementary therapies. Clinic location. Factors limiting use of complementary care therapies. Interest in complementary therapies -- Conclusions -- Appendix 1: Description of complementary therapies offered at the VON Centre for Health -- Bibliography., by Amy Cameron. --, Prepared for Victorian Order of Nurses: VON Centre for Health and Professor McGraw, WS 400, Trent University, April 2000., Includes bibliographic references (p. 21).


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